Groups file lawsuit over Georgia 'heartbeat' abortion law

on this Friday we began with this we knew this step was coming in the Battle of the new heartbeat law and today abortion rights groups have sued the governor and others in federal court to keep the law from taking effect in January the law bans most abortions at about six weeks when a fetal heartbeat is detected before many women know they are pregnant now both sides are really digging in on the case that could go all the way to the US Supreme Court John sherek is on the story this is the beginning of the legal battle that both sides in Georgia's revived abortion debate have said they've wanted taking the battle to the federal courts asking the courts to settle it abortion rights activists filing a lawsuit in Atlanta federal court asking the judges to overturn Georgia's new heart beat abortion law that beginning in January will ban most abortions in Georgia despite the US Supreme Court's landmark 1973 ruling roe v wade sean young of aclu georgia believes the law will never take effect this law is blatantly unconstitutional under 50 years of Supreme Court precedent in every federal court to have heard a challenge to such a ban has struck it down Young says he will soon file a motion to delay the new law from taking effect in January while the two sides seek a ruling on the lawsuit which could be years away governor Kemp not commenting on the lawsuit referring us to Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr who says quote it is our constitutional duty to defend the laws of the state and our office will defend this law a law the plaintiffs consider indefensible legally medically and morally Georgia just one of at least nine states so far this year aiming to restrict or ban abortions hoping the conservative majority on the US Supreme Court will overturn abortion rights Kwajalein jackson of the feminist women's health center in DeKalb County one of the plaintiffs we will not accept any law that dehumanizes us in an attempt to assign humanity to cells that are growing inside of us not cells in the womb governor Kemp said in effect when he signed the bill into law in May but a human life and the new law declares a fetus with a heartbeat to be a person inside the woman a declaration that all life has value that all life matters and that all life is worthy of protection Monica Simpson who is with the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit sistersong believes most people want any decision about abortion to remain with each woman and her physician we do not want to return to a day where the state has control of our bodies the battle is on in the courts and entire

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