Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage

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in the Youtube comments so welcome to Tea with The Fertility Godmother I am Denise
Noyer-Erez and I am going to talk to you today about what to do after a
miscarriage. So a miscarriage is you know it happens that I can happen at
different times after you get pregnant and it's such an emotional drain because
you're so excited that you got pregnant and then all of a sudden you're not and
it's such a letdown. But I like to look at it as, you know, it's really important
for you to go through the grieving and allow yourself to have those feelings
because it is this can be very shocking to have that you know especially if
you've been trying to get pregnant for so long and then all of a sudden you're
not pregnant anymore so we're gonna talk a little bit about that and if you have
any questions please make sure to post them and please share this video do me a
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I want to be able to help as many people as I possibly can especially this
miscarriage and recurrent miscarriages is something very near and dear to my heart
I because there's not a lot of help out there for for this I'm going to talk a
little bit about that so a miscarriage is obviously you you're losing the baby
and you want to take that time to grieve weather, you know everybody's process is different, whether it's you know a couple days a week a month whatever it may be you may always have that feeling of that of a loss but it's not something that it
would not be healthy if you were to like just dwell on that for a long period of
time depending on different stages of when you are… when you miscarry it's
going to obviously impact you more then than others and it just depends on on
you so allow yourself to have that process and to feel that. After you do
have a miscarriage a lot of people want to know when they can start trying to
conceive again… you know can they start the next cycle so I recommend that you
at least take one full cycle off. take a break you know let your emotions heal
let your body heal because it's like a lot of different hormones going on and
they have to get back and sync again so some people and some people recover
faster than others so you want to make sure that you give your body enough time
to actually to heal and get back in balance those are some things that are
are going to be really important for you the other thing is make sure that you're
going to get that you you know if you if it is later in the trimester or you are
having a really tough time make sure you get some some helps and you get some
support so you can talk to people about this that have gone through it
before so you feel understood a lot of times the doctors they don't acknowledge
the how important it was for you to even be pregnant. I like to look at it as as a
learning experience, you know I always try to find the ways that we can improve
our improve ourselves or I like to improve myself all the time so I'm
always looking for different clues and different things and you know
for me even though as sad as it is if you did miscarry it's also if it's the
first time you did get pregnant I've had women come in who've been trying to get
pregnant for you know two years a couple of years and all of a sudden they're
pregnant and it's so exciting and they've never been pregnant before
and then they miscarry and as devistating that is, they got pregnant! and it's so…
that can be an exciting part because they worth the sperm was able to
penetrate the egg it was able to implant and those are really important things
that can be beneficial and hopeful for I mean you can do it again and it just for
me it's a sign that you can get pregnant and then we just need to figure out what
happened so it can be corrected and so some of the causes of miscarriage are
you know genetically abnormalities so that's something you know your body if
the baby's not going to be healthy your body let's go so if you're if you're
passing the embryo naturally then you can't do anything but if you do need to
have a DNC which is when they go in and they remove it then I would recommend
that if possible you have that tissue tested because that's gonna give more
information later when you for yourself when you go to the doctor because you'll
know okay was it genetically abnormal or something was just you know the egg and
the sperm they didn't line up correctly something happened there what can we do
differently or was it something going on in my body that that caused the
miscarriage because sometimes there's women have symptoms or this disorders if
you will where the blood flow stops so it gets thicker and they're not getting
enough nutrition to the baby and the baby's gonna the baby's gonna die so you
want to know that information if you have that chance so that when you do try
to get pregnant again you know how to kind of manage it okay you know where
this this time we're going to really get ourselves healthy and we're gonna take
make sure we take our prenatal vitamins and your husband's gonna be taking you
know his supplements and you guys are gonna get really healthy so you're gonna
have a better chance of actually taking that baby home this time or do you need
to be on a certain vitamins because your body doesn't process doesn't it what's
called methylation and doesn't methylate your vitamins properly does it create
more clots because it stop that you know what so what's going
on so if you end up doing a DNC you can have take that opportunity to get that
information if that's something that you're later up to sometimes
louia miss curie because of male factor I had a patient just recently she's been
trying to conceive a young young girl trying to conceive for over a year and
her husband smoked marijuana and her everything is great with her
menstrual cycles are good she's very healthy everything looks good she's
young she has good egg quality and but his morphology was and was off because
he was smoking marijuana so finally he stopped smoking and it took him about
four months to get into the normal where he could conceive to normal morphology
but and there's still low and then she did get pregnant but she miscarried
early and so the when you're when your partner smokes that when the men are
smoking marijuana or smoking cigarettes or doing drugs and alcohol to me it's
gonna affect the genetics of the sperm and we know that the man contributes to
early miscarriage the first six weeks so that can be that can be a contribution
so that's why I always like to focus on both partners being as healthy as
possible not only so you you can get pregnant so we want you to stay pregnant
and ultimately you want a healthy baby you want to give your baby the best
chance that it can so those are some things to also think about when you do
go through a miscarriage and you're going through your menstrual cycle you
want to take that time to really allow your body to to purge the blog to get
rid of that old tissue so you can do things like acupuncture you can take
herbs you can do castor oil packs do those things to help disabil any of that
extra tissue and then you want to take the time to rebuild your body you know
hopefully you're already eating really healthy and you're taking your
supplements those are things that you that you'll want to do you know you
after you get you after you miscarry which reminds me one thing if you are
further along and you're you're waiting for you had to have a DNC and you're
waiting for your HCG to come down then you need to stop your pretty little item
in or extra folic acid at that time until you started your mr. cycle and
your HCG is 0 because the folic acid actually slows down the decrease of the
HCG of that on the pregnancy hormone so that's something that you're going to
make sure that you do so we we talked we talked a lot about here I don't know if
any of you have any questions it's nice to see you it's nice to see you all and
if you are if you had a miscarriage or if you end up having one then you know
to me and what I see in my clinic when is that it's the sign that you can get
pregnant and that you can have a healthy baby you just need to take some time to
maybe take a step back and see if there was something that you could do
differently you know maybe you're maybe or even eating healthier or in making
sure you're taking the right supplements and when I say you I mean you and your
and your husband together making sure that you're doing that all those things
sometimes when there's recurrent miscarriages you know they a lot of
doctors don't like to do these tests because they're very expensive tests
until you've had two or three miscarriages in a row but you what they
do is they check to see if there's any blood clotting issues so they do it's
called like a thrombophilia panel and that and also you want to check if you
have any MTHFR which is then that the tetrahydrofolate reductase gene to see
if your body can convert folic acid and are fully in your and utilize it in your
body so sometimes those are some reasons why people miscarry which is why if you
are able to get tissue you can make sure that it wasn't your body maybe it was
genetically not compatible at that time but when people who have recurrent
miscarriages there's not a lot of options out there except to try to do
but the medical community likes to have you do IVF and then having genetically
tested but that doesn't always work in fact they have a patient right now who
before she came in to see me she had beautiful genetically normal embryos and
she miscarried all three of them so she's coming in to work with me now and
we're getting her body back in balance and strong so that she can carry that
baby and there's so many things that we do that I do in my clinic this is one of
my favorite specialties because like I said there's not a lot of help out there
but if you if you can correct those imbalances we're using acupuncture and
Chinese herbs and diet it's really really helpful and the Chinese herbs
they're they're incredibly useful for something like this especially if you
have recurrent miscarriage so I hope you find that helpful please share this
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