42 Replies to “Guys Experience Periods For The First Time”

  1. They're dealing with a comedic experiment….we have to deal with cramps, bloating, headaches, back aches, leg pain, stomach pain, vomiting, depression, hormone fluctuation, diarrhea, heavy clots…real life!

  2. Is it just me or u know in the woman’s bathroom the pad and tampon dispensers I think they should be free because what if you don’t have a pound(or dollar) on you what are you gonna do just have to deal with it no you should be able to get it for free but I only dispenses 1 of each every 30seconds so someone can’t just take them all

  3. I was in so much pain
    Imagine you have really bad cramps
    You can't sit
    You can't lay down
    You can't stand
    All you can do is walk around in a circle
    Now if that isn't painful enough
    Now imagine on top of that you have a fever and need to throw up
    Now the cherry on top of the cake
    You are at School and have no painkillers no nothing
    That is what i fehlt yesterday

  4. It’s not just BLEEDING it’s the cramps that stress out most girls. They’re lucky they didn’t have to go through the pain oof

  5. Mine last a day and a half to one day, no cramps, no heavy flow just loss of appetite. Ah. Sports is lyf😂

  6. Hey bleeders, I suggest buying a mensural cup , i got mine for less then 10 bucks and it stays inside for 12 hrs no problem! Take it out, wash it store it, and use it over and over again for up to 10 years!!!!!

    Tampon applicators are actually the most common found form of plastic at beaches.. the benefits are OBVIOUS. Plus not stuffing a dry cotton tube up my kitty is a good enough reason 🙂

  7. I was on the way to the airport in a rental car and I had cramps and I bled through my pad and shorts onto the seat, ughhhh it was so baddd

  8. When he asked his girlfriend if she get blood on there thighs and she said yes. His face is priceless 👏

  9. I remember when I was younger I was one of the only girls who had periods and I didn't bring a pad so I asked almost every girl in my class (it was so embarrassing because no one had periods ) and finally one person had thx person

  10. “ My goal for the day is to have the same pair of pants for the whole day.” Same. Same

  11. Their all stressed about the blood and they didnt even get all the emotions and crap that we get too… 😂

  12. The girls at my school are dirty and do not know how to clean up after the done putting on a pad you'll see blood all over the dang toilet this stall like girl seriously and you see toilet paper with blood on them heck it's even on the wall

  13. Damn they were complaining while only experiencing half of it
    what about cramps
    hot flashes

    also lmao it's allergy season so u kno what that means

  14. Loving how he included trans guys 👌👌👌
    Knowing you're a guy and getting your period is 10x worse than the actual period 😣

  15. I hate the grade 8 girls (I’m in 7th grade) but I still HAVE to give them a tampon or pad because it’s a must as a girl.

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