Guided Meditation for Pain Relieving Breathing During Pregnancy + Childbirth

it's now time to relax allowing your eyes to close when you're ready tuning into how comfortable it is to just allow your eyelids to gently me and surrender to the sky and ease to just feel yourself sinking down down down into the surface below envisioning the pendulum of an old grandfather sway back and forth that and lulling you down into a comfortable stay quiet surrender just really see relax filling your lungs with oxygen giving them room to expand filling your belly your uterus you were baby with AB oxygen with each and every breath counting down now to a wonderful space deep within your subconscious mind ten relaxing releasing three your full breath nine sinking deeper and deeper tuning into your best self ate awakening the voice unheard intuition set softly gently nurturing or Bonnie with deeper and deeper breaths six tuning in to your inner sense of it power whatever that looks like for you five sinking down deeper within your son for beginning to notice the power of your breath how it removes any negativity from your body and my replacing it with light and love and space three tuning into your knowingness that through deep intentional breath work you can achieve your optimum burn whatever that needs to look like for you two deeply within or subconscious mind and one you are now at the corner of your subconscious level open now to lasting shame in a space where you can fully absorb the gifts of your breath and set the intention that your breath will come easily effortlessly during your birth being one of the biggest advocates for your optimum Brown in this space you're filled with a knowingness that your breath is the surest path to serenity focused breathing will fill you and baby with the energy of life it will support your uterus in its birthing efforts and it will allow you to float into an intentional state of call allow that to happen now allow your deep breaths to float you into an intentional state of calm and through this work a desire is instilled in you to make purposeful breathing a constant in your mind and you develop a deeper connection to the spiritual nature of your breath work as well in this space you're reminded that while breathing as an involuntary act of your body your mind can choose to place intention into the app creating a powerful mind-body bridge fortify that bridge now by allowing your mind to send your body the signal to take a deep breath and relax and notice how your body responds taking a few quiet moments to practice the snow having your mind send the body different breathing commands and noticing how your body responds there you go we're going to move deeper into your breath work now first we're going to practice very gentle rhythmic breathing that you will use in your day-to-day life whenever you're faced with a stressor you will use this breath in between surgeons during your baby's birth and the more you practice this breath you'll notice that it becomes a constant in your life then this is the breath that you're always using and it doesn't even have to be intentional after a while you're just always engaging in these deep rhythmic breaths we'll begin now practicing a few of these breathing in slowly to a count of eight inhaling one two three four five six seven eight holding for a moment and exhaling slowly eight seven six five allowing all the breath to weed your lungs I'm gonna get inhaling through your nose one two three four five six seven eight out through your nose eight seven six five four three cycling through this breath work allowing it to become easier and easier more and more organic each and every time you cycle through it once more inhaling through your nose one two three four five six seven eight paws out through your nose eight seven six five four three two practicing a few rounds on your own getting more and more comfortable with this now moving in to the breathing that you will use during surgeons your baby's birth as a surge begins I want you to pretend that there is a deflating balloon in your belly and I want you to take in a slow inhalation allowing your belly to expand out out out out out and count very fast and get your number to as high as you can so ready inhaling into your belly allowing it to expand out one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirty and when your belly reaches capacity exhaling slowly to the same count one two three four five six and it's more about the intention of the breath versus the numbers so all you wanna do is envision fully fully fully fully fully expanding your belly out out out giving your uterus plenty of space plenty of space during each search and when your belly when it reaches capacity you slowly let the air out deflating that balloon and then immediately going back into this bra and you'll likely do many cycles of this breath during each sir just continue put all of your focus on this breath during your search allowing it to wash away discomfort allowing it to wash away constriction allowing it to wash away tension giving your belly your baby your uterus plenty of oxygen minimizing your chances of special circumstances of the need for intervention expand and expanding expanding slowly deflating and then immediately expand and expand and expand taking a few quiet moments now to practice this breathing that you will use during surgeons again fully inflating your belly out out out out out exhaling to the same town and flowing right back into it take it a few quiet moments now to practice very good and now we'll practice the breathing that you can use in conjunction with pushing or abrasive motion so I want you to take in a strong quick inhalation through your nose and then push that air down the back of your throat down through your baby and envision it I mean out your vagina and just envision that power the force of the air going down and down and out working with your bodies of natural explosive reflexes giving your baby that extra nun and oxygen that he or she needs to come down and down and out and I want you to repeat those words in your mind as you do this breath down and out down and practice with me a few times strong inhalation and now push it down strong inhalation strong inhalation down and out down and out down enough and you might feel your body pushing and bearing down at the same time and that's okay just work with it just breathe into it allowing your body the gift of oxygen as it moves through this very powerful phase of Labor knowing that you can you will do this you can and you will do this you can you will birth your baby and your breath will support you throughout the entire loss very God setting the intention now that you will practice this breathing on a daily basis and by the time you move into labor your body will organically know what type of breath to use at the appropriate time it will be easy it will be poor again and now if you would like to slip it to a restful sleep maybe take a nap or sleep for the night ignore the following messages it's now time to come back up into your current surroundings I'm going to count you up from 1 to 5 at 5:00 you'll be mentally alert and physically energized 1 taking an in deep invigorating breath 2 beginning to wiggle your fingers and your toes 3 feeling wonderful in every way four allow a big smile spread across your face and five when you're ready eyes open wide awake 1 2 3 4 5 eyes open wide awake you

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