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the juicer eating already no I just took the boat out yeah right hi everybody welcome back to my Channel today I have a special guest with me this is my best friend Jeannie and no and no enemy thank you sir cousin Dickie with me and of course we're eating foods oh yeah that's hard to give it never works so hard to convince yes so today we're gonna do the mock pain from bones video and answer some questions I have some questions here probably gonna get some more from my phone because they keep getting more questions so I have Red Robin and then dudes like really into fitness and she's the boxer she works out like four times every day so she was really good and got like chicken Becky and a salad and a ton of stuff ideal yeah yeah but still gonna pick whoever whenever we go to eat when she sits next to Huey's fix up their food so sorry sorry like looking forward to her food okay so let's start with the question alright some hairs you want about one first all right all right oh by the way I got fried pickles yeah you know I meant I've never had friends try it what's this sauce mm-hmm I got them from Red Robin so the question is what do you admire most about the other person oh um when I in fire though about Jean as her dedication and her Instagram Instagram name is determined fitness but every time I wake up I go on Instagram and then I just see her like she's up at like 4:00 in the morning and she was at the gym she's working and she goes to her other job so I really admire that what I admire most about Belle is that no matter what your obstacles that you you've gone through like you've managed to find fighting within yourself to help inspire others like for example your page and you know you don't have to do that I know it's all really hard for many people and I don't even think I could do it the fact that you're doing it and you're just there you're that person that you can listen to the kid hear them out and yeah so if you're brave you bring that was a nice first push they're not all gonna be this nice no what are our favorite foods and favorite song at the moment hmm Korean barbeque and ramen and ramen yeah favorite food I can say is I love like Mediterranean and I love like salmon and salads at the moment yeah boots on favorite song I have so many songs that I like but I guess like my favorite artist right now is Jace bobbin and bat buddy yeah socks like believe help you up so my favorite song right now is by Childish Gambino it feels like summer I was just playing it there having heard her at her you think I actually have it on here this obvious child this can't be now and it's called it feels like summer yeah and then nothing goodbye video gotta love right it's got copyrighted I'm still working off posting it right now oh yeah but you guys should follow her especially if you're on like a fitness journey or anything like that she always post like videos watch like different exercises that she does it will honestly just motivate you to work out every day oh thank you Oh what phobias does your friend have birds yeah baby goes invert every time is every time I see birds like I always think of you no matter I like see you pigeon – mike omalley would speak out right now it's because like they're so unpredictable always like [Laughter] froze they're so gross wait I don't know if you have any phobias do you and be hit no one over with like a phobia but it's kinda like memory you need said always send me pictures like embarrassing pictures you know remember what I like I hate when people send each other that's not the case anymore but I get weirded out when I see a lot of one thing like you know like not food but like safe like cockroaches like if I just if I see them on it's like fine but if there's like a time or just like a ton of birds in one thing a lot of like insects or animals in one I just get so grossed out yeah so watch next week you know and then I just bunch of fixtures I'm like but and then a and then we couple up every time another every time I tell she'll remember everything by the way here is my bump last time in the video they are like share your fun huge Emily yeah how has she been a part in helping you cope with Braxton's loss and your new journey with with baby Brisa on the way also how long have you been best friends and how did you pay it girls me we actually went to the same high school but we weren't friends and I seem like we did not like each other but we just didn't really like know each other in high school what group are you in this I was like in the might church friends group like I I knew who you were but never really yeah nobody beat me here classes together yeah right yeah and then I was like super shy were you shy in high school oh not really I just was never there I had a boyfriend that lived out of town you were bad like bad I was a bad and I was like a nerd well I'm not I wasn't a nerd Oh smart yeah all of the rules I've never been able I never fall about Lauren yeah how long have we been friends we've been like close friends for like 10 years about 10 yeah about 10 years I think it was like it was about 10 years because I was uh we were like in her early twenties I think when we started 21 with with 21y mm-hmm yeah I think my birthday's tomorrow and I'll be 31 oh yeah yeah so like we've been friends for about 10 years mm-hmm and has she been apart and helping me a major part of helping me like right after Broxson passed away she would come like just ah she came over today she would comment see me and jamas and like once a week and just you know like get me out of the apartment it just even like remember the first times that you would come and I was like a mess I wouldn't like to my hair make up and like my eyes were just like so swollen and crying all the time and like you never knew what to say that like you were just there for me yeah yeah and I think that that's like some people will distance themselves and they say like Lloyd and know what to say or like how to be there for you and honestly just like being there even though you didn't say anything like that was so helpful to me yeah I mean it's still a journey like she still I still go through a lot of stress and I died me with my pregnancy with Teresa and I still grieve Broxson and I mean she still hear me yeah yeah my first time like we're hanging out and then I said like something funny again because I used to be super funny yeah and then I was just like oh wow like I started to kind of like feel like myself again yeah yeah that was a good question yeah very good question in the more perhaps that one oh this this should be for you did you ever get in high school get in trouble in high school and why obviously I never got caught I never got caught I remember one time I had a ditch party and actually my god she did she was like senior year a bunch of us kids the girl who was having the party I guess they found out that her mom was like shut showed up it was like 8:00 in the morning first period and it was like 10 of us are probably more it's not a party yeah you know the guys girl and then they're like oh you know unfortunately like we can't we can't go to her house we're gonna I guess just call it a day and then something came over me I'm like my moms at work and I'm like maybe just go and hang out the back in the backyard and like everybody came over here oh yeah then everybody came over with all the beer and like that wasn't that song was because like shake that language have it live it day yeah so we were like in the back of your leg dude and then my little sister who's a 21 now but at that time she was like a little girl she was such a such a snitch t/o keep you're watching me sorry biggest niche and I pull down my Kate this is gonna be our little secret yeah try to make her fill the empty ocean help me clean up all the bottle caps in the backyard and my mom never found out until now until now who would play your BFF in a movie we play you in a movie it was like tough and like like curvy well cardi B card no you're not like her easy though yeah a be a jail oh my I can't be like me and you would put ariana grande for sure oh thank you what was your first job yes do you know money yours was called don't tell me wait did you work at a fast food place doing yours was was it costed it yeah but I work at Lee so which one I wanted oh it doesn't I didn't want to work at the Carl's jr. that was in like the city that my ice goes in because I was too embarrassed yeah so my mom would drive me to work at like the one in the next city but then everybody lives in southern Bob yeah and then they like that one was more people were good than that to that one then yeah the one who gets it they would make you wear like this hat and I would test me like and then take your word I could not see dinner my first job was El Pollo Loco oh yeah in custody yeah I don't know wait to try on food what age did you start working I think like 15 yes it seems yeah it's anyway than money oh yeah by the way we tried to film this video like was it like a month ago he's been longer yeah like good matter huh yeah I like posted this thing on my channel that was like ask us questions and then the day that we were gonna film we were like oh we want our nails to look cute and I like how we have no eyelid even yesterday I ate hot cheetos and i was like trying to scrub my fingers so hard so yeah we went to get our nails done and that was a fail and we used to all over time there and they did like a really really bad job we actually Yelp them right yeah I was like the worst like my nails started turning like crown it was beard it's great because I always said I liked it but I always have my nails done now you know something weird that you like I think for a lot of people would be like the Mexican plate the Mexican candy oh yeah I don't know your but like some potentially be open with each other on it yeah people think like hello this weird I know that yeah it's all good yeah okay my weird thing Jonathan's gonna be like oh my god I love puppy bra but we better yeah I feel like that's kind of like it's just like I don't know what it is but like I love like the smell of puppy breath it just like right now and you're from there no I'm like oh yeah I guess I just like puppies yeah everybody likes breath so they're drink okay this is a fun one funniest moments together or of each other we never will or are we blocking at each other well I mean any little being out just like like some of the things that you say like remember like hey you know and keep the other day it's like what oh no no early we were driving to I thought she got it she did it but I just like I was like good she didn't catch it I like it better be driving like oh yeah what he said about like yeah like someone was talking to her about like how he felt after he went skydiving and she was like yeah you said you know it's not like unbearable like he could just like do anything you know that left that morning effect unbearable and I'm like [Laughter] yeah we can make fun of me so I could be really excited you know because I knew you like I was like we need to make fun of me and I'm like oh it didn't come I really can't it's a little um I can't and inside I was like I read new is just beginning but can't wait to done think it's over oh yeah Jonathan I heard both wait we don't pick on you it's not like no bullies bully they're bullies can we make up one funniest moment hmm the times like were go to Coachella we're so fun do it yeah what one second we were driving work from there so we bought into telelink well you're like every year yeah we do it like every year and like we dress up we go all out like we were driving there one time I have like a water bottle and they laugh and then they slammed on the brakes and it just fell like oh yeah the way it fell on my shorts looks like I peed and then you're really giving your short it just possibly out the windows but they fake and truck it was so funny and we were just like we drove to Coachella with my starts out like all right sound embarrassing funny story about each other baracy pleased to go out Oh Mikey yeah and I think we would to like pool parties that's what you have your little apartment if Adam I like my little conflict studio me I think my husband and they're like your sister Nicci unique right there I don't know like how it happened totally got back we don't like took a nap and then we woke up she was naked it was like you couldn't figure out why pictures I deleted them I just lean it them like back then because I was like okay of course it like I don't have any embarrassing moments of you but that's you lost your phone another drunken yeah after guys I'm not an alcoholic I'm awesome phone and then when she finally got it back and she plugged it she was so excited oh my god messages been getting so I wrote this song and it was called mrs. popular because everybody was blowing up her phone but I was like this is popular and blowin up Java one more question that we need to answer someone asked about like a crazy story hotel there easily good I mean at first it was funny because she was like in LA this apartment and that guess I was like a neighbor who lives across a she's married she has like four kids and Union they're older – right so I don't know where like that lady accused her husband so not my type yeah they don't even look like he's like this Hispanic man it's like that I'm already sure but he's shorter than me he's not my type but we were lacking at first because the lady like sexy she was like it isn't of Abita and blah blah telling her all these things and at the time I was making like a necklace for D like what letters and I put like denise on it I was gonna take the letters off and put my feet up and what a melody something in English it means like you took her man like because I like you bad what like a bad woman silly little story end up getting like really it's pretty juicy sorry but it's now that's over it's funny but the lady accused me of sleeping with her husband inside the closet but doing drugs while she was in the shower and her kids were in the living honey apartment she like she was crazy long story short but the moral of the story was that you know it was funny that she like came knocking at I wasn't even living she was talking on my ex's door saying that I was sleeping with her husband was very good questions okay yeah that's good good questions thank you to everyone who asked us some questions um some of them were just like about me and like my pregnancy and like plans for first vlog and stuff like that so I'll do another Q&A to answer those but yeah if you guys have any more questions even if it's for us or you know thank you regarding belly and Brisa you know feel free to ask away yeah you can comment down below yeah also if you have any questions in regards to fitness or anything like that like you said now these feel free really passionate about fitness and boxing so yeah I'll let you girl yeah definitely follow her like I said you'll get really inspired ability to sort out um I'm cool that's it for this video alright guys it has to pick up here um don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll see you guys next time I might you

26 Replies to “Get To Know Us! | Mukbang Q&A with BFF”

  1. Wonderful friendship and you look beautiful pregnant I’m pregnant too with my 3th and we are so excited. I have a channel and will love to make new friends.

  2. Aww, you two could be hermanas!! Your both positive and gorgeous. True friends are better than all the money in the world. Keep smiling!! 😉

  3. Omg I Love Puppy Breath Too, And Everyone's Always Like Your So Weird Lol.. Now We're 2 lol.. Fun Video ❤️ She's Lucky To Have U As A Friend.. Love Your Guys Braids..

  4. You looked amazing felly you look happier I gald your doing better congratulations to you and your baby and Braxton will always b loved by the way he is loved has a lot of love it's ok to have memories because remembering is beautiful…

  5. Beautiful Friendship! 💗 How funny I don’t like birds either. Lol! They stink, they poop everywhere & the flapping freaks me out. Lol!

  6. Hi gorgeous ladies! How do you do your lovely hairstyles? Mine would be a mess of flying hair sticking out in every direction. Much love to Brax and Briza! Greetings from Germany

  7. I really love you guys' chemistry♡:) it's really genuine and calm.
    I love D's tattoo on her chest. Is it a dove? I love that.
    I hope one day I can find a best friend like you guys!! 💖
    Felly, you're looking gorgeous!

    Edit: I think Paz Vega could definitely play you in a movie, Felly! And yes, JLo for D lol

  8. Felly, I am so Happy for you to know that you are expecting another Blessing. I saw a few of your video's the beginning of the year and just last week I thought of you and hope that you were expecting and to my surprise I looked you up. I am so glad to see you smile, God bless you always

  9. Felly, so glad you are laughing and smiling again! So happy you have a best friend that has been there for you, even if she didn't know what to say just being there for you speaks volumes of the kind of friend she is. Sending hugs!!! I enjoyed the video.

  10. so cute! Felly when do you expect your little girl Briza? greetings from the Netherlands ⚘🌷

  11. Mi nina que buieno verte sonreir otra vez con tu amiga y difrutando de esa buiena comidita que tengas un dia bendecido mi nina linda 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😎😎😎😎😎😎☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇😇😇

  12. Omg Felly what you're in your early 30's !!!! Girl I thought you were early 20's, you're so naturally pretty

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