hey guys welcome back to my channel or if you are new here welcome to my channel today I don't know if I'm gonna be able to record I'm gonna ask then which I always feel really weird asking these questions like hun I film you but I am actually getting together with my mom a friend and her mom and we are having mediums two mediums that come to my mom's house my parents house and give a reading and to our reading so I don't know they're gonna allow us to record but I might try because I think that it would be really interesting at least like maybe like a little tidbit little nugget for you guys it's gonna be fun I'm excited I'm a total believer in this kind of thing umm energy universe spiritual world it's real so here we go okay I am on my way to my mom's and there's like an animal crate like a little cage on the side of the road and it's all like smashed up and I'm like did it fall out of a vehicle and is there an animal in it so I had to turn around and like there's a huge piece of me that doesn't want to look at it but like I'd be kicking myself in the butt if I didn't and there was a hurt animal in it so here I go oh I'm crazy oh my gosh I'm so nice oh thank god thank God it's empty okay I can move on with my day now so each of you just imagine that you have your crown chakra right now we want to open it up and invite just anybody to come specifically think of those people but just imagine that you're you have a light shooting up and you're opening it up and just like welcoming in so that your vibration reaches those people who want to talk to you I got a female okay okay so over here okay so I'm just getting the feeling of reality so I'm assuming this person is gonna be older and not seeing them yet I'm just feeling them so this person is get a curve it you know how older people they start taking their never mature to their back email Braille I think is connected to you too because she's coming in over here you're thinking yeah do you want to say the name and then she'll come yeah Priya it feels familiar okay okay I know it's your dad yeah okay did she have dentures because she's coming through like this oh my god yeah this is gonna sound really weird you guys my grandma when she got older she actually like pulled her own teeth out so yes she yes did she sometimes mumble to herself all the time cuz that's what she's doing I can't understand what she's wearing I feel like it has to do with the caregiving piece of it don't lose yourself she says so in in the process of caring for your families your spouse your children don't forget about who you are as women to maintain some of that identity as well you're not just not that's a bad world to be a mother and a wife but there's more to us as women she's speaking really globally you're in a time that you can do that more easily than in her time just the other day I was feeling like gosh I met cooks dinner a lot Matt does so much around the house because I'm trying to do all these things but like I want to do with my businesses and I was like I kind of feel like a bad like it's not a normal spells roll yeah I know did she do this yeah oh yeah oh yeah that's really weird maybe connects me so she is let's see okay so she's saying five but she looks more eight so I'm wondering if she has some delays physically this age emotionally socially this age yeah so I'm not getting lot of information and this often happens with kids if they're under the age of like 12 I just see them playing yeah you know and I don't get a lot and they don't have any regrets or him they have really negative emotions don't you know it's just they're popping in to say hi so somehow she I think is connected to you to somebody who I want to just say she she acted younger than her age was for whatever reason think of like classmates children or if any of you have worked with groups of kids or know somebody who's worked with groups of kids I don't I want to say she passed because of an illness of some kind not an accident because I'm kind of getting like a slow deterioration not like a quick kind of things that you were like all nice people that I talk to or want me probably would like a connection as well she's wearing a dress but nothing that really can identify how long ago this was almost like they couldn't figure out what happened like lead poisoning or something that just you know like back you know and before we knew right let it paint it you know that kind of a thing I'm just testing I'm not getting houses should not get in your house or your things getting she's more connected to you but not directly I'm wondering of your channel that's what I'm trying to think because I talked to a lot of people maybe somebody watching it's not your generation now I think we're pretty good at identifying more medical stuff I feel like they didn't really know that's why I think maybe it is further back how do we understood a lot of medical things so regardless you know this person sees this as an opportunity to pop in and say hello there's really no messages usually from children other than loved yeah yellow you can see yellow around to ever feel or anything yeah we just talked about the color yellow yeah that's the only thing you can think of he's a little right now so just kind of yeah typically your yellow light will come from either it could be cheating that could be either spiritual that he's more into spiritually or it could be like who he is he's gonna be a big person do something big in his life right I feel like it's gonna be really bright and really big I do feel like again he's only four months mm-hmm open his chakras throughout his life make sure he doesn't have blocks blocks will happen babies are really intruding the parents pretty much their mom until they're about I don't they – and they start to maybe connect a little more to their dads but like anything I was feeling my Simon back – totally signifies my anxiety he'd show the baby mm-hmm so just about your son's life like there's gonna be times it he needs some clothes don't need them open but for the most part he needs them open it okay I do you get a lot with your whole family I think you guys are all very open that's right it's very key has got nothing cool you guys Heidi and Tanya are awesome I am gonna go ahead and I'm the link their contact info in the description of this video because if you are in like the Midwest area I'd definitely check them out they are incredible as you can see and I only showed you a very little bit of the two-hour reading that we had it was a really great reading and a really great day and that is my second time having a reading from Haiti and Tania and I will definitely be doing it again they're so cool thanks for watching you guys if you enjoyed this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up like I said trying this whole vlogging thing I know I'm not great at it but I'm really working at it and I promise we'll continue to get better tap that subscribe button to kind of like see more videos like this coming up on my channel love you have you ever forgotten

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