Giving Good Care During Labor – Childbirth Series

giving good care during labor the birth of a baby is a unique experience in the life of any family and one of special personal significance for the mother all too often women are left to live alone flat on their backs and unsupported in busy maternity wards carrying well for birthing women calls for sensitivity and responsiveness to a woman's needs supporting the mother can make a labor easier shorter and safer in this video you will learn about ways that you can help a laboring mother and contribute to a feeling of trust this favors a good outcome start during antenatal sessions to talk with women about labor and birth including danger signs knowing what to expect helps women feel more confident allow companions encourage her to have a trusted support person of her choice someone who cares about her and wants to help her the constant support of a companion helps the mother relax and experience less pain this favors good progress involve companions they will share the work of caring for the mother protect the mother try to give her a quiet space away from the interference of distracting people avoid procedures and medicines unless they are really needed they can add unnecessary risks let the mother know about our progress in labor so she remains relaxed and confident answer her questions especially if it's her first time let her know what to expect early in labor before contractions become too painful touch can help a woman in labor but be sensitive to the kind of touch she wants here are some possibilities rub her lower back during contractions massage between contractions especially on the back and shoulders wipe our face with a cool wet cloth and press firmly on the base of her spine this is especially helpful for labor felt in the back making sounds can help her cope with the intensity of labour low loosens such as groaning morning and humming may help the mother relax allow women to make sounds as they like but discourage screaming it's can make women feel out of control and more tense encourage the woman to move and walk during labor being upright helps her progress so just positions to the woman and her companion standing and moving squatting being on all fours and other upright positions can make labor move faster let's all know that lying on her back can slow her labor and may make contractions more painful encourage the mother to take slow deep breaths visualizing bringing air to the baby help us save our energy she can rest on her side between contractions even when Labour first begins encourage the mother to take fluids frequently a woman in labor uses up the water and energy in her body quickly if her lips are dry her pulse is fast and she is not passing urine often she may be dehydrated the mother should drink at least a cup of fluid every hour water and also high-energy fluids such as tea fruit juice and honey she can get exhausted and her labor can be much longer and harder if she does not drink enough remind a woman to pass urine every few hours a full bladder can prolong labor if she cannot walk give her a pan and let her pass urine where she is all women need kindness respect and attention watch and listen to her to see how she is feeling encourage and praise her so she can feel strong and confident help her relax and welcome her labor remember support in labor favors of good outcome a companion is key to helping the laboring mother and the busy birth attendant relaxation movement fluids and passing urine help progress in labor you

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