what's up guys it's Omar my first video I don't know where to talk about but I'm just getting straight to the point so I'm a teen dad and I have a girlfriend who happens to be the teen mom anyways I'm not looking so hot right now I got pimples I'm breaking out that's the sides the point the point is I got some interesting stuff to share with you guys cuz who doesn't want to see teen dad stuff right am i right right right um so what's the plan I guess no let's start with something else the arm how'd it happen so basically sum it all up it's a love story it's when the best love stories I say so I started off junior year I met this girl she sat right in front of me her name is schemata March check it out yep so cute we're setting up right now for our temporary maybe we're setting up for our temporary station baby station it's a room but it's a baby station and moving everything up in here a portable crib but I'm not good at looking into the lens but it's okay so I met this girl like I said and this is her she's not topless but she does good topless too so it was hard to get to her she was uh like the smartest girl in the school everyone thought she was she was like number two and I was like number two I was like number four hundred and let me just say I worked my magic and I got to her and we started dating and fell in love and it's a long story but during our senior year was when I didn't plan we didn't plan nobody planned it was just an accident but let's just say it's a beautiful accident I got her pregnant so yeah it sounds ugly right but I didn't want to tell anyone because nobody wants to say to their high school peers and our family that you're gonna be a dad and you have so much ahead of yourself but I still think there's much ahead of us there's even better stuff ahead of us now I'd say I never thought this what happened to me like I see people around me getting pregnant like people I knew and it was like I was I guess I was a hypocrite like I'd be like saying I man so dumb I wrapped the Willie and all this other stuff but it happened to me it could happen to anyone a matter of fact it probably happens to plenty of people you know like in high school like this people that just like a couple people that have told us that when we short when we when we shared our our secret I guess a lot of people a couple people came up to us in life or not came up to it with like texted us and was like I think your story is like empowering and beautiful I myself was having a baby and decided to abort that's a whole different topic I don't want to get into but know that when you're in high school that idea or that decision is definitely there and you're definitely thinking about it you may go through with it and I don't want to get into that right now this is this is a different type of video I'm making so that's just like who we just look now who we are but this is how it just started who we are so I'm Omar I'm Mexican I'm a I'm a bad boy I'm a curly head um this is schemata March she's currently thirty four weeks it's a beautiful belly and eight months basically and she's due July 29th yes it girl yeah it's what I wanted I was hyped up when I when I found out kind of weird let's beat most boys was like a boy themselves and right now currently it's what June 18 June 18 um yeah and she's half white half tart I know she's gonna be a mixed baby that's awesome hey guys I'm back from up my girlfriend put that up decorations slice simple stuff you know I don't know just simple stuff I said it's temporary cuz now that we graduated from graduate high school yeah so like I said pregnant during high school and now that we're done with it we have our next plans we've been organizing thinking planning what to do next and we're pretty certain that this that we're taking is the next step and it's the right one so I'm not gonna talk about much about when people found out that smart was pregnant because also a long story and maybe another video will fill you in on that anyways next step so this this girl schemata is smarty pants and she got accepted into UCLA and I got accepted into Santa Monica College initially I wasn't thinking I was gonna go there because I thought moving to a whole nother city from Tufts in the feel you win we live in Palm Springs California Coachella Valley that rings a bell so it's hard over here believe me it's like boring to me maybe for others it's fun Coachella not for me not for I I don't belong here you got UCLA stuff I don't know what they're talking about she does all that I don't know and I did my Santa Marta Santa Monica College stuff it was so easy like so so you can her stuff is a little bit more difficult I'd you let her handle a because it's all about her all right financial aid definitely helping us on this grateful for that and also UCLA's giving us special housing so we're not gonna pick on an apartment and be like those cool youtubers that have cute apartments and stuff like that I mean our part means okay don't you think our apartment is pretty cool we're gonna make it cool cuz we're good decorators in aw stuff and no it's actually pretty nice the other people in that apartment are uh are just like students or even staff workers that have children if I'm correct I'm not sure but that's what it seems like because when I went in there it was just filled with children and babies all these people had strollers and I was like yup this is where I belong and this is where we're going and the area was nice it's la Santa Monica it was perfect for me cuz I'm gonna sign him out of college and UCLA is not too far in Westwood Hollywood and now I said that wrong what is it Westwood Hollywood it's not Hollywood I mean Westwood okay see I don't I don't know much about LA but I know I do know a lot of our label is just not I don't know the places okay okay I don't know shit about it but still I know some stuff anyway nevertheless anyways that was a fake woman I wanna smoke okay so I want to talk too much but this is just the first video I want to pose because trust me we've been wanting to make this YouTube channel and there's YouTube the first youtube video for the longest we got so many ideas like going to prom as a team as a tina going to prom while pregnant basically orders to like also another video like graduating what pregnant I can show you like a little clip about daughter someday [Applause] [Applause] yeah [Applause] but there's plenty of more videos I want to make sure you are in I want to also make the video of his birth and making your videos of her grow up because I think this is a cool kind of content to see teen parents I've seen plenty of it on YouTube it's very cool very like a peek into another lifestyle and definitely know a lot of stuff and you're gonna take a peek into our lifestyle so yeah there's plenty of videos you want to make for you like moving to LA etc etc there's a lot of stuff you want me so subscribe follow me on Instagram I'll put it right there somewhere and yep bye guys those are our names hi guys you


  1. You’re gonna be a great dad bro I wanna see you get more confident in YouTube and I wanna see you and your lady be successful and raise a beautiful baby girl 💕❤️❤️ the big days gonna be here soon and you’ll be holding your world in your hands ~Aldo

  2. that's really good you two are getting out of this boresvill, and still attending college, you "teens" are on a good run, and its okay if your place is ehh , you guys are gonna turn it into a home that's what matters, two good kids with big brain in your heads pounding hearts, you may not remember me and I really do not matter, but I'm really proud of you two. just keep doing you both of you, your smilin, healthy, happy, and about to have a beautiful babygirl soon, that I hope you will share with us of course no pressure , good job for the first video, its beautiful, raw, and real, no e x a g g e r a t I o n real emotion that's good content ; eyes be on look out for the next, ahah bye.

  3. "im uhh a teen dad and I have a girlfriend who happends to be the teen mom." sorry that was really funny In a good way.

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