hey guys to go drain love hair method another video in this video I'm going to be talking about a Girl Talk specifically I'm going to be talking about periods and birth control so I'm gonna let y'all know what I experienced so yeah four periods all girls aren't the same let's start there another thing some girls have their period some girls don't some girls bleed every day some girls don't bleed every day where some girls have cramps and some girls don't leave personally I don't have cramps at all for my periods ever since I had my period I never had cramps but recently I've been having like Doby like a day during my period that I would have cramps like for like one part of the day like it wouldn't be all throughout the day like some girls beef but it'll be like one part like randomly I would have cramps like I'll be wondering like why do I have cramps like I never have cramps during my periods like I'll be bugging out like I really like there's something wrong with me I'm thinking that something is wrong with me because I don't experience cramps during my periods like so I'm fine what I do it's like what is wrong like is there something wrong on my own my uterus or I don't know leg up you wondering why but I use tampons I know some people are like against tampons because of the TMS thing that you could get from TSS I don't know which one is TM SOT ESS Sun toxic syndrome they could get from wearing a tampon for too long but I've been using on tampons since 2015 I think that was the first time I ever used tampons think it was 10th grade yeah 2015 that was the first time I've ever used tampons but the first time that I use tampons it was so painful so I was like I've never used to happen ever again because I never used to put it in right so I was like I'm against tampons so I took a break from tampons and then I started back using tampons and I would say a couple months around there I took a break like a long break from tampons because I was just scared I didn't know how to put them in right and my sister was like teaching me how to put it in right but I was just still doing it wrong so I was like I give up and then once I started back using them I was putting them in right I don't know how like I'll say I really have to try this again I'm really tired of pads like pad is so annoyingly pad I just hate sitting in blood like and then once I went straight to tampons I was like I'm never going back to using pads but the don't get me wrong there's some days where I used has but only when I go to sleep but I just started that I just started wearing pads to sleep but not all the time only only did that last month when I have my period or February are the March or February and I was using passed a little sleep because me I'm a heavy sleeper so when I'm sleeping I'm sleeping for hours we're a tampon no more than eight hours they said eight hours max so like for me I can't be sleeping with a tampon because obviously if in fact our lives I don't just go wake up to pee it was calling me decline I don't know what that is anyways say I go to bed I like two or three and then eight hours later they'll be eleven so I'll be like let me set an alarm for 11 or whatever there Sokka wake up they don't even have to be the whole hours gonna be like six hours five hours I will set an alarm to wake up to go pee or change the tampon of course and yeah I've been trying to like set a schedule for that because I ran out a temp I ran out of pads so I'm gonna just try to send an alarm to change my tampon because when I'm sleeping I just never pee I'm not saying I'm against pad I'm not against pad like I just prefer tampons over pads because for one tampons is convenient and I'm gonna tell you why because tampons you can just easily put that into your own purse you could put that well pads to belay you could put a tampon in your pocket again let me say that you could put a tampon in your pocket so it's very even so it's even more of a secret I guess like when you go to the bathroom cuz we all know what paths there's no secret everybody knows in that bathroom that's your Anya period like and that's very my embarrassing was annoying like everybody here you open the chapter on pad each strip and everything and then sticking it see it panty or whatever this annoying like just like everybody would know that you're taking a dump it's the same thing if people knowing that you're on your period you open it the pad that's one of the reasons why i strictly went to using tampons and another reason is bearing pads it gets all messy like especially if you're a heavy bleeder like me it gets all messy and the blood is this all on your crack and it's only a butt cheeks and all over your private parts it's just annoying like and it gets on your pants sometimes your panties get stained or whatever so it's just as a girl you don't feel like clean funny wearing pads because you always got to make sure that it's clean down there and wearing being a heavy bleeder and went past is just annoying especially if you're gonna be sitting all day in class whatever for like at work you working a nine-to-five or a 12-hour shift you stand on the pad it's just annoying so yeah that's why it's very convenient with tampons because tampons you just put that thing in and then everything is just basically like clean unless you are heavy bleeder then you would have to change your tampon like every hour or two every two hours or so because if you don't then it's gonna like feel like you're wearing a pad when you're really not it's gonna feel like you don't have a tampon in it's just gonna be you're sitting in blood just like wearing a pad so make sure you change every if you have a bleeder change every two hours max I would say two hours max and make sure that you can have baby wipes or whatever I did pick up some baby wipes at some new supply store at some be the Family Dollar you could get it anywhere there's not hard to find baby wipes if you feel like you want to be extra clean when you're on your period then go for it purchase them baby wipes are fun um another thing Oh breath control brake control I know some girls are against it and some girls feel like they gonna die when they take it they gonna have so much yeah they're in side effects but I feel like this side effects to light any medicine or pill that you take solo don't be afraid to like take birth control but not everybody's body is set up for taking birth control but there is many different types of birth control but some have all like the same benefits you know what I mean like but you could be taking the same type of Hill but it will have like a different brand name for it let me hurry up because my value about to die so um some girls will take it because they don't want to get pregnant at a certain age or whatever and they sexually actively want to take it if you want to take it and just make sure that you consult your doctor first because birth control has a lot of side effects side effects and sometimes it can be fatal so make sure you talk to your doctor before you take birth control and there's many different birds can chose this birth control that could go right in your vag one that could go in your arms or your thigh or wherever you want to go okay I don't know I think it's mainly supposed to go in your arm I don't know um there's a shot I don't know what a shot goes but there's many different types of birth control and the Brethren show it regulates your periods to is not just used for sex it's used to regulate your period you could um because for me personally I use birth control because of my period because my period was very heavy and birth control really helped me get my period too I just thought I'm out blood that I want to know I don't want to release it but like I don't want to be losing a lot of blood like I used to so I that's why that's the main reason why I used for it to show but I thought took a break from it because it really affects your body but for me personally it hasn't really done anything to my body besides regulating my period because now I know what my period times and stuff plus I have an app so yeah I know whenever my period comes and how many days my peri will come I mean that I would be shedding blood so yeah another thing the birth control that I use is not double let's get that straight the birth control that I used is Shiloh Marzia and it's very good just take it for 30 days no the fourth week is placebo pills if you guys know what placebo pills are and you know the fourth week and take that so like make sure that you remember to take him every day but um you that's basically about birth control anybody forced you to take birth control because it is very serious and not all girls that I experience side effects I never experienced side effects from birth control or side effects that I know of does an ivory girl is the same so just make sure that you consult with your doctor first before you do anything and with your period – if you feel like something is going wrong with your period like like me if you get periods I mean if you get on heavy bleeding that's not really good because you're losing a lot of blood it means losing a lot of iron so you need iron for energy so go get that checked out if you need ever take birth control or a certain type of medication for you to get your blood back your iron back then you should do it because you don't want to get to the point where you have to get a few moments later but what I was saying is you don't want to wait until it gets too late to the point where you have to get on blood transfusions that's what I have to say so as y'all I could see my ponytails messing up it's not sleek anymore so I'm gonna just end off the video right now I hope you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up comment subscribe and turn your post on duplication is on so whenever I post a video you could be notified see you in the next video bye


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