GT350 Building The Ultimate FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT350/TR

look at this guy looking groovy good get those blue shoes digging it alright folks welcome to Shelby exotics I'm Ryan I'm your host today and I'm hoping that you can hear me all right so this is the mark 2 edition of the shelby exotics slash 5.2 motorsports basically evolution of the shelby gt350 TR mark ii was put in place to basically be the next gen version of the GT 350 TR taking everything that we learned from mark 1 and applying that to mark 2 and also basically a test mule for future additions and add-ons you can tell by the stickers this thing's got some different stuff on it every sticker has a purpose and it is actually component parts that are in the car looking here we've got the forgeline wheels now this car is run in the st2 and tt-to class of NASA and a sa which is the National Auto Sports Car Racing Association I believe don't quote me on that it's something of that that nature 5.2 motorsports logo there now tt-to and st to require there's a lot of details like the height of the numbers where each thing is labeled when I say thing you know which class where the tow hooks are where the safety switches and so on now this thing has some of the same components as Mark one but it also has quite a few new components this one here is running the motek package with the aim display which is up here and we're gonna go into this very in-depth detail with mr. Corey who actually owns this particular unit made by 5.2 motorsports this car has a red roll cage in it it has the core motorsports dive planes on it canards just like Marquand capaldi splitter with the carbon fiber remand basically it's a it's a carbon fiber version of the gt350r splitter in the motor compartment there we're going to go through this and find detail with Cori as to why he did the certain add-ons and I want him to speak for himself when he does that he's put a ton of time and energy into getting this car where it's at and each each individual item has a purpose and a function and we're gonna go through that again in fine detail with Cori and this guy is all about the details which is great because basically he's done most of the research on both of the cars and the major components of it you can see how attention to detail it is all custom-made custom vents here here and here and then painted and installed by five-point-two Motorsports so we got the cool ford performance blacked-out logo for the top which is hyper cool really like that Forge lines over here you'll notice these are black which have the red barrels and the black outside racing brake racing brakes which is a custom setup that was engineered specifically for us and for the GT 350 platform racing brake has been well known for Corvette and Porsche aftermarket upgrade brakes they use a steel rotor setup and a patented veining inside the rotor to extract air which any of you know if you extract air it's gonna cool faster and then there's some trick composites so got pretty heavy heavy rubber underneath it he's running the hoosier 315 3019 and those are the r7s which are the softer the two compounds from the a7 and the r7 from hoosier there's 315 3019 now if you want to run the bigger wheel setup like this or wider wheel because typically like I'm the gt350 they're 295 305 be in on the are there 305 315 s we're running 315 s all the way around which requires an offset spacer in the wheels we had that custom made you can buy that again for 5.2 motorsports just contact them on their Facebook page Cory here runs 100 octene you're going to the motor and find detail you also saw the shack reservoirs on the front of that and fine detail as well but this has the motion control suspension on it which are DSS v spool valve coil over suspension so they're 12 way I think adjustable when you get these things on the racetrack or even in person you can't see how well this matches and how good that looks to me it looks great even through the through the phone here I love the blue that the louder the better when you get on a racetrack and that's not just true for the sound but it's also true for just the overall appearance of the cars louder the better this was all custom graphics if you want these graphics you can buy those through 5.2 motorsports and that's the gt350 TR motion controls that's one of the primary sponsors does machine automation and machine controls and automation controls they built a robot for me and absolutely fantastic job the adjustment for the rear spool valves are in the trunk the others are are right up there on the chassis those are the yellow light shades which you can also buy from 5.2 motorsports just seller contact through the facebook page and we will get you set up with the right stuff 5.2 also does complete custom builds so if you find yourself a donor card donor GT and you want to do something like this give us a call to get you quote we've done this enough now to be able to do that be able to give you a good target price traction control and all this trick stuff we'll go over with Cory and detail I don't want to steal any thunder but I wanted to get you guys at least introduced to the car and show you what it's all about but it is bad motor finger and now I've got some dubbing here of the of the car on the track so you can get an idea what it sounds like he blew his motor last year but really yeah well I was driving I'm a little bit hard on there he is it's glorious stainless works headers with the Swain Tech ceramic coating he's running hundred octene I'm running ninety-eight just absolutely wonderful let me straight my hat so this is mark 2 and we will go over this in fine detail when mr. Corey has some time to do that here in the next few days so these videos are gonna be coming out they may already be done they might already be edited so stay tuned we're gonna be heading out to Gratton Raceway tomorrow do a little shakedown test on this cat be able to make sure it's all good I've got some additional equipment that was installed on here thanks for joining us we do appreciate your time here at Shelby exotics and we will be tough why am I being so quiet so we will end this in dramatic fashion thank you for joining us here on Shelby exotics we love you have a good day

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  1. Ryan,
    I need an industrial table saw with a fence with a minimum blade side of 12 inches. Budget is ballpark $4000. 480v 3 phase power is available
    Do you have any recommendations?

  2. Facebook? Ahh no … but while watching this video my credit card spontaneously combusted for some odd reason. 🤑🤑😄

  3. Well built car. Any details on what he did for a motor build as well? The a7 is the softer of the two compounds when compared to the r7. I used the a7s for time trialing because they come up to temp quickly.

  4. The stock GT350 is the most amazing thing I've ever felt (going around the track with an instructor). I can't even imagine your modded version! "He blew his engine. I was driving." XD

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