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hi guys and welcome back to my channel on this beautiful day that we're having here in Cleveland so in this video I wanted to talk about how I increased my uterine lining from a six point six to a ten point six in just three days so let me give you a little back story before I get into how I did that so back in 2016 my husband and I went through IVF and we're able to conceive our daughter who is now two we have recently started trying for baby number two we've gone through two failed frozen embryo transfers and we are in our third transfer so for this third transfer when I went in for my first lining it came back as a six point six and a single-layer lining which usually for IVF they look for at least an eight and they want to see it try laminar so mine was considered thin and my extra doll levels came back at 128 which is also pretty low so the first thing they did was changed my protocol a little bit so my original protocol was that I was taking to ash trays in the morning and to ash trays at night and then they added in half of an S tres tablet vaginally at bedtime so that was the change to my protocol and I was to do the vaginal ash trays until transfer so that was that and I guess I should mention too that they were they were giving me four days and then they were gonna do another ultrasound to see if my lining had increased at all and if it had not increased than they were going to cancel that cycle so within these four days this is what I did I started drinking the bone broth I drink at least one cup of that a day and I think the first day I even may have drank two or three cups of it you can buy I try to buy the organic kind if you can't like make it yourself I would recommend trying to buy like an unnatural organic kind so that's what I did I started taking baby aspirin so baby aspirin is known to decrease inflammation it also helps thin out your blood to create a thicker uterine lining and it also helps to keep cysts and whatnot out of your uterine lining as well another thing I did was elevate my heart rate so you want to make sure that you're getting up and you're walking around and you're elevating your heart rate you don't want to do any strenuous exercises where you're like sweating and out of breath but you do want to make sure that you're elevating your heart rate so and another thing is you want to you actually want to try not to sweat because you don't want your body having to work towards creating more sweat you want it working towards building a thicker lining so you just want to keep that in mind like that's what I always keep in mind that you want to focus all of your body's energy at creating a baby so you know yes I started drinking a ton of water like just shrugging it drinking gallons of water a day probably not gallons I'm probably exaggerating a little bit but I literally I drank more water than I was drinking I increased it a lot water is extremely important when you're going through the IVF process I started wearing socks to bed which I don't know if this has any truth to it or not but they say that keeping your feet warm helps the blood flow circulate in your body better because then your body is not trying to like warm your feet warm your hands so I wore socks to bed I went to bed earlier so I made it a point to make sure that I was in bed and sleeping by 10:30 at the very latest and then I ate healthier so I was trying to take a different approach this round of IVF and not be so crazy with everything that I eat and everything and just be more relaxed and clearly backfired on me so I resorted back to what I normally do and I ate healthier I cut out dairy and red meats and I just tried to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and foods that would digest in my body easier so that again my body was focusing on creating a good living space for my little embryos instead of trying to burn off food and whatnot and that's about all I did that I can really think of I think obviously those things helped I was able to increase my uterine lining by four within just three days so I feel like that was really good given the circumstance that it took me 14 days to get to a six point six and then in just four days I was able to get to a ten point six and have the tri laminar laying layer the tri laminar I don't know the correct wording on that but it was the tri-lamb inner lining there we go and then I just did want to mention as well so at my second blood draw they my estradiol levels were at 1120 when I got pregnant with my daughter they were at 1802 so they were definitely much closer and then when I got pregnant with my daughter my lining was at a 16.4 so then after this I obviously didn't transfer for another week and I'm currently in my two-week wait actually but yeah so I'm hoping that my lining continued to thicken I continued doing all of those things as well as the vaginal ashtrays and so when I went in for my transfer they said that my lining looked amazing so fingers crossed third time's a charm we transferred two embryos this time it was our first time transferring two so now I'm just hoping and praying that one of these little babies if not both stick with us and I'm just taking it easy and relaxing so yeah if anybody has gone through a similar situation I wanted to just film this video in hopes that maybe I could help you out and yeah that's all I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up make sure that you are subscribed to my channel so you don't miss if we have a pregnancy announcement and I hope to see you guys in my next one bye

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