Getting Pregnant with Irregular Periods

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talk a little bit about what it's like to have an irregular period what that
means for you and what you can do about it
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all right so many of us or many of you may have some irregular periods and
there is a it can be shown in many different ways either short cycles or
long cycles heavy bleeding painful bleeding all those things should not be
happening when you get your menstrual cycle every month it should just come on
you'll have some sensations but you'll won't you shouldn't have like severe
pain especially for days or weeks before we see a lot of women in our clinic that
present with like a week of PMS or really bad cramps it's just stability to
them for the whole week and they think they have to live like that and you
don't you don't have to but it's also telling you if you're getting ready to
have a baby it's giving you some signs that your body is not in balance because
again that should not be happening and a lot of times we go to the doctor to get
help and they'll give you a medication to help it
and sometimes it works and often we see that it doesn't work so it kind of just
maybe masks the problem or sometimes it doesn't work at all so it's really
important to especially if you're trying to have a baby and also you don't want
to live let live like that but it's really important to regulate your cycle
some there's a lot of different ways to do that so we do that through using
acupuncture and because it helps by working with your brain and your ovaries
to help balance out the hormones and increase circulation so you really want
to have good healthy circulation and to the uterus and to your ovaries so
acupuncture works really quickly and fast it's one of my favorite things to
treat because I love to get results fast and it just works really well the other
thing is there's herbs and there's all kinds of herbs out there so you know I
do Chinese medicine so we use Chinese medical herbs I'm sure there's a
out there as well just be really mindful if you take herbs you probably want to
have some help of some of a practitioner to make sure that you're taking the
right herbs because you don't want to contradict anything but you know you're
especially if you're trying out a baby you don't want to harm anything and
created a more of an imbalance so you want to be monitored but herbs are
really helpful also these themes or vagina stings they're great for
irregular periods and painful periods it really helps get their herbs right into
the source and again you can use Chinese herbs which is what we use in our clinic
and then we also send them out for people that we work abroad with but we
also there's also herbs that you can use in your kitchen so it's a great way to
help clean things out and increase circulation and get things moving at
least for the painful part it may not necessarily correct the irregular part
depending on how severe it is so a normal cycle should look like twenty
eight twenty nine days is best and you should really have about four days of
flow and it should come on and your period should just come on
again you'll have some sensation and then it should stop so you shouldn't be
spotting for days on we're definitely going to you know it's going to be
tapering down so you may have a little bit of spotting at the end for maybe a
half a day or so but it should start and it should stop and that would be what a
normal cycle looks like the blood should be really bright red and no clots and it
should be a good consistency not too thick and sticky it shouldn't be purple
and it shouldn't be too watery or pink as well and all those signs really tell
you what's going on with your body and how the circulation is impacting married
your uterus so it's really great to get in touch with your body and pay
attention to your menstrual cycles the other thing about a menstrual cycle is
the ovulation part right it's very important to have a
strong ovulation you want to make sure that you're getting is some really good
fertile mucus oh you're not too dry because the fertile mucus you're they're
really gonna feed the sperm so it can stay in the uterus and longer the egg
when it's released only lasts 24 hours but the sperm if it's healthy sperm can
last anywhere from three to five days so you really want to make sure you have
some good fertile mucus so that you can keep the sperm nourish so you have a
better chance of for lighting that egg and those that's what a normal cycle
should look like it should be pretty even not too many – not too much pain
just some sensations in fact there's some you know paint you so it's really
important to pay attention so on your next cycle if you're not paying
attention start being mindful of your of your period and know that you have
another option to correct the irregular cycles whether especially if you have
PCOS or even you know if you go to three six months without having a period or if
you don't have a period at all all those things need to be looked at and you do
have an option of using other modalities to help you regulate that and if
somebody has because I have a period for six months to a year it usually takes us
somewhere between four to six months to actually regulate that cycle but it does
happen and if you are just doing preconception care that's going on for
you then your that now is the time to really get on that so when you are ready
to have that baby you're already going to be healthy and balanced and it'll go
smoother and easier for you so that being said I think I'm unless I have
some comments here I think I'm gonna go ahead and call it a day and say cheers
make it a great day and we will see you tomorrow live with
dr. Turek to talk about the dad and how important it is for him to get
preconception care as well and oh I forgot Haley just reminded me we are
doing a webinar a free webinar on Thursday we are doing a free webinar on
Thursday I just saw a comment but I can't read it
where is it about how to naturally improve your chances of getting pregnant
so that'll be free on Thursday but you will need to sign up for it
so we can see you then as well I look forward to it and make it a great day
bye bye

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