H1N1 Vaccine Miscarriage Update

well we're heading into flu shot season again so I thought I'd give you an update regarding flu shot and miscarriage risk last year I did a report on the Canadian vaccine era panorex for h1n1 flu with the proprietary adjuvant a so3 and the fact that it had been shown in animal studies to cause post implantation loss which is miscarriage still it was recommended for all pregnant women in Canada in the u.s. the recommendation to give it to all pregnant women was based on a 50/50 six women who were pregnant and died in a study by dr. alicia Sisseton based on those 56 women whose deaths were somehow associated with h1n1 it was recommended for all pregnant women to get the vaccine however what they didn't tell you was that it was not confirmed that they were associated or caused by h1n1 it was just suspected and you got to wonder why didn't they confirm it because they could have with a test but it was based on those 56 women that the vaccine was recommended for all pregnant women and about a million pregnant women got the vaccine now the National Coalition of organized women has done statistical analysis on the data regarding vaccine related adverse events specifically miscarriage following h1n1 vaccine what they found was that the reports of miscarriage were five times higher than usual last year with h1n1 vaccine and looking at all their data they concluded that it was about eighty five times safer to not get the vaccine than to get the vaccine by the way flu vaccines have never actually been shown to reduce your chance of hospitalization or death they've not been proven to be helpful for anyone certainly not pregnant women I'm saying that it's based on the findings in the British Medical Journal and from the by the Cochrane review that publication prominent publication in prestigious journals was associated with industry funding and that the the data didn't show concordance with the conclusion so really I'm not gonna go into all that but the flu shot has never been proven to save anyone's life and actually now it's been shown to cause um what they call fetal demise so miscarriage and stillbirth now on a progressive convergence com you can see a list of a lot of the cases of reported miscarriage following the h1n1 vaccine what you'll notice is that nearly all of them occurred within one to four days of receiving the vaccine they were in all stages of pregnancy from you know four and a half weeks to 39 weeks a lot of them in the second trimester and some of them it was not realized that the baby had died until about two or three weeks after but when they found that the the baby was his hot their heart the baby's heart was no longer beating and the baby was stillborn or extracted they were able to then date the gestational age and they found that the baby died right around when the mother got the h1n1 shots as they backdated they found that baby died like 1 to 4 days after the mother got the shot you know couple of times it was a little later but it's right around that time one particularly damning case was Keith's number 30 the one was pregnant with twins a boy and a girl she got the shot the boy died right away the girl actually went into fetal distress right away but did survive she was born it's really damaged an autistic the mother had her baby teeth analyzed they were found to contain high levels of mercury there was mercury shots that actually exceeded the established as so called needle safe level by hundreds to hundreds of thousands of times depending on the gestational age usually when there's a miscarriage there's a cause for it most of the time as chromosomal abnormality could be an infection of the mother God as well or chronic disease that she had in the second trimester it's may be a cord accident or an incompetent cervix but there's usually a cause that can be determined but in these cases there was no cause that was found dates some of them they analyze them for chromosomal abnormalities it was none nobody could say why the baby died the heart just stopped beating and nobody could say why but they would not admit that it could have been the vaccine you know people say well you may hear this you know seventy percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage it's not pregnancies it's conceptions and and so the vast majority of these conceptions are lost you know before the woman even knows she's pregnant from the time you know you're pregnant or the time you mister period it's like 15 percent roughly could be twenty percent that that end a miscarriage but from the time that you're the heartbeat is detected on the ultrasound it's it's actually three to four percent that are lost after that unless you're over thirty-six is ten percent over forty twenty percent so the risk from the time of the heartbeat being detected is actually very low and from sixteen weeks on it's like 1 percent so that since second trimester and on so what is the chance that your you know help the normal pregnancy normal baby and suddenly the heart stops and it was just when you got the h1n1 shot and this is like in the second or third trimester and no cause can be established and this is written off as a coincidence you got to ask yourself why did the CDC not disclose that the 56 deaths in the system study were unconcerned Dazz having been caused by h1n1 and why were they not confirmed and why did the CDC not warn health practitioners that the vaccine was associated with increased risk of miscarriage once the data started coming in it's like no matter what happens it's attributed to coincidence this is to protect the pharmaceutical industry and it's not just irresponsible it's criminal

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  1. not sure what your peer-reviewed scientific sources are.  i could link you to any number of studies which establish a strong reduction in seasonal influenza cases (regardless of particular strain) among those vaccinated against it.  more specifically, the immune system is compromised and reacts differently to external 'assaults' during pregnancy (a basic, irrefutable immunological principle) – which is precisely why anti-flu vacs are strongly advised for pregnant women, who are prioritized and categorised as 'high-risk' in developed nations during serum shortages.  here's one NEJM  (peer-reviewed, naturally) study from Norway that confirms the scientifically obvious: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1207210
    i have NEVER caught the flu, in over four decades on earth, during a season in which i was vaccinated. but i've suffered through it several times – severe cases in some instances – when i wasn't. that's beyond coincidence.  my most memorable bout occurred after i refused vaccination precisely because i was pregnant, worried, emotionally vulnerable,and listening to a lot of anti-vaxx chatter -all of which served to compromise my ability to make a rational decision.  ended up catching a severe case of confirmed influenza A in my second trimester, developing bacterial pneumonia within 48 hours, being hospitalised with a high fever that wouldn't break for days, and losing a baby who'd been perfectly healthy up until that point by all objective measures. that baby would have been my only daughter and heading off to uni this fall. her due date was aug. 15th, an excruciating day for me every year, i went on to give birth to 2 very healthy, full-term sons (got the flu shot during both of those pregnancies) who are my life, who have received all their vaccinations on time, and who are as bright, healthy and vibrant as any mother could hope for them to be.  but the emptiness of losing my only daughter has never fully gone away, and she'd almost surely be here if i'd simply followed my doctor's emphatic recommendations (in addition to those of the most accomplished immunologists / maternal-fetal medicine experts on the planet) instead of those belonging to laypeople with a deeply misguided agenda, however well-intentioned. i have only myself to blame.

  2. Wow, I just watched another vid:"Fetal Deaths up 4250% in Pregnant Women who take Flu Vaccine." That is FOUR THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT!!! over the normal rate. You think the higher ups in the CDC did not know this from the get go? Can you say population control?

  3. A woman should not take anything during pregnancy. She should not take an aspirin. She should not drink. She should not get anything.

  4. We've all been brainwashed. Yes. Brainwashed. To TRUST our medical professionals and be SUSPICIOUS of anything natural. If you really start paying attention to the Nightly News with a critical eye you will see it is designed to lure you in and ZAP you with assorted bullshit stirred up with local news reporting to make you think you are getting COMPLETE coverage. They ALWAYS put down vitamin supplements and NEVER say anything bad about the medical industry though there is much they could say

  5. Why did Finland's government forbid the use of H1N1 Vaccines last year? Because, according to your video, these negative facts were already known.

  6. @thetruthergirls That is, cleansing liver and blood before pregnancy may help (not during pregnancy, obviously).

  7. @elliecosman No, as far as I could find there was no connection with the vaccine and pre-ecclampsia, toxemia or HELLP. But I have found evidence pointing to nutritional factors (even though the official view is that it's not related). Multivitamins before pregnany were recently found to decrease the risk, especially for obese women. Also I have found evidence that it is linked to general toxicity related to blood and liver and that cleansing liver and blood may help (this is not medical advice)

  8. I was pregnant this year (my child was still born due to complications with HELLP Syndrome) but I refused to get the vaccine….REFUSED!

  9. INTERESTING Apoligy's by Senator Clinton this Wk to the People of Guatamala for the Mengele like testing on them From 1946 to 1948 with infecting 700 with Syphilis paid for by American tax dollars, through the National Institutes of Health by the Same Government Dr. behind the test in Tuskgee ?

  10. @missachickabee1 God bless you!! Your eyes and ears were open!! God bless your baby boy as well as your whole family too!!

  11. Wow! This is disturbing!
    People think because the Doctor says it's fine that it is, but you have to ask yourself where did your Dr get their info?
    The Doctors get their info from the pharmaceutical companies…the manufacturers!
    Who are the pharmaceutical companies? Obviously they are big business and make a hell of a lot of money from sickness and suffering, but who actually are they?

  12. @Orionx30 Chinese. Because yes indeed mercury will poison you and yes indeed they were smart enough NOT to let that happen before, despite there being mercury. NOW we have all new poisons and they (not my ancestors, same area) are far less smart (eating polluted shellfish, heavy industrial pollution). Oh well, crap happens.
    So yes, you're a door-knob. 101 science? I have a science DEGREE, asshole. It's computer science, like it or not.
    Thank you for being a complete fuck-tard moron.

  13. get none of those vaccines it's all BS ur immune system can get rid of flu and lot of other things Thats why u have 1

  14. @Orionx30 actually my ancestors were pretty smart so they did filter mercury and quite a few other things. People that didn't filter mercury or avoid sources of it did die horribly. This isn't pseudoscience, this is the hardest most accurate science there is, and if you don't think so, you're a doorknob.

  15. @khakipearls it was a study on 60 women who were given the rubella shot during or after delivery. The children they had up till that pregnancy were normal, but the ones born after had various problems, even if not vaccinated themselves. It was not anything conclusive, just something to consider. Any doctor will, however, tell you not to get that shot during or in the months before pregnancy.

  16. @sirus10 don't be a goof, this has nothing to do with being jewish or not AND, of the people I've met who are Jewish none have spoken out against anyone else's religion or nation. I know obviously in Israel there is hard-core racism against Palestinian. That's a world away and ENGINEERED into war since 1948.

  17. @singlaprety12 no, the birth-rate globally is higher than ever before and set to over-populate the planet even more. It is over-populated right now.
    HOWEVER, in North America it is dropping and in some parts of europe. It's unclear if this is self-control or chemical interference.

  18. @Orionx30 it's easy to find fish that don't have mercury and easy to find water that has none, to filter it and heavy mercury also can sink quickly. This situation is in no way comparable to thimerisol, so your statement smacks of fraud and disinformation

  19. @luwdmke possibly. It's hard to know what they actually did to those mosquitoes.
    This is all out bio-warfare.
    If we don't round up these elites and kill them all, they'll kill all of us.

  20. @namrednop you wanna be worried about massive de-population – and a little is fine through normal circumstances of food, war, water, etc. – something highly abnormal, potentially wiping out much life on earth, is shown in a movie – NOT A SCIENCE FICTION – but a documentary expose narrated by David Suzuki called "silent forest" watch?v=O5rHZE9H7OA at /user/DrewV454#g/u (apr 2009)
    or w w w.f reespeech.o rg/video/silent-forest

  21. you got that right, I seen a lot of people get the flu after the shot, so that sounds to me like it's pointless. I don't know which people just don't get the shot. Last year I asked around at work found maybe 3 or 4 people who never get the shot (and don't get the flu often). I don't get the shot but I don't get the flu ever. Seriously, flu-ridden people can sneeze in my face all day, I won't get it. Just is what it is.

  22. For those who refuse to get vaccinated Bill Gates will have have his Mosquitoes track them down and vaccinate them.

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