Guess Who's Preggers | Shay Mitchell

when you're in the public eye there are some things you want to just keep a secret until you feel ready this for me has been the hardest this is gonna be really fun and awesome when I'm not trying to hide it anymore what do you think I should name this I didn't want to come out on social media so early on I was gonna say you're doing a really good job of covering it I'm gonna be so happy when this comes out I could be pregnant I can be like not suck my stomach in this doesn't look pregnant this looks like I let myself go for a long time Wow months of hiding it's been a really lonely journey I think pregnancy is awesome for the most part but it's also really lonely this was so important to me because this is what I did all the time before a photo shoot feeling great they like really enhance your self-confidence and I'm like I haven't done that in so long I've been hiding it give me a six pack right now William now it's about us and I would never want it to be like I'm not confident of us I'm extremely confident now because I have my baby growing up I think those look so good babe it didn't feel right to just put up a photo and he like I'm pregnant and have people just think that everything has been peaches or rainbows this is real life that I want people to come along with me on this journey in real time now I can do this

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  1. ITS NOT EVEN MY BABY, BUT IM SO EXCITED! Shay is literally so beautiful especially with the baby. That baby is gonna be so cuteeee.

  2. Yaaaaay! Congrats! I'm happy you decided to do what you wanted to do. You are beautiful and wonderful! Such a strong mama!

  3. Why would you even keep it.?
    O.M.G. for trying to close that already TIGHT Pants. 👏😑👏😑 U should be a "Mother of the Year" or something. 👏😑👏😑

  4. I'm so surprised and happy! This was not expected at all. Shay we are so happy for you and we can't wait for this baby to be born. We understand this must be a dream come true after the last unfortunate events and we support you all the way no matter the outcome.

  5. Get over yourself. Please my wife blows you away and she has three kids and we aren't anything but every day common folk. You are a joke.

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