1. My mom used this horse shampoo religiously and I was like le me try it and it does work lol. I feel like it's in every Mexican household I sware my tias have it me my sister's exc.

  2. I need help lol. Who knows what hair dye does she use ? Would really appreciate if y’all could reply.

  3. I use to do highlights every 4weeks for years not anymore the highligh dye breaks your hair leaves it very dry don't do it anymore it's been 3yrs I haven't now my hair is long & black I love it

    Your Evette is beautiful enjoy it I agree with you don't dye it just leave your black hair you look so beautiful with it 💗

  4. Thank you for sharing your hair products Mane Tan Shampoo I used since in my 20s and for my Dtr s hair I love it washing my hair I do wash it every 3rd day

    Prenatal pills didn't know you can still take them even not pregnant 👌💗😊

  5. I just bought the mane n' tail today. I also bought the conditioner just to try it out. Thanks for the tips(: I didn't have a baby but I've been losing my hair too. I'm pretty sure it's from stress 🙁

  6. For the Pravana hair dye, do you use a developer as well? I want to dye my hair black but I’m not sure if I have to get a developer 😩

  7. I also have always had my hair long and black and I always get compliments as well. And just as u said its those that have short hair or blonde hair or extensions. No shade though.

  8. Just wat I’ve been waiting for cuz I love ur hair my hair use to be like urs but after I had my daughter my hair changed a lot🥰😍

  9. I recently cut my hair short below my shoulders and I’ve always had it long !! I miss my long hair already I will try the horse shampoo and continue taking the biotin vitamins as well !

  10. I’m going to need this video since I’m due March 27. Btw we use the same shampoo/ conditioner & I love them

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