GOHAN | DISCIDE Is Trying to Fertilize Street Culture in Yuanling St. @ Shenzhen

It’s just because that we want a physical store It is simple and pure Yes, we need a physical store To place our favorite stuff in and show The core is to bring the spirit of shopping in physical store back to this street As you see now, some other stores landed in this street too We are more than happy to see that Because (Shanghai) Changle Rd. can only be Shanghai Changle Rd. But Shenzhen Yuanling 4th St. is our Yuanling 4th St. We are absorbing some new shit But we still want to find something traditional back That’s the reason we picked here as the location for our store These constructions can vividly represent Shenzhen Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong have their cultural and historical heritage But Shenzhen has got only 30 years How can we capture this kind of spots in Shenzhen So these places got the vibe that fits our ideal site the best With such a store, we gain all kinds of possibilities We don’t know what achievement we are gonna make But we will definitely get somewhere starting from this store We wanna use this store as a laboratory for our ideas It could cover select business, our original brands or even commercial events We think a store should server as a base or a platform Since we are close to Hongkong, so we want find something not easy to be found in Hongkong Vintage wear, which we proud of We go Japan and Thailand to mine some really swag vintage cloth We actually have some special brands to focus on, like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Fila and so on Mostly classical sport wear of 1990’s Vintage wear will be those with good quality, nice maintenance and non-wear ones among them Some might have flaw, but its design was ceased Or even the brand is closed These products get stored and kept, then get sold and bought, even collected This becomes the market of Vintage wear Shenzhen does show its strength This city digests all stuff it benefit from Before, we may be kinda more bored than the kids now When we go on the street and meet people doing graffiti We can easily go painting and dancing Our life were simple and pure Then after keeping doing one thing for several years, we achieved something in return But now when you talk about Graffiti, it might be in the context that someone met or even dated a shawty by doing Graffiti To be honest, it is your perseverance that maters Thing will definitely turn out to be swag if you really paying attention and time To persist, it is cliche, but it’s true, to persist!

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