Giving hope to couples devastated by miscarriage

Stupidly I feel slightly guilty that I’m
pregnant because I should be pregnant with what would be my second child and I should
be preparing for that birth nearly now but I’m not, I’ve got another 20 weeks to
go and hopefully I might have that dream of being a mum. I think it’s important that
people see me cry. So many couples that go through so much heartache
and if we could give answers to them or find ways to prevent it from happening then it
would just make life absolutely wonderful for these couples. And change their lives. It’s heart-breaking when you can’t have
the family that you always dreamed and hoped that you would and our research will hopefully
enable them to live that life that they wanted. It was very emotional, quite traumatic and
I think me and my husband, we both kind of went withdrawn. Being a mum, it sound really
cheesy but it really is the best feeling in the world. She’s just my everything. Knowing
that there’s people out there willing to donate money to do research in this field,
it gives women hope and belief that, you know, one day they’ll be successful in having
a miracle baby. As far as I’m concerned, this baby girl, she’s my miracle.

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