28 Replies to “God Never See! Broken heart when you watch this videos, Newborn monkey screaming so loudly”

  1. I'd love to yank polino up by his huge ass ears and beat the shit out his bratty ass and then get ole ugly nipple freak Daniela too.

  2. Good for you Dana, she didn't let Dolly take her baby that time. They nearly ripped her in half but still she stood her ground.

  3. DONNA ,,,you know DOLLY or DEE DEE alway took and hurt your baby. Why you still around and let them groom you ,,,,have you forgot what will they did to you and your baby ? Run away ,,,far little bit

  4. Ppl trying to make Dana out to be a horrible mom, when ALL she's doung is making sure she's not creating another Sherry, Sweet Pea, Jessie, etc! Her baby is healthy and groomed. She's just not allowing him to stretch her nipple so far that she needs to tie it twice around her neck to prevent her from stepping on it. YOU GO DANA…!

  5. With all of the monkeys constantly pulling, tugging, dragging, and fighting over Daniela, I have no doubt she will end up dead at some point.

  6. But instead of getting up and leaving. What does she do sit right there. She didn't have to go right away, but move after she proved her point she wasn't given her up.

  7. I think Dana is the opposite of Popeye, Dana I believe likes girls better then the boys,she seems to treat Daniela a lot better then she did her son Donny ,she even refused to give Daniela to Dolly,Good girl Dana,,see this proves the mothers can refuse to hand the baby over if they want😀 thanks for sharing your video 😊👍

  8. Good job Dana! Way to not let that Bully Dolly take your baby! And Popeye needs to stay out of it! She has no room as she let SP eat till he was WAY too big with barely any discipline!

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  10. Dolly need to go sex& have her another baby. She lost her baby& pick on Daniela all the time. Her& her daughter Deedee.

  11. Dana did good here. She’s usually pretty pathetic but she actually kinda helped her baby not get taken. Up against Dolly or DeeDee many moms would gladly throw their babies at them (Tima) to make themselves either look good or not be victimized themselves.

  12. Dolly God saw fit to take your baby Away from you BECAUSE your an EVIL ,VINDICTIVE 2nd rate alpha with a [email protected]#ked up hitch daughter who's probably not gonna live a long life because all these baby's she gets will remember her and when your old Dolly you will be miserable and I hope the circle of hurt you've caused you and your bitch daughter Dee Dee ,will come back to you 10 xs,I love monkeys BUT these two are an exception to the rule ,👊👊👊👊

  13. If every video breaks your heart or brings you to tears why do you continue to do it how fake and phony is that bullshit

  14. Nothing happen of any significance , so millions will not break heart. The only thing that is broken is the integrity of the VO'S.

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