Getting Ready for Our New Baby!

(upbeat music) – It is a beautiful day out today. I am actually just
hanging out with the kids. Duncan’s in his nap. Jessica’s nearing the end of the pregnancy so she’s resting a lot these days. She’s also doing all these little projects to get ready for the baby to be here. My kids love playing Four Square. I don’t think I’ve ever played it. I don’t think I had three
friends in grade school so I couldn’t play it. What are the rules? How do you play Four Square? – Okay if you hit it overhand like this, if you catch it, if it
bounces twice in your square, you would have to go to first square. – [Chris] Do you
understand all these rules? – Yes. – [Chris] Okay, I’m sure I’ll catch on. – Aw, Jacob, you’re out. – Jacob’s out? I don’t understand what
happened, but okay. That’s out, that’s out. Am I king of the world? – [Kids] Yes. – (singing) I am king of the world! All right, we successfully finished my first ever game of Four Square, and I did excellent. But I think Parker, Jacob, and Bailey did a little better than me, to be honest. But let’s not let them hear that because I did excellent. I did excellent. – I’m about to set up
something really cool. I’m very excited about it. But first I wanna say
thank you to CVS Pharmacy for sponsoring this video, and for making life easier for our family by having over 300 new self-care products both online and in stores. All these products have a focus on mental, social, physical,
and emotional health. So when a lot of people
talk about self-care, you think about bubble baths and candles, and just kind of like treating yourself, which is awesome. But I think it’s really important to take the next step and have an
ongoing wellness routine. And all that means is that we take simple, proactive steps
everyday big and small to keep us healthy. So my goal for myself and
for my family as a mom is to make sure that everybody
is having a good night sleep. That’s really important, and then doing everything we can to keep our immunities strong and like trying really hard not to get sick. Okay, so I have been very inspired by all the hospital bag packing,
and diaper bag packing, and basically my nesting instinct because I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I’m trying to plan
for everything that I can, and one of those things is the fact that we are having this
baby right in the middle of cold and flu season. So what I am doing is I’m
going to pack a wellness kit for those moments when
we’re feeling run down, when we feel like maybe we’ve
got an illness coming on or just to, in general,
feel nice and relaxed in this time of tension. So I have this super cute little bag, and I’m gonna be packing
it up as kind of like a go bag for wellness. And one of the reasons that I’m doing this is kinda so if Christopher comes to me and is like, oh my gosh,
the kids aren’t well, or he’s not well, or he needs something, I can just be like, grab the bag, honey. I’m gonna start with some of the things that I’m gonna prepare
for our whole family. This I’m very excited about ’cause these first few things are very honey-based, and I love honey. Like, it’s what our
baby shower was based on this time around ’cause I love honey. These are Manuka honey pops, and they’re really great
when a kid comes up to you and says, I have a sore throat. And there isn’t really
that much you can do, but these will soothe them, and my kids are very, very,
very excited about these. So that just basically makes
my life a little easier to have those on hand. And also all of this
is for the older kids. With honey, you never
wanna give it to a baby that’s under a year old. This is Honey Propolis throat spray. This is a blend of honey
and some other herbs that just help you when you feel like something’s coming and
you wanna get something a little soothing on your throat. We’ve been using Honey Propolis for like I don’t know four or five years. I really enjoy it. If you’ve been watching us for a while, you’ve probably seen that
we love making smoothies. Our kids know how to make smoothies, like, we love smoothies. One thing that I have
loved adding to smoothies for years, Navitas organic cacao powder. It naturally has antioxidants and it makes your smoothies
taste like chocolate. Another easy thing you
can throw in a smoothie is Manuka honey from New Zealand. So when you combine some cacao powder, which is better on its own, and this Manuka honey, it creates like a deliciously
sweet chocolate flavor, and both of these things
have benefits for you, and I love that. I love when we can take foods
that we’re excited about and that we consider like indulgences and make them work for our bodies. So I’m gonna have that for an easy grab kinda for the kids ’cause they like to make their smoothies,
and I can be like, go look in the bag. And then Navitas also makes these organic goji berries. These can also be tossed into a smoothie or sprinkled on some oatmeal. They’re high in
antioxidants and vitamin A. Then I’m gonna add some
immunity support gummies. These ones are for the kids, and then Christopher has some, too. And also for Christopher, he’s
gonna get this essential oil. So those were all immunity boosters, and just like superfoods. I also feel like getting a good
night’s sleep is essential. Bailey and I both have
such hard time sleeping, so I’m adding this calm sleep mist which is a blend of essential oils. You can spray it on your
pillow or just kinda like spray it and take it in. I have a little pin. I have two. I’m gonna add them on here. All right, I like it. Okay, my massive splurge. So heavy! I can’t even lift it! Ah. It’s a weighted blanket. I’ve always wanted one of these. (laughing) I’m so excited to try this. I’ve always wanted to try this. – [Chris] Are you asleep right now? Did you fall asleep? – I’m trying to practice. I’m trying to see how fast it works. – [Chris] Probably works
better not in a wooden chair. – I don’t know, I wanna
see the magic of it. Yes! I’m so excited. So this isn’t gonna go
inside my wellness kit, but I think I’m gonna
put it on Bailey’s bed and surprise her, and I think she’ll be really excited about it. She’ll appreciate how soft it is, too. Also in line with sleep and relaxation, I have Epsom salts. I love Epsom salts. I always have them on hand. The kids take Epsom salt baths, and I feel like it helps them get a quicker, deeper night sleep. And also they’re gymnasts,
so they often have sore muscles and stuff. I feel like this helps a lot. And in all of my pregnancies, when I get to this stage of pregnancy, my hips are in like the
worst pain imaginable, and I had a miserable
night about two weeks ago. I couldn’t sleep at all, and I was like, oh it’s started, I guess this is what the rest of the pregnancy’s gonna be like because that’s always
been what’s it like for me with my other pregnancies. It starts and then it’s there forever, and it gets where it’s awful. I was like, I’m gonna take a bath, like I am soakin’ in these salts. That night, I did not have those pains the way I had had the night before. And so the next day I took another Epsom salt bath and it
was still improving, and I don’t know if it
was just a weird night that I had that was like, that was the painful night or what, but it was good. And I highly recommend you try it if you’re having the
same situation as I had with the sore hips at
the end of a pregnancy, and please tell me what you think. Like, I would love to
hear if it works for you. All right, all right. And this one is for me. So I’m sure it will be taken
from me very frequently. This is a lavender lower back wrap. So this can provide a moist heat when you microwave it,
but it can also be frozen, and you can have a soothing cold therapy. I’m really excited about this. So now we have a super
easy just grab-it bag for when somebody’s not feeling well or if they need some time to relax. I’ve never packed one of these, and I feel like this
stuff can be really messy and scattered throughout our house. So I’m really looking forward to having everything simplified
and just like very easy to put together as a routine
for this coming season. Mama time! Thank you again to CVS pharmacy
for sponsoring this video. I’m so excited I got to share some of our family’s wellness
practices and routines with you guys, and I think it’s so cool that CVS pharmacy is
providing a simple spot for families to be able
to go to and get like all of their needs for
wellness and for self-care. And I’m just really, really proud to be working with CVS pharmacy on this. I’m also going to put an affiliate link in the info box below for everything that I’m showing you today. We also get paid a small percentage for any purchases you
make off of those links. – Look who woke up! (laughter) You wanna make a smoothie? – Goji berries? – [Chris] Yeah, have you
had goji berries before? – Yes, they’re so good. I love them. – [Chris] So we got some bananas, we got some flaxseed, we got some lettuce, we got some goji berries,
we got some Manuka honey. (peaceful music) Ooh, big brother’s got the banana. Here comes the handoff
to the little brother. Handoff was successful. And now the banana is
going in to the blender. Nice, yay! The crowd goes wild! – So I’m gonna put in some cacao powder. – [Chris] Okay, that’s enough,
that’s enough cacao powder, that’s a good amount. How many bananas did we put in here? Is it four bananas? – I think so. – [Chris] So four bananas,
maybe like a quarter cup of cacao powder, some goji
berries, some lettuce. – We’re putting in some honey. – [Chris] A little Manuka honey, some frozen blueberries. And then we add some milk. – Ready? Can I push it?
– [Chris] Yep. (blender whirring) How is it, buddy? – Better than I thought it would be. – [Chris] Is it good?
– Yes. – [Chris] How’s yours? – Good.
– [Chris] Good? All right, yum. Oh, a little garnish? A little goji garnish? How is it, buddy? – Chewy. – [Chris] How is it?
– It’s really good. We’re gonna paint pictures
for the baby’s nursery. – I’m painting a picture for Mom’s baby. – [Chris] This is called a canvas, and it’s made of fabric
and you paint on top of it. You wanna paint on that? Oh, good practicing. What are you gonna paint on it? – (inaudible) mommy’s baby. – [Chris] A mommy and a baby dolphin? That’s a great idea. – I was thinking like I would do an ocean then like a little curve right over here, and then a dolphin
popping out of the water, and then a whole little family, and then it’s gonna be like that. – [Chris] Oh, that’s very pretty, Duncan. Good work. – Can I have some white? – You want some white? Yeah. All right, I got one for me, too ’cause I like to paint, and Duncan is already way
into his dolphin painting. I love it. That looks so cool. (peaceful music) – I’m working on the curve. – [Chris] Oh, wow,
Duncan, you got real thick with your paint there. That is some thick paint. – More. – [Chris] You need more? – My animals.
– [Chris] Your animals? – I want more.
– [Chris] You want more? What are you painting? What is this? Is this a dolphin still or
did you change your mind? – No, it’s my animals. – [Chris] It’s your animals?
– Yeah. – [Chris] Jacob is doing
a beautiful scene here. This is beautiful. – So I am making like a
frame and them I’m gonna make a forest inside it. – [Chris] Parker actually already finished one of his drawings
which is this right here. I think it’s three dolphins. Is it three dolphins? – [Parker] Yep, baby, daddy, and mommy. – [Chris] They’re jumping out of the ocean in the sunshine, I love it. Bailey’s finished work of art. I love it. It, like, tells a story. Bailey, I feel like yours tells a story. – Really? – [Chris] Yeah, it looks
like it’s from a book. I love it, I think it’s great. And then Parker finished both of his. Good work.
– Thank you. – [Chris] Good work. Here’s Jacob’s finished work. It’s beautiful. This is the one I was working on. It’s two whales in the water. Duncan’s is, he said all the animals. He started off painting a dolphin and ended up with all the animals. Duncan, what do you think,
did you get more paint on the canvas or on you? – On you.
– [Chris] On you? – On me.
– [Chris] On you? Oh my goodness, look at all this paint. Oh no! Oh no, it’s so much paint! You need a bath. Do you want a bath with Epsom salts? Yeah? Give you like a sleepy time bath? Yeah? All right. Anyway, I just think this
is gonna be really cool to have art from the family members inside the baby’s nursery. I think it’ll look really cool and be like a neat thing for the baby. We had a great day, we’re
glad that you came to join us and we wanna say thank
you again to CVS Pharmacy for sponsoring today’s video. We love you guys and we
will see you next time. (giggling)

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