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hey guys always been a very rough morning for me however as I promised I am delivering videos excuse my hair excuse me I'm just it's just been a very trying morning so anyway I wanted to come and do this really quick video and yes it's gonna be quick today about ways that you can look into getting IVF done and this is for those that of course have sought out every measure you know every way possible but still have not been able to get their hands even to start on the IVF process so with that being said moving forward I'm coming to you to give you a couple of things that I know about and that I've actually researched that might help someone and I know it's in the past I've talked about it and so forth but a lot of times you don't get a lot of your new subscribers to look all the way back to your videos however I'm not gonna be as detailed as the other video that I put out so if you want more information about likely inch the in fertility insurance the job said cover the insurance and all stuff like that you would have to go back to those videos and look at those videos and watch him and listen to him in detail so you can get the correct information because it was a lot of information so moving forward I did find two websites I'm gonna talk about three websites one of the websites I'm gonna give you information about I don't think it's as helpful but you just never know you know you just never ever know who it can benefit and who it can help the first one I'm gonna talk about is one that I found very helpful and it is up-to-date whenever you search in online and you're going through Google and you're researching information you know and so forth always make sure you look and see when was that article or when was that you know when was that information put out because you can read something from 2013 and you call the doctor's office about they're like oh we don't do that no more so make sure that the website that you're reference to you to referencing to is up-to-date and up to par so the first one is the first website that I found is called see I'm trying to bring it up here censor watch calm the exact same way it sounds is exactly way the exact way that you would spell it so since her watch and this website here it was first launched in 1994 however when you go to the very first page of it it acts you how do you want to get started the best way that I found to look up information is to go under medical condition once you go under medical and you can search how you would choose you know how you please but medical condition then where it says search clinical trials I just put in where to go well there it goes okay so what I did Derek it's doing its own thing right now okay so anyway so here we go sunny when you pull up an SS when you get to the clinical trials and let me back up and make sure okay so five clinical trials click on medical condition scroll all the way down and click on this there's gonna be a box of alphabets click on eye the eye is gonna bring you to two options you can choose either in vitro fertilization or infertility both of them are gonna pretty much bring up the same thing in a sense however I would definitely click on both of them make sure you're not missing anything so once I click on once I click on in vitro fertilization basically it then brings me to different states so every state has about one or two two or three you may have even more of different institutes treatment centers clinics just all kinds of information about seminars and also about research the research studies that you bring up are clinical trials that you bring up of course you have to meet certain criteria to be eligible and so you have to have certain you know levels of this levels of that you have to have so many of this you have to be a certain age at times because they are testing and doing research they aren't they are doing it only on a specific type of a situation or there's a specific type of issue that they're trying to resolve or get more information about and in the midst of that sometimes they'll tell you that you may have to pay just for your medication or they may tell you that you just have to you know pay your co-payments when you come in or that's it so a lot of times they do make it affordable for you because they are testing you they are testing a product or testing a treatment or testing a cycle and there are women they actually have gotten pregnant and gotten a whole cycle and got frozen embryos and effie tees off of clinical studies do not knock it before you try it so I would definitely suggest you scroll down find your states once you find your states then you would go from there and choose the different studies and see which one you're eligible for and once you find that when I would definitely call the center and then see you know how you can set up an appointment I looked at some of those and look at the dates on some of those and the dates are actually current I've seen most of the dates are saying June 2016 which is real current and I would say jump on it ASAP my clinic that I go through they always have some kind of study going on and their name is on here center of reproductive medicine and just for an example they say the research studies summary a randomized assess or blind trial comparing men appear and recommended recombinant recombinant FSH in a cycle with a single blast transfer they say the purpose is the mega set H our study is currently seeking patients to participate in a fertility research study designed to miss M sorry research study designed to compare two medications used for controlled ovarian stimulation in an in vitro fertilization cycle the purpose of the study is to compare the safety and ease in and if I'm not seeing this right but basically to compare the two different medications in women in undergoing IVF the research is currently recruiting patients that's between 25 to 30 okay and basically this one here they set a date date last change was june 7 2016 for phase 4 phase female 21 to 35 overall recruiting and it's outpatient so that's all it says and it does have like a link if you need more information about it but what I would definitely do is whenever you find an actual clinic that has information I would definitely you know call that clinic it does say eligibility and it gives you information it says body mass was between 18 and 30 such-and-such menstrual cycle 21 to 45 days about a MH greater than 5 greater than or less than 5 I mean greater than or equal to 5 I'm still trying to wake up yeah this has been a crazy morning and basically gives you like criteria about it and that's each one and either feel close to maybe closer to a different state then I would definitely seek out that it starts a storm again y'all it's getting dark get a little light in here it's about to storm again so anyway gloomy day gloomy quita just gloomy all the way around so anyway yeah so I would definitely check out that website I'm gonna link it below the next website that I'm going to discuss is is one it's called clinical this one here didn't have much luck on because I feel like there's a lot of old information and most of those studies have been completed however there are some that still recruiting so you may fit into that category it never hurts to try especially if you're not financially able to afford IVF and you're you know in a certain age where it's time I would strongly suggest to go ahead you know most of you most of these trials are for women in between 20 and 35 years old there are some that I've seen there are a little bit older in age because they want to you know help the women that are older and age trying to get pregnant in their 40s and so forth so I would definitely you know try it out again once you click on that you will get a list of options that you can put in you know IVF and keep going and read up on that and I can go into detail about that one because I don't really like that one too much or whatnot the next one I am going to discuss here is basically a discount and I believe I talked about it before but I'm gonna include it on this video here because it's safe meet a tremendous amount of money as a matter of fact I called yesterday to get the amount of my pregnant because I'm gonna use pregnant leek in for my trigger and as you know for my trigger I always do you know the ten thousand a week before the transfer and then day one day after the transfer I do with five thousand and then five thousand or twenty five which way is split up so I think it's ten and ten and I think I do five thousand one day and then like five or seven days later I do another five thousand on whatever so anyway I found out that I only have to pay a hundred and one dollars for that medication that's it y'all so that was there was a total total blessing and I paid that amount as well with my last baby that I was pregnant with I used got that for 101 so anywho let's see I'm pulling up I'm sorry I didn't have this already ready here we go okay so this website here is where I got 50% off again I talked about this before but it's kind of relevant with this conversation make sure that you check this website out it is it is fertility by I'll link that below as well and basically you just go and enroll this here basically it can give you I think 40 to 75% off possibly or 80% off but basically they give you percentage off and they have a certain amount or a certain kind of missing that you can use it for so I know follow see on this cover we're not covered but I'll assume they'll give you percentage off Ghana Ghana relics they'll give you a percentage off and also pregnant so they don't use like the ACG they don't use what's the other one whatever the other one is so anyway yeah so guys this here or ladies this here I would definitely say enroll in putting your information you do need your tax information from last year the coupon is good for one year you can use the coupon at any pharmacy that's that will accept it most pharmacies will I use mine through Walgreens it is available you can use it you know CVS pharmacy and so forth and yeah but it is a discounted program for your very expensive and major medications so I will link that below if for any reason any of these say hey who referred you just put my name put my real name Laquisha Smith home you do have to put that information if they actually you know who referred you and so for its not gonna get some prize or anything but I mean you know so that way they'll know that I am trying to you know assist and help women you just never know anything like hey we want to collaborate with you and get you some medicine and give to some other people I don't know but anyway you just never No you know so I definitely in the future I am coming with some kind of game plan to be able to help those that are trying for IVF so that is in the making and I have been praying about it and thinking about it and discussing it with hubby and so forth so hopefully that comes into existence on especially after we conceive that's gonna be one of my that's gonna be my new baby my new my new waiting for you know there's some of my new things because I really want to do something for the IVF community and keep it going I want to be an ongoing thing so I have an idea and like I said I'll talk more about that way later probably next year but anywho I wanted to kind of give out this information don't be too check out the insurance one of the jobs as well because you can easily go get a job that has the insurance real quick herp and get pregnant and please so anyway and I hope this video was helpful I do apologize that is short I do apologize that I'm just not in the best mood right now I like I said I've been fighting with idea I mean obvious I've been fighting I've been fighting with that too but I've been fighting with the insurance company for the last what since Friday about a new claim and it's just working my last nerve I really cannot stand UnitedHealthcare I just can't stand it they are slow and very unorganized I don't like it at all so if you have a choice to pick between any carriers and your health carriers on there do not choose them it's a hot mess calm anywho I'm gonna let y'all go and like I said I hope this video was very hopeful I hope they are having a wonderful blessed day and I'm gonna go ahead and get off and get it from this window because whether it's about to start cutting up and so forth so if you have any video ideas anything I have not talked about anything that you're feeling you're concerned about and you want me to discuss it and be the voice let me know I definitely don't mind you know doing that I definitely wanna you know keep inspiring y'all as I'm preparing for my next SVT and even though even though there's so much talk about in ivf community I kind of run out of ideas for y'all to kind of keep y'all not so much encouraged but to keep you all informed I think I can encourage all day on every video but as far as to keep you all informed so if it's something that I have not talked about that you cannot find going through my playlist of videos please let me know you can inbox me you can always write me on email you can always you know just put it in the comments below you can write me and remain anonymous and let me know there's something that you want me to talk about that I have not already spoken about so you have a wonderful blessed day and I will speak to y'all on next Thursday like dressing up yeah like just another like this another I love it alright so last but not least this video I thought I want to get into this maroon I don't know the to college anyway I call it maroon this happiness Moroni type kick

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  1. Awesome info sis! Thank you as always… We have the same insurance and I hate it too. Doest help that I work there… Do you think making videos has helped you? I been thinking about documenting my journey.. Hope your day is going better!!

  2. Once again your videos are always informative. You always have me lol. I have to admit, I did get a job I do not care for just to get the infertility coverage. Once I get my IVF miracle, I'm outta there faster than lighting. Lol! Love you girly. 😘

  3. Hello, My name is Venita , First wanted to let you know I love your videos and think your a strong women I too have experience miscarriages on this IVF journey, I have secondary infertility as well. but anyway…. I don't know what state your in, but I heard on your video that you would like to help the infertility community, I joined this group Fertility for colored girls(on Facebook), Rev. Stacey Dunn is the founder( she is a great and powerful women), you can reach out to her and she can advise you on how to start a foundation if you need help. She also has group meeting in a couple different states. And we have prayer line on Monday mornings @7am eastern time. Just a little info. if you needed it. Thanks for the information you and your family supply the IVF journey world

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