• From pooping in the bath to getting a
stranger pregnant, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the best true stories from our subreddit
about things you were blamed for that you didn’t do. I’m Dolan’s Mysterious Brother/Zaraganba
and today I’ll be your narrator. Number 10 was submitted by Messiah-Dylan Dolan
When Dolan was in the fifth grade he got blamed for a fight he had nothing to do with! He
was in the school bathroom when two kids barged in and started fighting each other. Dolan
was using the urinal at the time, so he was… err… kind of exposed.
The two accidentally crashed into him while he was trying to wash his hands and escape.
They ended up slamming into a paper towel dispenser and breaking it off the wall. This
made a lot of noise. A teacher ended up coming in and breaking up the fight. Dolan received
a five-day suspension just for being there. “You stupid jerks! I was just trying to
wash my hands! So unfair!” Number 9 was submitted by TCintheAlley Melissa
When Melissa was in sixth grade she was called to the principal’s office. Dun dun dunnn!
The principal blamed her for creating this mean gossip site that told lies about students
and exposed their secrets. It had stuff like who was cheating on who, who had been underage
drinking, and who was secretly gay. The school thought Melissa was responsible because she’d
somehow been listed as the website’s administrator. But Melissa had never made a website before
and tried to convince them it was all a mistake. The principal looked through her school iPad
and found no evidence to support his accusation, but that didn’t stop him from calling Melissa’s
parents and suspending her for a week! When she returned from her suspension the other
students gave her dirty looks. A few days later, the real culprit was found!
He was caught editing the website during class on his iPad. He had posed as Melissa, making
it look like she’d created the website! The school gave Melissa a heartfelt apology
while the culprit was given a three-month suspension, and some compulsory summer school
classes. Number 8 was submitted by TheDwiin Pringle
When Pringle was in junior high he got picked on every day by a mean bigger kid. Instead
of fighting back, Pringle told the vice principal about his situation. The vice principal said
there wasn’t anything he could do because the bullying was occurring after hours and
wasn’t on school grounds. Pringle was out of options and was forced to take matters
into his own hands. He fought the kid and ended up getting suspended because apparently
“The safe school policy counts until the student arrives home”.
The school wouldn’t help Pringle when he was being bullied but they were happy to suspend
him the moment he stood up for himself. Fortunately, Pringle’s parents put legal pressure on
the school district and they reduced the assault charges against him to disorderly conduct,
then wiped it from his record a year later. Number 7 was submitted by HuskiMan Slapped
Ham When Slapped Ham was little, he used to have
to take baths with his little brother. One day, while their mum’s back was turned,
Slapped Ham’s brother pooped in the tub and blamed it on Slapped Ham. True to his
name, Slapped Ham got a big slap for it and was sent to bed early.
But his horrible night wasn’t over yet. At this age, Slapped Ham shared the bed with
his brother and their mum. In the middle of the night, his brother decided to pee the
bed. Since they were sleeping side by side, it got all over Slapped Ham. When his mum
woke up, Slapped Ham was again blamed for it. “Come on, Slapped Ham! Are you some
kind of animal?” Number 6 was submitted by Bustthewarrior Hellbent
It seems like people are always pointing a finger at Hellbent when things go wrong. One
time he was blamed for beating up a kid at school – even though he was home sick that
day! When Hellbent recovered from his illness,
he came back to school and was immediately sent home and given a suspension. Hellbent’s
parents confirmed that he was home sick that day and so couldn’t have beaten this kid
up. The school was forced to apologise and, as a reward, Hellbent didn’t have to make
up the work he missed! He’s still trying to master how to beat up kids from home… Number 5 was submitted by Tristanovic2 Pandora
When Pandora was seven she decided to walk to the skate park alone. It was a nice day
and a mother and her kid were nearby, walking up this long uneven brick path. Halfway there
the kid ran a couple of meters ahead and tripped on a brick. He landed right in a fresh batch
of dog poo! The kid’s entire face was covered and he was crying hysterically.
As Pandora walked on, she heard the little boy tell his mother that Pandora had pushed
him! The mother screamed at Pandora, telling her to get over here. She ran over, stood
in front of Pandora and demanded she apologise for pushing her child into dog poo. Pandora
explained that she didn’t do it – and that it would’ve been impossible from where
she was standing. The mother insisted Pandora was lying because apparently her child neeever
lies. Pandora ended up running away because she knew she couldn’t win – not when this
mum thought her child was a perfect angel. Number 4 was submitted by awsomebob66 Shima
Shima was once blamed for ‘making’ someone fail a science test! Even when she was a freshman
at high school, Shima had a reputation for being one of the smartest students around.
One student noticed and decided to copy every one of Shima’s answers on a science test
they were doing. Fortunately, Shima’s teacher realised what
was going on. He gave the cheater a big fat zero and a note that said “You answered
everything wrong”. The cheater was furious and blamed Shima for causing them to fail.
When Shima got her marks back she received a perfect grade! The cheater was absolutely
baffled by this. It just shows that cheaters never prosper! Number 3 was submitted by JJCrystalT Andie
Andie was at Walmart enjoying one of her favourite hobbies – shopping for video games! Suddenly
a middle-aged woman stormed up to Andie, dragging her nineteen-year-old daughter behind her.
The woman started yelling at Andie, telling her she was a “good for nothing lowlife”
who had gotten her daughter pregnant and dumped her. At the time, Andie was wearing a snapback
cap and a thick jacket that concealed her figure – “oh my god, what a fashion faux
pas!” – so the woman must’ve thought she was a boy. Halfway though the woman’s
rant, Andie rolled her eyes, removed her jacket and tied it around her waist. It took the
woman a second to realise her mistake – the person she’d just blasted was actually a
girl, and a minor no less! She apologised repeatedly and gave Andie $200 to “not tell
the cops about what happened”. Needless to say, Andie scored quite a few new games
that day! Number 2 was submitted by Robomo20 Emojie
One day two police officers came to Emojie’s house and arrested him out of the blue! They
told him he owed a car dealership $270,000 for breaking in and smashing all their windows!
Emojie had no idea what they were talking about, so the cops showed him security footage
of two people throwing rocks at cars and spray-painting the name ‘Emojie’ on the dealership walls!
Yep, these world-class detectives believed Emojie committed this crime and was stupid
enough to sign his own name! It turned out the people in the video were
two troublemakers Emojie knew from a couple of years earlier. You see, back in the day
Emojie used to hang around kids who were bad influences. They tried to get Emojie to rob
a gas station with them, but he refused. The idiots went ahead and robbed the station without
him and ended up getting caught. Of course they blamed Emojie and, after spending seven
months in jail, they vowed to get him back by framing him for this dealership crime!
Emojie was held at the police station for thirteen hours before the cops finally believed
he was innocent and arrested the real culprits. Number 1 was submitted by me
You know when something falls over and you’re near it but you didn’t knock it over so
you have to be like, whoa, that totally wasn’t me. When I was a kid that happened to me with
a huge supermarket display of soft drink bottles in the shape of a pyramid. They were lying
flat (which was a recipe for disaster) and as I was walking past they just started rolling.
Within a few seconds maybe about 30 bottles were bouncing all over the place and shooting
jets of soft drink into the air. It was crazy. The store manager came over and escorted me
out of the store. He informed me that I was banned for life. But between you and me, I
went back after a year or so cause I’m a badass. Huge thanks for the folks over on our Planet
Dolan subreddit for submitting their stories. We have another question for you: “What’s
something weird that happened to you while you were home alone?” Let us know in the
Reddit page linked below and you might be featured in a future countdown.

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  1. What’s something weird that happened to you while you were home alone? Let us know on our reddit page and you may be featured in a future countdown.

  2. I was suspended for 2 days for being bullied and NOT standing up for myself. One of the teachers found me limping and accused me for bullying. Don't know how though…..

  3. I actually broke a glass when I was 5 feet away from it so I don't know how I broke up with that I was blamed for breaking a glass that I didn't break

  4. Once upon a time I was 5 feet away from my thing and then a glass broke because something fell and it wasn't my fault but I was still blamed

  5. I have a story.
    So one time at school my friend, let's call her…. doopy! So doopy and I where working on a group project. One of doopies friends shared a slide show with her. So doopy went on it while we where working. She saw a weird word so she tried to correct it. Little did doopie know that that was how they where supposed to spell it. After erasing and erasing, the teacher comes. She blames doopy And ME. They called our parents. From that day on I have never talked to doopy ever again

  6. My 4 year old brother bolyd all the time and still dose ene ways my brother bet me up and my ante thought i hurt hem i had brosis all ofr my lags and i can't walk away by the way i'm Bella it ses my antes name

  7. Basically parents think the younger child does the bad things, but if your the older sibling then you can do way more than a child but your parents are like,” well since your older sibling is, well older, they KNOW to do good things.” YEAH right!

  8. I had a bully that said I kicked him but I didn’t and there was another kid who kicked me in the stomach

  9. Something weird that happened to me home alone was my mom went to buy groceries and while she was gone, one of my friends just jumped over the fence onto the yard without asking. Fortunately the yard door was locked but then I suddenly heard some banging. It was the kid hitting his hands against our glass door! The worst part was that my mom said I couldn't have friends over while she was gone so if he didn't leave soon, I would be in big trouble. Well, he wasn't really my friend. He was my friend's friend which made me even more uncomfortable. Hoping he would go back home, he didn't. He stopped hitting our door and started riding one of my bikes that I had left outside around our yard. Then I heard the door open. It was my mom! At first, she just stared at me and it was silent for a while. A few moments last and my mom finally started yelling at the kid to get out of our yard and go back home. The kid then told my mom that I invited him and that I let him jump the fence. My mom didn't even know he jumped the fence so she was confused. The kid left and my mom started giving me one of those mom talks. After a thirty minute mom talk, she let me go and I was free. About a week later, my friend invited me to a nerd war at his house which was two minutes away from my house. We walked to his house along with my younger brother because he wanted to be part of it too but unfortunately, the kid which was my friend's friend had joined too. We were ready with our nerf guns and the war had begun. To make my story a little shorter, let's say that my brother and I were in the same team and we his our nerf guns in a busy to get more. When we got back, we was the kid getting our nerf guns! He must have found out. I then asked him to give it back but he said he didn't have them and that he hid it somewhere no one could find. When the nerf war was over, he said that his secret hiding spot for our need guns was his trashcan! I knew he was trying to get his revenge from the time he was locked out of my house but he claimed that it was just trying to win the nerf war. After that, my nerf gun needed A LOT of cleaning. :3

  10. hmmmmmmm
    When i was home the weridest thing that happen is that someone knocked one time and ran and did the again like 20 times and waited at the door and we kicked him to the ground -_-

  11. I know that life Hellbent I am blamed for everything someone blamed me for making the sun shine to bright, someone blamed me for them showing up to school late, someone blamed me for there grandpa getting sick 😑 these people are so dumb

  12. My cousin wrote on a glass table with a marker and I was blamed by my aunt who said Yeah right when I said it wasn't me

  13. When I was in 2nd grade (I’m Emma) I was blamed for saying the s word but it was someone else the whole class blamed me whenever I was saying that’s it and I never said the s word and I didn’t even know that word I only knew it after the incident and I got in big trouble even though I never said it, it was someone else and that’s on my school record forever

  14. What will happen if you sneeze with your eyes closed with your hand over your mouth while giving you a faction

  15. When i was home alone and peed my pants of scared ness beacause im a scaredy cat sort of to be home alone 3 minutes later my dad got home and i was stupid enough to open all the doors and cried

  16. My mom told me not to use my phone because I was grounded but I’m a dumbass and I just use my phone like balls

  17. I wasn't aware that this time I was in my imaginary basement with pain and and we was talking about something real happened with me and Zion Zion was talking in the kitchen so but one time I saw Mario dragging my best friend to me live Leo and then then he said hey and some garbage bags on himself right but that's the silliest things that yeah we were talking about that be a pain and you was wondering what my real name is my little baby r a q u e l Batman's lequel so yeah that's a yeah yeah yeah something really happened at least says Tim saying but but like Emil and and her friends Mario dragged into the glasses say Hey you was dating for 21 minutes you will not come up until I say you can and then he just ran to the bathroom to see you again he was so possessed yeah it's something happened to pen flower drying driving leafy and firey to a dog shelter and the dogs until they bite you and I will come back and then take you to the hospital Alia Bhatt I didn't know so yeah dad and my mom she's so annoying and bad to delete of that then then something happened at the diner live for me and then I saw a flower live with pencil and then learn to fly beat her up that was real I was talking about so yeah, so yeah

  18. So Sunday will happen to me and pain was on a Saturday morning in the basement and and and Lee was talking about family who sings I I saw B and Zion was in the in the Catlett Elia and then I told me and pain will go and have a fun girls and boys night out but then when I saw I saw Mario dying chameleons to the garbage I tell Mario don't do that cute and my best friend but he's a go to the bathroom baby you're the real baby for Hindu the god baby baby baby I did not know I'm not a baby baby excitedly and then I I told him I will cause a butt out of your face when I be on that day so please don't go don't do that to that got to be a kind of lie

  19. Well…I once got blamed for breaking my sister’s squishy when the real person who broke it was my Brother

  20. In the situation when Pandora got blamed for pushing the kid, I would say ¨Well it´s not MY fault ur child is an A** F** who lies and ends up getting you tied up in his lies¨

  21. I was playing soccer and somebody said if I hit them with a ball they would beat me I was kicking my ball and another ball came bouncing beside me all the way to him and hit him I didn’t see much about it until he came and tried beating me up I told him it wasn’t me

  22. My mom NEVER left me home alone there would always be a family member watching over me and i’m young so…

    Yeah :]

  23. The weird thing when I was home alone 2 people knocked then broke the door down then I left then when my parents came I got slapped and said I didn't do it and so my parents still didn't believe me and so I got grounded

  24. When I was home alone I thought I saw a ghost in my home and I began to freak out not doing much but was still scared and just going crazy and when my mom walked in I rushed to her and said can I eat a train to make me feel better

  25. Schools are a joke all there good for is surprising creativity punishing kids for defending themselves

  26. I just started to sing in Japanese and I saw this so yahhhhhhhh I……made myself a fool by stop singing

  27. i got balmed in 3grade for cheating and got my credit removed and when my parents got evolved they had me write the test again! and i didnt get any credit jest points(the credit is for how long you write the test if you write the test in 15min=1credit 30min=3credit and i can’t remember the rest)

  28. Me when mom has no money for mc donalds😤😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🌊🏔🌋♨️♨️

  29. One time in second grade a teacher thought I called a kid a p*ssy for not trading popsicles with me. But I didn’t. My mom grounded me for a week

  30. When I was alone home I heard somebody singing ring around the Rosie I checked I saw A robber singing. I know weird I called the cops

  31. This one kid got on top of my friend so I pushed him off then he proceeded to kick me and in the time he was kicking me I grabbed his shoe then when I grabbed his shoe he slammed me against the garbage can and started choking me so then I slapped him in the face with his shoe then he goes home and tells his mom I threw away his shoes his mom comes over and SCREAMS at me and blames me for a bunch of stuff I didn’t even know about Nor do then she calls the school and even if I did throw away his shoes or do any of the stuff she blamed me for she should never come at me like that BTW I was 10 at the time then I came home and told my mom but a bunch of kids that saw the fight including his best friend shows my mom his moms house then my mom screams at her and points her finger in the kids moms face and because I’m a super good kid in school I never got in trouble for any of it😂

  32. The weirdest thing happened is when I was with my sister home alone. My baby sister's toy started to malfunction and made a loud clicking noise and kept doing it until I puched it then it stopped and then me and me sister went back in our room watching TV and eating candy.

  33. 0:22: Bathroom Brawl
    0:59: Gift Of Gossip
    2:00: After-School Bully
    2:42: Turd In The Tub
    3:18: Beat 'Em Up And Send 'Em Out
    3:51: Sh*tfaced Smears
    4:38: Lie, Cheat And Steal
    5:14: That's My Daughter's Baby!
    6:03: Vandals' Revenge
    7:02: Soda Scandal

  34. I remember when I was 14 I was suspended for punching someone when I barely touched them, and when I mean barely i mean I put my hand up against their face, with no force. And I was slapped into the next dimension. I was simply diffusing the situation of an argument and I got suspended for 1 day. My parents were extremely disappointed in the school

  35. I was blamed for robbing my own family . Like what ??!!! The worse is my mom blamed me and my dad is so angry . I literally told them over and over again that i didnt do it i dont even know where the key is but i think they dont believe me. Its already there fault if they didnt believe . God knows i didnt do anything

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