Grandma Louisa's Badass Childbirth Story

you had told me what I think is just a crazy story about having your fifth child mm-hmm well um my last daughter I was actually pregnant and working up to the last minutes I think it was a hoss the last minute but I knew prefer see that I was gonna go into labor after having focus you know I had to get to work at four in the morning we will get in the airport you know painting all those signs in the runway to me yeah yeah that's what we were doing so we had to do that before the flights coming at six thirty and I got to wood feeling rather stiff I said to my girlfriend who lives up here now I said I'm i think i'm about to have this baby today and she said you sure you want to do that here I said not I want to do it to you but i know i'm i'm gonna have this baby today that's just three it better go home i said now gonna would i'm gonna work and i actually started to have little contractions like maybe and a half away or half an hour and 21 like that's for a while and you kept painting yeah I kept painting mm-hmm so I will tell probably six in the morning but you have to sit there till around nine of course you know you have to do your hours and I went home I got home you didn't go to the hospital no I didn't go to hospital because I know if I go to know so that I have to steal the idea and wait so I got home a bit do you remember what you made for them that day I made what he called macaroni pie stew chicken and we had pigeon peas was in CS at a time because it's January month I cooked that and I cooked enough to last them for maybe a 23 days you know why why'd those stitches I mean it was it was a bit easy to make and it's what kids like at a time and have limes and they also have lemonade whatever it is they made it themselves you know and I was going for two days but they were well fed they were taking care of even if my kids they don't have much clothes or the winter isn't a huge house but they were always clean on welfare

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  1. That story is very powerful, and it reminds me why our Hebrew Israelites( called african americans by the world) mothers and grandmothers/ancestors were able to do the same thing while being in slavery; work in the fields or inside of the slave house plantations, go into labor, give birth, strap their baby on their back and continue working afterwards….its in our DNA. Shalom Granny!!!

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