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well my next guest knows all too well the tragic loss of human potential due to abortions that's because she was intended to be a victim of an abortion she was born during a botched abortion which is considered the only medical procedure that is considered a failure when the patient lives it left her with cerebral palsy she was branded by doctors as a hopeless case who would never even lift her head boy did she prove him wrong she's a marathon runner a sought after speaker a singer and a voice for the truly voiceless I'm so honored to welcome to the show Gianna Jess and Gianna it is an honor [Applause] thank you you know your story is just incredible and let's start about when did you first know about the circumstances of your birth well my life has always been unconventional so I learned that I I'm adopted and I learned of this circumstance on Christmas Day at 12 years old what a Christmas present it was interesting I would imagine how did your adopted parents break this news to you and and what did they say well I my adoptive mother was always I was always asking her why do I have cerebral palsy why and she always have said because you were a premature baby or because you had a traumatic birth and both were true I was never satisfied with those answers always asking over or and on that day she said do you really want to know and I said yep and she let me know and in a twelve-year-old away I said well at least I have cerebral palsy for an interesting reason what did happen at your birth I mean you found this out at 12 and obviously you've been very open and honest about it but explain what took place when your birth mother attempted to have you aborted I would be happy to explain that but one thing is just really really bothering me if I may is I know that right now there are people watching that are flipping out there in their house they're there they have stuff down that abortion for 25 years and how dare that girl sit there and say that she lived through this how dare she say that and I just want to say to that person peace to you and there's no shame because I'm a believer in Jesus and if you'll just give him those abortions and you ask him to forgive you and set you for he will so anyway my biological parents were 17 my biological mother was seven and a half months pregnant when she went to Planned Parenthood seven and a half months pregnant yes and they said you're too young to have a baby you need to go have a late-term saline abortion a saline abortion is a saline salt solution that is injected into the mother's womb the baby gulps that solution it is to burn the baby inside and out blind and suffocate the child and then the babies to be born dead within 24 hours except to everyone's great shock and surprise instead of being born dead I was born alive at 6 o'clock in the morning April the 6th 1977 and it says on my medical records it's wild to read born during saline abortion April the 6th 1977 twenty nine and a half weeks two and a half pounds and it is common practice for abortionist to strangle a baby that survives suffocate a baby or leave the baby there to die but the only reason I'm sitting right here is because of Jesus Christ and also because he delayed the abortionist it was only six o'clock in the morning he wasn't at work yet had he been there he would have ended my life but a nurse called an ambulance and had me transferred to a hospital thereby saving my life so then they said you know this kid's gonna die there's no way she's no life well I don't die after not dying I was placed in emergency foster care with a bunch of morons who decided they didn't like me so they would shut me in a room for a long period of time I was taken out of that home placed in another home and in a beautiful woman's home by the name of penny so by this time I was 17 months old 32 pounds of dead wait and diagnosed with cerebral palsy which was caused directly by a lack of oxygen to my brain while I was surviving an abortion so you can imagine how I feel when I hear the argument if the baby is disabled we need to terminate the pregnancy well who are you healthy person to look at me and decide for me what my quality of life is you have no idea how beautiful my life is because I have something to overcome and because I actually need Jesus so many people are full of crap yes they are to be blocked that's one way to say it I think you just did you know do you ever have pro-abortion people come up to you when they find out you're a survivor and and try to figure you out somehow how do they react to that Oh modern-day feminists despise me how could they because I am fully alive and I I am defeating all of their arguments I mean they really do wish I was dead and but you know that's not gonna happen have you ever talked to your birth mother yeah how does that go well some people think it's cuckoo to say that the Lord will speak to us yeah but whatever I know Jesus and he he speaks to me cuz he says my sheep know my voice and one day I was on an airplane and I heard that voice in my heart say well what would you do if your biological mother came to an event and what would you say and we went back and forth well I should have had a clue but two and a half weeks later I was greeting everyone after an event which is my happy practice and this woman came up and said hi I'm Your Mother oh my just blunt I'm Your Mother there was no warning yeah except for that voice on the plane kind of told you this was not kind of yeah sort of really sort of really yeah and and I just went in my head wisely Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus help me Jesus help me Jesus home Jesus help me Jesus and then I it's at her and I said ma'am I'm a Christian and I forgive you hmm she said I don't want your forgiveness as a man I'm a Christian and I forgive you I don't want your forgiveness your father was this and you are this and you are this and you and then I know what to do I said ma'am I'm a Christian and I forgive you but I will no longer allow you to speak to me in this manner whether a person went through an attempted abortion your story is a story of courage and encouragement I want to thank you for being here let me just say to you we're blessed to have her with us and the world is blessed to have her with us and anyone who would like ya our audience rightfully loves you let me just say that anyone who would like to learn more about the miraculous life of Gianna Jensen and her fight on behalf of the unborn or if you'd like to contact her to speak to your group you can visit her website at Gianna gents Jessen I want to call you Jensen every time Gianna Jessen dot-com is on your screen so if I don't pronounce it right at least you can read it right and you can invite her to come and after tonight I have a feeling you're gonna want to

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  1. 4:45 The answer to my previous comment is answered by Gianna Jessen herself…."You have no idea how beautiful my life is"……. Despite her Cerebral Palsy, and her painful and difficult life experiences, she values her life and she's thankful for it.

  2. The only opinion that matters in the issue of abortion vs. non abortion is the opinion of the unborn. Speaking as a person who would have been aborted if my birth mother had the procedure available to her, I have never thought or said these words: "I wish I had never been born." I would like to see research interviews of abortion survivors and large numbers of adopted people to find out if during their lifetimes, they ever thought or said the words "I wish I had never been born."

  3. You are my hero !
    You are the most beautiful person I have heard speak.
    God bless you and keep you warrior of Christ !

  4. Just shows the brutality inflicted on an innocent little baby during abortion, it is murder. Take a morning after pill do not feel that baby grow and kick inside you and then murder them

  5. My dear, dear sister in the Lord, our God, we appreciate you and love you. Please know we pray for you and and are happy give you strength and courage through the Holy Spirit. If I don't meet you in this life, I am looking forward to meeting you in heaven. hugggggssss

  6. She has a beautiful personality which makes the love and light of God shine through her. She is a true living miracle🙌💖

  7. Wow!! I like her boldness. The only "swear word" I say is " crap". I had to laugh at her bluntness. What an amazing blessing!!

  8. I love how she keeps reminding us that Jesus Christ is the reason she was able to live and be an example of forgiveness and gratitude and power for the voiceless victims! God definitely had a purpose for her!

  9. God has blessed her and I pray she continues to be blessed! Lady, you are freeking Amazing!!! You are so full of life and so respectful, yet blunt…I love that!!! People like you are why I am able to keep pushing forward when things get too tough, again GOD BLESS!!!!

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