Grandmother Gives Birth to Granddaughter Through Surrogacy at The Medical Center of Plano

(lullaby music) – It started in February
just over three years ago. We had decided we wanted to have a child and we tried for a while naturally and it just wasn’t working. – The pregnancies were
successful at the beginning but she just miscarried three times. – Then we went to in vitro. It took and again, miscarried that time. They couldn’t find anything behind what was causing my miscarriages. – I didn’t wanna see that heartbreak in the two of them again. – She knew how bad I wanted to be a mom. – He’d asked if we considered a surrogate and I raised my hand
and said, “I’ll do it.” – Tracey was very thoroughly worked up and tested from a laboratory standpoint and also from a cardiac
standpoint and a GI standpoint. – So I just wanted to make
sure they made every effort before we said yes to
this to make sure that she could remain healthy
throughout a pregnancy. – This particular hospital,
Medical Center of Plano offers a very high
level of sophistication. Supporting units, if you will, which are again, not frequently needed, but when needed, are the
difference between life and death. – I had God on my side
and I had a lot of prayers and I knew that God would take care of it and He did, our miracle appeared. – [Doctor] Look at that face. – [Nurse] Such a good job, Tracey. – Couldn’t be better,
everyone’s fantastic. The baby is doing perfect and
bonding well with the parents and Tracey looks like
almost she didn’t even have a procedure of any kind yesterday. – There are no words to
explain how amazing it is to see this baby that you’ve
waited for for so long and to know that she’s
yours and she’s there and I can touch her and
hold her and love her. – From the beginning, Dr. Leveno
and his staff were amazing. When we came to this hospital,
the hospital became family. The people here became family. – There could not have
been a better experience with a hospital than the
one we got here, ever. – I feel amazing that I was able to help my daughter have her child. – She gave me life and now
she’s given my daughter life. There’s nothing to describe
that feeling inside. It’s beyond words. (lullaby music)

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