30 Replies to “Grey's anatomy 7×02 "Merder 3 "- Meredith counts derek of the miscarriage”

  1. I find this completely ironic considering he was basically killed in a car anyway😥 even though he technically wasn’t if that makes sense.

  2. This scene needed to be more emotional… I know Derek can be really emotional but i guess the director thought that he needed to act that way, i dont know… its all about the way the director wants it to be. I would love that the writer the script could havve said something, make them redo the scene

  3. It's sad that throughout the show Meredith is frightened of him dying but in the end he just dies. But it's also inspiring how she did not go the dark path unlike Amelia Meredith kept moving…she did it for her children and her newborn. Man!! Imagine ur self as Meredith…ur husband just died and u find out your pregnant that made me cry. OMG when Amelia breaks down crying!! I was literally crying with her.😭😭💔

  4. I love how and i bet it's fustrating also how… whenever Mer is freaking out Derek is like SUPER duper extra calm 🙂

  5. I just love how mer holds her tear, it wets her eyes and you're just bound waiting for it to drop!

  6. i wasnt expecting derek to react like that i thought it would be a littlr more like ""OH MY GOD" if you get what i mean.

  7. Derek was sweet….what else he could have done…? of course, not become a cry baby or even get mad at her…or just anything….it was perfect reaction ! I love this scene….Classic MerDer…:))) Aww..I so love MerDer….:)))

  8. @allforfunnymiley
    Patrick Dempsey has dislexia. FYI. so he might not be the best at it. But he tries.

  9. It's weird how, in this scene its like Mer is the derek from season 2/3 and Derek is the irresponcible Mer from season 2/3. Just an observation.

    I didn't like his reaction though, he didn't seem exactly heart broken by it, i mean seriously?! Bit dissapointed tbh. 🙂

  10. @allforfunnymiley I agree!!!! I had waited for this scene ALL summer and I was expecting this big adorable mcdreamy /mer moment and I was soo disappointed when this was all we got

  11. i'm probably gonna get a lot of thumbs down for this but i think this scene is so disappointing. it's way too short and patrick dempsey is the worst actor on the planet, seriously. he barely shows any emotion and he mumbles all the time, so i can always hardly understand him

  12. adorable, but I expected a bit more of a reaction out of derek, after all that pat, ellen and shonda were saying. Still, no complaints. XD Just surprise. <333

    <3 love them.

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