GLOW SHA: Glowing Skin During Your Period

and this month I'm going to be showing you how to use your glow shot and synchronicity with your minstrel cycle so we're going to be beginning at the beginning of the cycle so when we're looking at a period day one it's the first day of fleet so day one it's the start of your cycle so at this time the process your body is producing progressed and progressed to Glendon for kress dependent prostaglandin which was our uterus to contract and that's what's helping the blood lining sucking away it constricts constricts your blood vessels so this make you feel flushed sometimes a little bit of pain sensitivity so your skin in this phase is traditionally more tender if you find that your face looks completely dry and washed out at this time there's a really good reason for it the estrogen levels are really low or the yen's drop from your face so it means that like you're going to feel more sensitive about your lines your pores or wrinkles your dark spots bits of extra acne it's pretty much progesterone slow as well because that's already picked and draft and it's reducing the production of sebum which is like a boil that comes out of your glands and to your skin's gonna look drier um dozen Chinese medicine is a very eminent fabianism nourishing and moisture and hormones and flush nurse so the warmth of blood is yang but the space is and the quality of blood the space is Yin so the substance the actual liquid fatigue of blood is again the warmth and activity in the movement yeah so we're an Indian fast this point so because you're menstruating you're going to be depleted of Yin which is why in Chinese medicine we are more conscious of honoring the female and looking up your house in this face be tired cocoon yourself just take a bit tack where is your levels down 20% it's okay you need to look after your uterus and look after that you're bleeding how you can wash are in the space it's really important to avoid think excessive because you don't want to draw all the chair we want to draw enough chair but we don't want to be distracting from your uterus sorry you don't want to do too much in your voyage just light pressure all the way to the hairline as always and just make sure that you're really working around the nose and the cheeks we want to be sure to do some of these areas of our inner nature so you want to just be supplementing the yin and if you've got any bits of acne you want to be rewarding this so you change me too busy looking after the warmth of us letting their blood out and so your body mates we look down from this time sorry but extra compresses on your lower one ploy to help a bloody move and make you feel full of blood volume and just cups of tea and for us and we do gosh I don't go hard out just a little bit of clothes off just a little bit on the cheeks obviously the whole face but just mainly focusing on the cheeks and focusing on the routine and not

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