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  1. Almost 8 years from c section (second one)…. if I did that it would cause me pain. I cant bare to touch mine because of how uncomfortable it feels when I touch it

  2. I think I will try doing this. I’m very fit I do have a flat stomach besides the lil pouch/shelf I have right above my c section scar. It was so hard for me to even imagine doing this my self but I want to give it a try for about a month every day for 5-10 mins. Oooo man makes me cringe but I am so desperate and don’t want to go under a knife 😓😓

  3. I'm scared I would be ripping my scar open …I'm 11 Month post but I'm.not skinny like her so what about people who are a little chunky and I had a little bas experience with mine…It looks scary what she is doing…😣

  4. U could put it your self is ur husband ok with this is wear and i wont even get a boy doctor always girls doctors hes yes getting horny doing this.🤔🤔🤔

  5. It makes me want to cry to massage my scar. It doesn’t hurt it just makes me cringe and scream.. idk if that makes sense lol. Maybe will have my husband do it because I physically can’t bring myself to do it

  6. six weeks have passed since my c-section i have been putting on cream but i haven´t been doing this so i will try it thanks for upload.

  7. I just wanted to thank you for putting this out there. Since having my c-section I have been struggling to workout and get my tummy back. I started getting discouraged when I did certain abdominal workouts and movements because of sharp pain and pulling. Trying to find someone who knows or offer advice about it at all has not been succesful and hearing you say that you had dealt with the same thing made me want to cry. You're the first person who I have heard talk about the after effects and issues that I have dealt with as well. Its almost defeating at times because nothing fits right, the csection pooch is so prominent, and touching my scar is a numb pain.

  8. How long should we do this before we see any changes? If we try to do this with your physical therapist, what would we call it to schedule? Thanks

  9. You should NEVER work on a scar which hasn't completely healed. Past 6 weeks or when cleared by your Dr then of course go to town doing this. But never do it until the external scar has closed.

  10. You have one of the nicest scars I've seen. Mine flattened but always stayed a bit pink. Hoping with my next c-section to actually do some of this thanks 🙂

  11. Did you at least get a mini tummy tuck? If she didn't, she must have small tummy pregnancy. I gained 80 lbs in my first pregnancy. I'm back to my pre-baby weight but can't deny I have had babies. This loose skin isn't going away. From 180 lbs to 117 lbs, show me how I can get rid of it.

  12. This is a joke and a mockery to those of us Big Girls who are really stuck with a pouch, Her Skinny self doesnt even have a fat roll !! Shame on her for thinking she can sympathize with us.

  13. Would love to have seen before and after. Or with someone with an actual pouch. How long have you been doing this?

  14. I had a laparotomy 7 weeks ago, it's basically the same as a c-section, but without a baby. I have several scars on my uterus after this operation, and the same pouch above my scar. Can I already start doing these exercises or should I wait till the threads inside dissolve fully?

  15. I have a bad pouch and I can't even wear shorts because it don't Buckle really starting to hate my body. If anyone has any tips can you message me and let me know

  16. Thanks for the video! I am a fit person and I had this issue with the pulling and even pain after my CS. Did you have a surgery done to remove the pulling?

  17. So sad that there is no after care programs automatically given to c-section patients… I'm so messed up from mine still..

  18. Hi Nanci. I would need help with the massage for a while. I get terrified to touch my scar C-section as its so painful. can you recomend someone who does this massage in NY, please? I have tears on my eyes looking the massage and feeling my pain right now. Im suffering for 20 years.

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