GIRL TALK CHIT CHAT Q&A! – Birth Control, Red Flags & Fake Friends!

Moby’s this is going to be a very
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literally just got out of the shower and I held my hair wash I don’t have any
makeup on right now so I’m stripped down into my natural self right now we have
our little much of green tea made at home like watch yourself
I didn’t blend it for the eyes though so guys if you’re not following me on IG
make sure you guys do it’s access regime is 800 better right here watch yourself
do you have a job besides YouTube no so I do this full-time now and I believe
it’s been two years now that I’ve been doing this full-time I want something a
year and a half two years I’ve always loved loved loved fashion but I love a
lot of different things and growing up you know even as you get to an adult
you’re just like how am I going to make that work I’m so grateful and thankful
that I get to do every single thing what type of editor do you use to edit your
YouTube videos I use Final Cut Pro it is likely the best one would you ever be
done to get your own apartment in Toronto early twenties and even as a
teen I was like I’m gonna get a loft in Toronto like watch us though is I think
I’m a city girl in my mind but in reality I’m not as much of a city girl
as I think I still have a little bit of that hometown girl in me like I love the
city in big doses when I’m traveling guys know I love New York City so much I
really want to go to Cali next the honest answer to that is I don’t think I
could I really don’t think I could but it would have to be not downtown it
would have to be a little bit outwards just because there’s too much going on I
hate that parking is like such a massive issue it’s high like it’s just very very
expensive they’re overpriced not necessarily because everything is there
and let’s just be real like Toronto is amazing could you live with I currently
live with my parents only one left here my two other sisters
have left and the oldest when is your cooking book coming out we all need it
in our lives girl oh my god you know I do definitely
want to do a cookbook it’s definitely something on my list leave a comment
down below hashtag cookbook like let me know guys I just realized that this has
been here the whole time like it’s kind of messy of me I’m really sorry that I’m
actually proud of my stuff going through these fairly quickly like watch yourself
how do you go about starting your own YouTube channel how do you become a girl
boss girl it is so no I won’t go to in detail about this because I talked about
this in the past or maybe you might come up but in the past I have lost myself
now I feel like one I’ve taken my life into my own hands and doing what I love
and I have full control over my life and that’s something to be honest guys I
have not had pretty much my whole life to be honest with you a lot of my
decisions I’ve made based on what everyone else wants their the way to
become a real girl boss is to first know what you want don’t ask anybody what do
you want and if you don’t even know that no one else around you is gonna know and
no one else around you can help you out with that because at the end of the day
you have to pull it and it’s so rewarding when you figure out what you
want for your life because when it finally happens to you you can say that
was me I’m not saying people can’t help you out now I have to start a YouTube
channel it always have said in the past that I would not do one and I never
imagined myself being on YouTube my youtube channel literally just started
kind of out of the blue I believe that’s the night when we shot it I went on the
computer and I started my channel and like you know what I’m just gonna try
this like that’s the thing I do always recommend to try things out because you
never know make sure that whenever you post you’re using good tanks for the
video so that when people are looking things up like let’s say someone’s
looking for a summer clothing haul they’re gonna type that up make sure you
have a good title that’s very clear so people can know what you are showing
within that video thumbnails grab people so thumbnail is definitely very very
important when you are doing your channel and uploading your videos get a
very decent caramel camera I recommend that I’m using right
now is the canon g7x i didn’t always have this camera I mean honest I use it
for every single thing one good tripod start with basic because you don’t want
to spend all this money and then be like I’m not even really into it or you’re
posting once a month you have to be yourself because that’s gonna set you
apart from everybody else on YouTube there stay consistent with uploading be
creative with your content would you consider doing a day week in the life of
a full-time youtuber you know what that’s actually a very interesting type
of video I’ll definitely keep that in mind I mean I maybe I would start with a
day in the life of a youtuber and really give you guys some insight and like
background as to what we kind of go through and everything I never really
thought about this video how do you find the motivation to go to the gym when
it’s raining it’s a rainy right now you know it’s funny those are the worst days
I totally get it to like push yourself and go funny enough sometimes I use
those days as the days to go because now it’s starting to get sunny some days so
it’s like do you want to go when it’s sunny outside and be stuck in there for
an hour when you can be enjoying the Sun or do you want to just go it’s crappy
outside to just go inside get your workout done and get out but I do go
through the exact same feeling you’re talking about it’ll be raining and the
rain really affects me it makes me really moody it makes me have a headache
it makes me very lethargic just super super tired and very lazy are you going
to be filming an updated workout routine any time soon PS love you thank you girl
for the love I actually have a new vlog that I did that’s gonna have work of
footage in it and it’s been a long time because the other gym that I went
through they were very kind of strict I’ll be bringing my camera and filming
and yes so I do have a vlog and that is on my channel right now actually that
you guys can check out have you ever been depressed when you don’t see
results on your body love you thanks girl of course you know with me I get
bloated very easily and those are the days where I’m like oh my god my
progress like I made so much progress and now I’m just
and my summon looks like atrocious have to ask yourself why am I like this is it
because I didn’t go to the gym the last three weeks it’s because I’m bloated is
because I’m close to my period is because I’m on my period and I look more
full um has my eating habits been off like you have to ask yourself and I feel
like sometimes this is really raw but sometimes we lie to ourselves and we’re
like oh why does my body look bad and we know we haven’t been to the gym we know
we’ve been eating crappy but if that’s not the keys and you’ve been doing
everything right that’s also happened to me where I’m like I am doing every
single thing right and why is my body not changing your body seriously if you
guys look it up can hold weight for so many different reasons what stress has
an effect on that on your body holds water weight for so many different
reasons or weight in general for so many different reasons that sometimes it’s
hard to kind of figure out or explain but I honestly the real answer to that
is you have to keep going first off make sure you’re on the right track like make
sure you’re eating the right calories sure your eating habits are good and
you’re working out even if you’re not working out make sure you’re on the
right amount of calories to lose weight but if you’re doing all that and you
might just be going through a bad day you might be going through a couple bad
three days you might be going through a week where your body doesn’t look
amazing that’s happened to me and then the next week I’m like ah there’s my
progress if you give up you’re not gonna feel any better you’re actually gonna
look worse and you’re gonna feel worse do you have your own kitchen in your
parents house no I use their kitchen and love it because it’s like all white and
when my mom was doing it I’m like please do not make the kitchen dark like I love
everything bright I love everything white and fresh I wish I had my own
kitchen here cuz then I wouldn’t have to be like get out I’m filming are you ever
start on a low-cal diet and how do you avoid the temptation when you are so I
can only talk about myself obviously because everybody’s very different if
you have been eating let’s say like 3,000 calories and I are in a deficit
you’re gonna feel it when you get on the deficit for the first time I feel hungry
for about a week your metabolism adjusts it’s amazing it just adjust to whatever
it is that you’re doing after that my body and my makeup
has adjusted and I’m like oh I don’t feel hungry anymore I’m eating 1,300
calories just fine I only feel up for that little amount of time you might be
feeling it because maybe you have more food before like I mentioned my
suggestion is really get educated on a bunch of low calorie snacks that’s the
only thing because sometimes it’s in our mind that we just want something to eat
your daily life y’all want me to talk about my daily life y’all so nosy I am
really super super focused on myself and I feel like I’ve been saying that for
the longest time but I don’t care how long it takes for me to feel like I’m
not ready super I feel like super independent right now really into my
career and just what I love and what I do first of all I hate the dating stage
because as I mentioned I feel like it’s so like interview like this is my time
we’re really really learning myself and making myself better
I feel like right now you know the Davian life is just like I just feel
like I feel really happy honestly I’m content like this I’m fine like this and
I really and I like that I kind of feel comfortable by myself like want to see
you guys if I was by myself in on a relationship for the rest of my life I
genuinely and find it so funny they say that about Pisces at the end of the day
they’re completely fine by themselves but when I’m in a relationship I can
also be happy too so I’m very like flexible so really whatever it’s my time
um that’s when it’ll happen and that’s not selfish by the way ladies
figuring out yourself and growing by yourself
and taking that time to yourself especially if you’re that type that’s
like relationship after relational and you become a woman and you keep doing
that there’s a very very small window where you really get to know yourself
and I love being able to say I can be on my own but I can also be with someone so
don’t ever think that it’s not okay to be single because I know especially in
my culture it’s kind of like oh why she’s single for that long you don’t
even mean and it’s like honey you don’t worry about me I’m living my best life
where will you visit in the States next we would love to see you in Cleveland oh
my god I never even thought of going there
like not a bad way but I’m just saying I never really thought about going there I
really really want to go to Cali la in general but you know I want to see other
parts of Kelly too and it’s just the weather it’s just so beautiful there and
you get those tall palm trees I’ve never been before guys and I really really
want to go it do you ever struggle with consistency on YouTube please share how
you get through it so consistency to be honest I’m really hard on myself so
every single week I go through this thing where it’s like you have to upload
two videos and I’m being like extremely honest and raw with you guys like when I
go through when to stop filming I just I just struggle with that I always like I
will film pre film so many different videos because I want to have them ready
to go and I like to just like get them ready and then have them ready for the
next week but then I’m like Steph you filmed way too much now you’re burnt out
and exhausted and now you have to edit them all and then you still want to do
that video and then you’re like okay but now those videos are so old and you’re
just like you want to upload that one so I struggle with the balance like now I’m
really I feel like I’ve gotten more of a hang of it I already talked to you guys
about my PMDD that has probably affected my YouTube channel you know probably the
most and then consistency because you know I’ve never really talked about this
how much in depth but you know there are certain days during the PMDD where
you’re like I don’t want to film or I don’t want to go to the gym and I don’t
want to be around people and I want to be by myself you tend to isolate
yourself because you kind of feel crazy in that point your hormones are so up
and down you know you’re irritated you’re angry you’re Moody
you’re depressed you’re sad and it’s like you try to get in front of a camera
when you’re feeling all of that and get on here and put on a smile and I never
ever want to have to do that I feel like crap today I can’t film so that’s one
less video that I have to do this week or or that I have on my channel and then
I said because I’m a perfectionist and I
want to be consistent with like I need to have those videos on my channel so
that’s why sometimes you guys will see that I only can post one only can or I
can post two or I haven’t posted it are you looking for love or do you enjoy
being single if love came yes I was looking so hard
and honestly went through the worst like the worst experiences and I’m just like
now like it’s it’s not cute am i doing this anymore so the reason why I’m tired
of looking is because I never feel like anything should be forced and it’s not
natural I don’t think I don’t know – that’s just my opinion there’s people
that are in the group where they believe like if you want to find love though you
have to be actively looking and that’s fine and then those people like me that
are like you don’t necessarily have to be actively looking it can literally
happen especially in this world today with social media and everything else
and just randomly meeting someone I really feel that true love happens when
you least expect it so I’m not looking if it comes around
and it’s super natural and organic I do pay attention to that and I do open up
my eyes to that I am enjoying being single guys I really really am but I’ve
always been that girl that likes to be in a relationship and now I’m the girl
that loves being single and if the relationship comes along and that’s when
no happens in my opinion there’s a lot of perks to being single and there’s a
lot of perks to being in a relationship there is a lot of con just means angle
of this a lot of clients being in relationship but like let’s just say a
con to be single is that at the end of the night you’re by yourself you know
they mean or when you look to that person to really be there to you know
lay your heart out – or cry on their shoulder that’s not there and when
you’re relationship that’s there or when you’re in a relationship you have to
consider someone else when you’re doing something and sometimes that kind of
decision can’t just be all about you so to me that’s kind of a con not to say
it’s a really bad negative thing but that’s something you don’t have to worry
about when you’re single and again ladies do not feel guilty about being
single honestly I’m so tired of that because I used to before I used to be
like oh mister it’s your – you can’t go you can’t be
single for three years honey I’m on my fourth year I’m doing just fine don’t
feel guilty about being sick I don’t care if you’re single for seven years I
don’t care if you have been working on yourself during that time if you’ve been
doing girl boss moves if you’ve been being successful if you’ve been living
your best life traveling doing what you love being happy there’s nothing wrong
with you being a simple for seven years you know and that’s what I love about
this generation there’s so much less pressure and it is it is okay to be
single now where’s back then it was like why is she saying well she’s 29 then
what the hell’s wrong with her and I I can’t stand that because I am a good
woman and I am single at 29 so no there isn’t no bad reason why I’m single it’s
just this is where I’m at in my life and this is where I feel like I’m genuinely
meant to be financial advice you live by saving tips and things that you wish you
knew earlier excetera honestly I’m so cheap you guys I’m so cool wit sir and
big you see donating but I have it’s so funny because I always say I struggle
with balance but I find out with money I have a very good balance there’s only
like sometimes I’m an emotional buyer so when I am super super sad I used to go
to the store and I felt like that would fix my promise I bought a bunch of stuff
when I’m super happy I want to go out and spend money and I find that I have
much more of a hold on that right now so I definitely would say don’t let
those things happen to you because at the end of the day you’re actually just
gonna feel worse it’s funny because now I notice when I feel those emotions I
don’t do that anymore and its really huge guys but the other tip I have is
keep the credit cards to a minimum the problem is it’s hard for us to remember
right like oh I put that purse on now when I put my phone bill on them and I
put that on that one and it honestly is very organized to just keep it very
simple had that one credit card that you use instead of two and at the end of the
day you’re gonna end up spending more and just having one because when you see
that number on that one let’s just say this is $500 right you’re like oh I’ve
really spent five hundred okay like who we gotta slow down now but
if you have to and you go look and you’re like oh my god I spent 300 on
that one and I spent five on that one I didn’t really realize I notice I’m very
financially savvy when it comes to saving and I didn’t realize it until
certain things happen so what I will do is you know how you just like to
naturally go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of stuff that you like this
is my corset shirt my weekly will free trip if I know that week I’m gonna be
going Oh a lot let’s say with my friend or you know what I’m not really gonna
cook too much this week we’re gonna make one meal at home only get the
ingredients to make that one meal for the week don’t do this massive grocery
trip because it happens all the time with a smaller grocery trip if I know
I’m gonna be getting takeout if you do the normal grocery trip plus takeout now
that’s like raising your budget a lot higher okay another very simple simple
one is we all know I love clothes if your thing is clothes or makeup whatever
it is if I know for the month of May these are the products that I want or
these are the pieces of clothing that I want to place a boo-boo order by the way
there’s a little haul of my channel make sure you don’t go check it out it’s
super cute and there’s a 10% off coupon code and there’s also a PLC one so make
sure you guys check it out okay I spent $200 on boo-boo so now I
think that’s enough for this month or maybe I can do it at the end of the
month again kind of depends on my budget but I won’t I used to like literally
shop every single week and then you don’t realize it that kind of
accumulates or you’ll say to yourself let me just spend a hundred here and
then I also want this product so you have to you can’t basically I’m saying
most of the time you can have your cake and eat it too but those are some tips
that I kind of followed by and helps me it was a little bit of Buddha do you
know how to swim no funniest story it was the worst at like signing up for
things with the kid and then quitting like honestly we’re just not meant to be
like in those social type of things we took karate guys me and Jess for two
weeks the next morning we’re like dad we won just quit I just signed you guys up
and I just paid but like y’all if we’re not feeling it or I definitely wasn’t
feeling I just was like I’m not gonna be here alone I literally left
I melt like it’s just but swimming when I was really really young I don’t know I
want to see like seven eight I guess and I literally dropped out after level
three guys I’m not really big on the pool and going to the pool I like the
ocean but even then I don’t want to swim jazz is a fish literally unfortunately
guys I probably look like a really wild almost dying cat as I’m swimming to be
honest I just kind of like if I really need to swim I think one time I can did
a little bit too deep in the ocean and I kind of got scared in the waves were
like coming and I’m just like literally just like flapping much do you have a
degree or went to uni no so I went to college Sheridan College in Oakville
Advanced Diploma in interior design I was there for three years I love of
course home decor I absolutely love it do you want to have children you know
recently guys I’ve really been thinking about this I think it’s because of my
age you want to come hear something okay okay yeah oh my big boy I feel guilty
not saying how many kids I want because I have to want kids and it’s like
there’s so much pressure on women to watch to have kids and I mentioned you
know I think I want to have two and I think three is too much and then in the
past I’m like I think I’m my 3 and I want a lot it kind of has changed for me
honestly guys sometimes I’m like am I gonna be any Angeles with no children
like are my sisters gonna have them and I’m not gonna have any I used to think
oh well when you’re in a relationship you know you’re definitely gonna want
them I’ve heard that does happen we’re like
you’ll get into a relationship and now that you’re in that state it’s so
natural for a woman to want children and that’s very possible it might happen to
me when I was in a relationship I wanted them but at the same time it’s like I
felt pressured to have them so that’s where they want was coming from you’re
told and taught that’s normal for a woman to want to have kids
I honestly genuinely am being really honest guys I don’t know I don’t know if
I want them I love children and that’s why I was so confused and please let me
know if some of you guys feel this way I really believe that because I
I have people in my family that have proven this to me I truly believe that
you can love children and kids in general but it just might not be what
you want for yourself in your life I truly believe that I think it’s very you
know wrong to say like oh well if you love children you have to want your home
like that doesn’t make any sense but it does though like it does make sense
because like I said I know people that love chosen they’re great with their
nieces and nephews but they just don’t want it for themselves maybe they can’t
picture it maybe it doesn’t feel like it’s done me I don’t know if I will get
that feeling you know at the end when I’m in a relationship but right now I
don’t know if it’s cuz I’m single or whatever but I’ve always kind of felt
like why do I have that burning thing inside of me like I’m gonna have kids
like sometimes I do feel guilty because you know I’m 29 and it’s like well your
clock is ticking and it’s like yeah but you’re not gonna pressure me like that
you’re not going to pressure me to have something that’s gonna change my entire
life first of all and I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want a child to change
my life but I’m saying it’s very important to have that one there or else
that’s horrible for the child ladies don’t feel guilty if you don’t want
children it doesn’t make you less of a woman it
doesn’t make you less of a person doesn’t mean you’re a bad person
you can still be an amazing and godmother to your sister brothers
children love kids I’m the one out of all my sisters to be like oh my boss
look if I have kids like and I’m just like so obsessed and I just like look at
them I love hearing them I love hearing them speak and then I question like well
why don’t you have that theme and then in the past I’m like I was open to
adoption too like I’ve always been kind of open to that and helping their child
to that stage where I’m like don’t feel guilty if you don’t want them but one
thing I know is I love children and I will love my sister’s children once they
have them if I do have mine of course I will love them too moving back so right
now I just I’m not sure about it if not too personal maybe you could talk about
a past relationship and what it taught you I’ve talked about my last
relationship it was a four and a half year relationship so I can first
you also do because I’m so over it like it’s just I don’t even take it as like a
personal thing like I’ll tell anybody to be honest I’m really asking about it I
actually consider a relationship that I’m like if I was being one right now
I’d be like yeah that’s really personal don’t ask me at what time it’s funny
like to me it’s like that’s over it’s in the past it’s no longer personal so I
was engaged and it was someone that I knew in high school but I didn’t date
them in high school I dated them when I was actually in college I feel like I
can’t touch on all the things that I’ve learned because it’s just it’s so much
that I’ve learned seriously I’m hearing so much I
completely lost myself in that relationship and it’s completely my
fault I take responsibility for that Pisces I feel like we time to do this
when you’re with someone you tend to completely give up yourself because
we’re so selfless and we give everything up for that person to make that person
happy I literally was all about taking care of him what makes him happy how can
I be there for him and honestly no one was there for me no one did anything
trying to make me happy barely like literally guys barely I’ve learned what
respect I deserved all good women deserve the uttermost respect because we
respect ourselves and everyone else should respect us back I would be
sitting and waiting for I’m not kidding you guys sometimes one two three hours
for that person to come to my door and pick me up when they told me that they
would be here two hours before and they thought it was not that big of a deal
ladies that’s not okay it’s just not actions speak louder than words
literally listen to that take it in and believe it those actions repeatedly told
me I was not important do not lose yourself don’t make your life about that
person you have to have your own identity you have to be able to be
independent but that person is an addition to you I gave up my life guys I
had nothing going for me seriously I wasn’t doing anything in my life and he
was that told me that I didn’t love myself now what made me happy was not as
important as me making him happy thank you guys something I say pay
attention to red flags women have accepted so much and it’s time
to be like I’m not accepting it anymore when you expect them to be nighttime
that’s okay when you expect me to support you that’s okay to do that when
you expect them to take care of you like you take care of them
that’s okay all those things I kind of threw them out the window and I was like
oh he doesn’t do this it’s okay you teach the men how to love you by you
loving yourself it’s super important but it doesn’t make me wait two hours and
had no good reason for it I’m being honest whew that’s the last time you’re
gonna be late for me and you’re not getting any other chances for me I’m
sorry because I know how that goes I really know how that goes because I went
through it for four years what was I saying
Cory pretty good I remember thanks for a let’s just say he comes two hours later
okay you don’t say anything like hey okay
cool and he’s like you know what he’s thinking is then she’s not upset he’s
going to think that that’s okay because you thought that that was okay if he
doesn’t show up to something that you and this happened to be all the time if
he doesn’t show up to something that he’d previously committed to and he
would and you don’t say anything he’s not gonna say anything
I get it love is so blind and in the moment especially when unfortunately
when you’re a little bit desperate I wanted to be in a relationship and I
just wanted to find love and something I was like so desperate but I wanted to I
wanted to have a boyfriend I was like 19 when I when we got together guys I can
go on and on and on about the things that I’ve learned the major thing is
love yourself know what you are worth know that you are not worth someone not
showing up when they said that they were going to honey you red flag pay
attention to those really bright red flags that weave in your face and you
just ignore them it’s super important guys honestly what would be a happy life
greetings from Portugal hey Portugal spending time my sisters my
mom my dad super super important to me Italy fulfilling what I love to do in my
career like what I’m doing with you guys traveling makes me very very happy
seeing the world like I don’t believe in just staying where you are right now
and not seeing what else is out there just it just like really makes my soul
happy when I see new things and you know different places living a very balanced
lifestyle health-wise doesn’t it makes me happy is feeling confident and
getting pretty and dressed up and just feeling beautiful narcissistic behavior
from a man honey run run run Forrest run I love a confident man I don’t like a
cocky man and I don’t like a narcissistic man there’s a difference
coffee’s like no no I’m better than you like I am literally better than you
honey you’re not cuter than me we’re he’s just like all about himself and
thinks he’s so great and you’re never as good as him and stuff like that you’re
gonna do with that forever and it’s it’s really rare that you’re gonna change a
man to be honest with you unless he wants to change that type of behavior is
a huge red flag and I wouldn’t even proceed any further if I saw that how
did you have such a nice tone flat tummy any tips by the way you’re my install
and love you oh thank you extremely honest truth everyone is gonna have
things about their body that everyone else wish they had first of all my flat
tummy ain’t always fly let me tell you because I experienced you know sometimes
extreme bloating especially two weeks before my period guys I have a four
month belly in front of me as if I’m pregnant I swear to you certain things
like I skip on eating you know like dairy um a lot of salt will blow me to
certain things I know that will blow me like when I have my good days in my good
weeks where my stomach is fairly flat that is just to be honest that’s my body
and how it is I gain weight there on my stomach very fast but I also lose my
weight there first and everybody’s different you might not lose the fat on
your stomach cuz I get a ton of people I’m losing weight everywhere else and I
wish it came off my stomach unfortunately you cannot target it
you’re gonna hear everybody tell you the can you can on your stomach area it’s
probably just your last area that you’re losing weight on and then you’re gonna
be losing weight or you might your goal weight I’m not I’m really really not I’m
about now because I gained some weight I’d say I’m like 25
now from where I really want to be my goal weight that you look amazing thank
you so much have you received any negative feedback from your friends or
family after since your weight loss no I have received a lot a lot a lot of
positive like people will see me be like oh my god like what yes much do you need
to go outside is that why you came here to tell me my grandma is like you’re too
skinny are you eating why are you so Purdy girls stop you guys are so cute
honestly who are your favorite youtubers to watch guys I don’t watch youtube
videos like I feel like it’s so weird and I almost feel guilty saying that
because people probably like you do you to feel like you should and it’s like no
again you don’t have to like something just because you know what I mean it’s
expected for me to like YouTube videos just because I do it and I hate that
Pisces woman a Virgo man thought oh honey
Pisces embargo funny enough are the opposite the complete opposite you guys
have a lot of differences but funny enough there’s certain things that you
will deeply connect on the Virgo man is gonna be like why are you so fantasy
like and why are you not like guys this is narcissistic and get out of the
clouds and the Virgo man is more practical and he’s an earth science oh
he’s going to be down to earth and he’s gonna think logically most of the time
virgos are very emotional don’t let them fool you y’all don’t let him fool you
they can also be deep like very very deep like Pisces and that’s where you
guys will connect and what’s actually good about you guys being opposites and
this is where you really have to put in the hard work because you’re so
different in a lot of ways the man will pull you out of the clouds and be like
you need to think like this because this is real life this is not your fantasy
land something happens bad two phases will
overthink it and we’ll just be crying about it and be upset about it and just
like obsess and stress whereas the virgos like this is what happened this
is what you can do crying is not going to help you as a Pisces woman you’re
going to help soften him up because he can be very rigid and very
and very like plane whereas you’re very layered and you can bring something to
him that he’s never known really kind of bring out this vulnerability in him that
he might not be comfortable with because he’s a strong verbal man you know what I
mean they’re very serious overall you guys are going to feel your differences
for sure and you’re gonna have to find a balance I see that Pisces woman would
really have to love this variable man and vice versa the Virgo man has to
really love this woman for who she is so that those really opposite differences
kind of balance out because they truly believe when you love someone you’re so
much more you’re just willing period to to really kind of alter yourself a
little bit and try to help out that person instead of being like you too
different from me I can’t deal with this you know you’re more open to that you
can’t have this my mother look are you crazy
you’ll be off-the-wall thing you show here oh I know you how to stop what
we’re thinking emotional as during your period when you’re in a relationship I’m
definitely way more emotional when I’m on my period so I totally feel you girls
don’t worry especially when you’re in a relationship oh my god it’s like now
you’re emotional and you have to have a partner that like understands you on the
other end and if they don’t get you it’s just so much worse but I really feel
like if they love you they will again want to understand you and it’s just so
much easier even though they might not agree with how you’re feeling or they’re
like oh my gosh she’s just so crazy right now they’re gonna as long as
they’re there to be a support it doesn’t really matter what they think of it and
matters that they’re there and it matters that they’re willing to help you
to be honest but you should be able to go to them without them being like oh my
god you’re being so annoying this is how you get during this time bla bla bla
no you should be in a supportive relationship where you can let out how
you’re feeling and when you overthink what I overthink I like to let it out to
someone that I trust and they will be supportive if they really love you and
you won’t have to now just release your stress and your anxieties second are you
Hispanic speak Spanish we see that you listen to Spanish so yes I love love
love Spanish music thing on in you know in general I love it and
it’s like my number one genre of music to listen to
I just love Spanish music and I’ve always really identified myself with the
culture because of the music and the language it is my favorite language but
no soy offend us but I don’t have a new people I don’t speak it all and I really
really want to learn more I seriously want to learn the entire language what
is your workout routine your body is fighter thanks girl a workout routine
first office in our long what I like to do is kind of like all-over body and
really workouts that I enjoy doing I don’t go to the gym with like this plan
and what’s the best plan and what’s the best workouts for me to do I feel like
you’re really taking out the fun of it better you’re blocking my face like
honey I am the star of the show not you me erase that take that away go there
and I Lily go with my heart and I just like you know what I wanted to the ropes
I’m gonna do that for three three sets okay I want to do on app crunches I’m
gonna do that routine anyways he’s an Aries by the way super aggressive and
constantly needs attention and super clingy when he wants to be other times
it’s like don’t even look at me what was it like growing up in a Portuguese
family best part of being Portuguese girl I would have to say I learned to
cook like I really did it and thanks to my mom all because she was the one that
really I think brought that out in me and I was like football teach me how to
cook this or I love when you make that a ball and I would watch her I’d watch her
more than my own mom like in the kitchen so what’s that dick belly I really need
you to stop trying to take my mic low right now I really do
growing up Portuguese it was really kind of strict in a way for me it wasn’t as
much for my sister’s constantly sheltering me I wasn’t really loves to
like do much and go out much whereas one of my sisters were 16 it was like yeah
sure go with your friend I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend literally
guys until I was like 18 we were always very close-knit don’t like things
together which I loved loves when my dad would bring like home
every single Friday he’d bring home with Portuguese chicken and potatoes
raise for us to eat or we go out to like Portuguese restaurant I just want that
so much on a sleeve my mom always had food at the end of the day for us she
worked from early morning to like to something so that she can pick us up at
like 3:00 something after school my mom’s car was always parked I’m
literally in my entire life I’ve probably walked home like twice in my
life to always call my mom or my dad to be there for me
are there still insecurities you have about your body after losing weight so
of course I have insecurities about my body
and I’m not like losing sleep over them at night there’s like a difference right
bloating just because it makes me feel like I know what my stomach can look
like and then you come along and then you make it look like I don’t have a
nice stomach anymore so my cellulite but it’s not something again and I lose
sleep over because I know one it’s important to understand what you can
change it what you can’t and it’s really hard to change that I’ve seen girls that
are like super skinny and they still have cellulite it’s very very hard you
can get treatments and stuff like that but I don’t really think you can ever
really get 100% rid of it they almost kind of want to accept it
the way it is it’s a part of me it’s gotten better with my weight loss I used
to have it worse obviously because when I was bigger you tend to obviously store
more fat so it shows more and I have a lot of stretch marks in between my legs
over here because I grew too fast for my body and really like purplish stretch
marks in between my legs I think if they were more visible like in front of my
stomach I think it would bother me but again I would have to get over it if
there’s nothing I can do about it I think the biggest insecurity I have is
the first place I gained my weight I think I said it was my stomach but
that’s not true my face right here when I’m bloated and it’s 2 weeks before my
period I feel like it just blows up right here and I get it from my diet
side in him in particular it feels like someone eyes like 5 pounds down here and
it’s only like a pound but I can feel it so like I’m just so sensitive to it have
you gone out with a lighting guy yes they have one one clearly you didn’t
work out would you be open to talk about birth control or your opinions on it
there’s these super prude about these things that I
to talk about them talking as girls to each other you know women to women and I
think it’s an important topic to be honest to talk about was or had been on
birth control before for a long time I don’t like birth control in my opinion
the only time that I would be on it is if I had to medically first certain
reason I like more natural ways of going about it like if I were to have really
bad cramps maybe I would take a natural pill I actually just bought one right
recently for my PMDD it’s called bite X and a lot of the reviews were like a lot
of my PMS symptoms have literally like minimized so much this girl so that ship
her period stopped and it came back like I took a while it took a while after her
taking this medication but she said almost like a year after her
consistently taking it for a period came back and she’s like it’s been forever
talk to your doctor of course before you ever take anything before I wasn’t as
into natural products and I didn’t think that there was a natural way around
birth control there’s obviously different methods that you can use to
obviously avoid getting pregnant if that’s why you’re on birth control if
it’s not why you’re trying to regulate your periods or something I’m not like
against anyone who wants to be on it I’ve seen you know things happen to
people that were bad while they were on it and I know it’s we know it’s from not
me I was very irritated on the pill tried
different one than in like you know was it dry I don’t like those formulas in my
body and I don’t like medication in my body in general don’t want to be on
birth control ever again I seriously don’t a lot of doctors tell you oh it
doesn’t affect you getting pregnant later on but something just tells me
that that’s not so true like I just don’t like that for taking it for so
long again everybody’s different some women after taking birth control
for a long time half promise I mean children some of them they’re like I
just have to stop for a month or two and now I’m pregnant
can’t really see it’s from birth control but me personally I do believe it does
affect it it’s something that you’re taking that’s altering your natural
process that your body supposed to take I believe the doctors push you to be on
the pill like as soon as I go to a doctor’s appointment
like you should be on the pill and it’s like they push it because I feel like
for pharmaceutical industry reasons and I don’t like that and I will go there
not even to see them about anything that has to do with that and it’s like birth
control aren’t you wanted and I didn’t like the way I was on it
but I feel like there’s so many other things now so many other natural things
that we can take and try out opposed to birth control how to tell good friends
from fake friends this is good honey is velvety I’m always that friends Nick you
think 220 percent I don’t know why I chose that number but and I get like
literally zero bacala that’s been my past relationship seriously I need you
to not take advantage of me being so selfish and selfless and so nice watch
out for who’s taking advantage of you watch out for who really has your best
interest at heart watch for who consistently asked to hang
out with you because people are gonna try to make the effort if they really
care and if you have a good time with that person and they’re not negative
they don’t beat you down a fake friend will see like subliminal things about
you and then like laugh about it or laugh at you it won’t build you up women
that build other women up that’s a good friend also a fake friend will save
things behind your back and then in front of your face be someone else and a
fake friend will say yeah yeah yeah let’s do that and then when the time
comes were like I can’t I’m too busy like the legs obviously not be available
anymore to you or they’re cancelling plans on you last but not least will not
be there for you during hard times those are the people that you see are
important in your life I’m telling you guys because if let’s just say I’m going
through a depression I know who to go to for I know who’s not gonna judge me I
know who’s going to be like like talk to me and let me try to help you and
believe me the fake friends will be like yeah let me let me hear it you know some
people enjoy hearing that you suffer and it’s just so sick to me honestly that’s
a big friend but you can tell because that person’s not generally
allowing you to lean on them you don’t need mean or they’ll get sick and tired
of hearing you you let’s say you’re getting over a breakup and you don’t
shop about it let’s be real some of us take longer to get over a breakup than
others but a true friend is going to be patient
a fake friends can really can you shut up about it already watch yourself do
you have a boyfriend if not why no I don’t and because I’m fabulous
can you tell us about your past engagement what happened upper boys – on
Christmas and it was definitely something I’m not gonna lie guys I
wouldn’t that girlfriend that was like are you gonna like propose already like
what are you gonna propose oh we’re gonna get married what are you gonna
propose and – if it’s sort attractive now now I’m just like you you’re never
gonna do it again like if a man doesn’t want marry him he’s not gonna ask you if
he wants to marry you he will but don’t force it on him you know what I mean you
never want to do that because you want to make sure that they’re doing it for
them and you and not just for you this is like four years ago guys it was like
I don’t know four or five now I I’m lost right honestly I could care less barely
even started planning a wedding like that’s something I would be so excited
to do but I barely was planning anything it felt in my gut it was not right and I
just kept going day after day after day being engaged to this person he was one
thing when I met him and something completely different in the end people
go through changes I get that this was not a change this was a life altering
like this was a completely different person but even before all that happen I
just wasn’t treated the way I was supposed to be treated to be honest with
you and you never stood up for me that’s a very very important ladies if you’re a
good woman and the family for some reason parents entire family and
whatever cousin brother riveters doesn’t like you and treats you badly or just is
very cool towards you doesn’t make you feel comfortable and your man doesn’t
say a thing to them I’m telling you right now that’s a big big problem he’s
got to be in your corner when you guys get married you suck I mean you’re queer
he’s gonna be in their corner you are your new family with him when you guys
become one and get married that is his
yes there’s still his family but that’s his new family you and him and whatever
you guys Creed together so that was huge and then I just got uh Nancy to a point
guys where I just don’t want to put up with it anymore they’re just having a
loss a lot of life problems that I could tell that he was going outside of the
relationship I knew I had to eliminate myself know when to leave no one is just
not your place anymore and like I said know what you’re worth and know how
someone is supposed to treat you ladies before I go let me remind you they yell
are fierce y’all are loved y’all are beautiful
y’all are pretty y’all are cute you look fabulous
watch yourself love yourself and that’s all I have to say I have a platform
where I can speak to you guys to build up women and to teach them a little bit
more self love because I was in a place where I didn’t have much self love for
myself or confidence want to let each and every woman I hate being a Pisces
honestly because we cry all about a free thing if you cry I cry I just want each
and every woman to know that you’re beautiful you are strong if you’re going
through something right now whether it’s a breakup whether it’s something in your
weight loss journey whether it’s something to do with your period whether
it’s you’re experiencing depression anxiety each and every one of you have
the potential to be your best self each and every one of you deserve respect and
each and every one of you are worth everything it is our duty I feel as
women to show that to the rest of the world don’t feel guilty for self love
love yourself okay love yourself commented just below alright guys that
is basically it for all of my questions thank you guys so much for sending them
in I always enjoy hearing what you guys want to talk about and anything you guys
want to ask if you guys again are not following me on IG make sure you guys do
it I stuffed you Macedo give this video a big thumbs up let me know down below
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you guys anytime I post a brand-new video thank you guys so much for
watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video

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