33 Replies to “Going Back to 16 and Pregnant | 100 Things About Teen Mom | MTV”

  1. Farrah is verrrry self consuming. Should have taken her out of this. If she comes back I won’t be watching.

  2. Farrah is such a bitch. Really hope she doesn’t come back on the show. She never has ANYTHING NICE TO SAY ABOUR ANYONE!!!! Farrah your a miserable cunt

  3. Farrah is annoying who makes there crew use a porta potty if it was me I let them use my bathroom

  4. “Sophia’s most like me when she’s being a little boss baby !” Oh .. you mean when she’s being a bratty bitch ?

  5. imagine being filled with such insecurity and hatred for others like farrah is. she’s jealous of these genuine women and their authentic lives and knows she can’t compete. that’s why she has them all blocked. and that’s why she’s no longer apart of the cast.

  6. Farrah is always showing off and moaning at people when shes on camera… Man if i was her mum is smack that bitch up for the way she speaks… So disrespectful and she always thinks she's right… She's so frustrating, she thinks everyone else is the problem when really it's her. I love the rest tho they're all great

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