GYM or HOME HIIT – 30 Day HIIT Challenge – 16 Weeks Pregnant

hey get up nation tribe its Narnia this is one of my 20-minute hits from our 30-day hit program I'm gonna put the link for that below but we are going to do four moves 60 seconds per move we're going to start with a step up I'm stepping up and alternating which leg comes up first and then I'll do that for about thirty seconds and I'll switch to the other side this way I even it out on both sides then we are going to go to a high pole I'm using the barbell this barbell is about 65 pounds I think and trust me it is a lot of work the barbell got too heavy I had to switch to dumbbells so if you're at home you can definitely do this one at home alright then we're going to go to squats with the trap bar you can use dumbbells of your home again but if you are at the gym let's lift heavy put some weight on it you want to make sure it's moderate not too heavy because we're going for 60 seconds down and up and you want to keep the momentum going all right and then our last move we're going to do feet elevated decline push-ups all right and make sure when you're doing this you're keeping your core tight and you're bending the elbows you know you're making sure you're not sagging in the middle a lot of times when I get tired especially doing the decline I find myself sagging so you want to just correct your posture as you do that and that's the workout hey guys I'm before you go don't forget to subscribe to this channel give this video a thumbs up follow me on Instagram if you're not doing so or on my facebook see you next time

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