GOODBYE BABY E – Miscarriage

to open your eyes now okay I'm five days late for my period so I'm taking another test yet again the first one said negative so I don't think I'm I'm pregnant and saying that really quiet I got it confirmed from someone so I hurried home like two hours I gotta get this video done to pretend I'm filming oh I'm like this is a backpack doll from dolls kill basically what this is is when you're an adult and you never grow up you can still be a child and it can look fashionable for you what kind of beauty sponges from morphe what oh I think I know what she's doing that's right they would notice my back get a new way I knew it I literally found out like 15 minutes after you left I found one randomly in a drawer and I was like I'm gonna take it before she gave me this I started to get teary-eyed I don't know if you noticed I was like oh my gosh she's pregnant she's gonna tell me are you ready to be an uncle knob display you're gonna be a grandpa give me a grant did a baby nag hey can you can you read what it says we did it it's a it's a Bible verse can I read it to you okay so we've been processing this and it says grandchildren are crowning the glory of the aged parents are the pride of their children guess what you're gonna be a grandma but we have to have a new name for you like great hunky Eric said I know you're supposed to be a second cousin but I want to call you uncle Johnny why do you think y'all ding ding ding we're having a baby not much [Applause] he almost got it up good but I'm gonna need to hire you for keyboard lessons for someone that's little we need your help Capri's is pregnant we don't know what to do I said I wanted to give Dean some parenting advice and she since we had some experience in that area we have a whole like three days experience okay what is he doing right now great it Oh No whose ring do you think it is yours I'm pregnant I'm gonna be a dad right here I wanted to call cuz I would have called Chris and so yeah we're trying to figure out who to call and I was like man I would have called Chris so I got a call Shawn and let her know cuz he would have been my go-to to call you

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  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby. I know exactly the pain you're feeling, as I lost my baby to miscarriage back in March at 9 1/2 weeks. Our babies are together, looking over us everyday and we will see them again. Sending love to you and your family during this difficult time ❤

  2. I am so sorry. I feel your pain. if you ever need someone to talk to…I still believe your little ones soul will return to you when its right. theres no words to comfort you at this time and I am so very sorry you have to go through this.

  3. Oh Love I'm so incredibly sorry! I can only imagine how you feel because I'm pregnant too and I would be devastated losing my baby. I will be praying for you and your husband for healing and that you may someday be able to have another child that you will be able to carry full term and have a beautiful life with them. 🙏❤

  4. Oh honey, I’m so sorry!! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve got on! Stay strong my love! ❤️ I know this is such a hard time, if you need anything or to talk I’m always here.

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