Hailey Gives Birth | Unexpected

36 weeks pregnant, me and Matthew are
still having sex. I really want to be with
him and I did miss him. And one of the nights we were
having sex my water broke. I just felt stuff
coming out and, like, I pulled my pants down and
just water started gushing. It was just a puddle of water
on the bed and it was a lot. Like literally, three inches of
water sticking out of the bed. [CHUCKLES] I told Matthew
to go get my mom. Matthew runs in my room and
says, “Hailey’s water broke! Get up! Get up! We gotta go!” So I run in her room and
there’s a big puddle of water in her mattress. I mean, it’s like a gallon. When my mom came in the room
and thought that it was a joke. I was like, “mom,
this is not a joke. My water broke.” And she started freaking out. We just all started
getting dressed and rushing so we could hurry
up and get to the hospital. It was like 15 minutes
to get to the hospital. And they were both
really excited and I was just scared because
a baby is going to come out my freaking coochie. [MACHINE BEEPING RHYTHMICALLY] DOCTOR: Take a deep breath. OK, push. Push.
Here she comes! [NEWBORN CRYING] Here she is! When they put
Kinsley on my chest, I just, like, started
crying and so did Matthew. MATTHEW: I mean, I’m tearing
up now thinking about it. Like, uh– [CHUCKLES] I’m gonna
try to clear this up a little bit. [CHUCKLES] HAILEY: You really can’t explain
the love you have for a child. It’s not like you
loving your boyfriend or you loving your parent. I didn’t think it was
ever possible to love someone like that. MATTHEW: Seeing your
child come out, like, that you’ve been sitting
here and waiting for forever, I mean, I was kind of jealous
Hailey got to hold her first. Not the fact that Haley
got to hold her first, I was cool with that. Like, hey, the momma always
gets to hold the baby first. You’ve been carrying
this child for– ever. But I don’t know, I was
so excited the hold her and be able to just–
just physically touch her. Now that she’s really here,
it really kicks in, like, I don’t know, I’m mad in love. Like, I can’t keep
my eyes off her. There’s no love like it. There’s just not

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  1. These 2 have so much growing up to do and her damn mom?? Smh🤔🙈 that would be cold day in hell I'd let my daughters bf in same room w her alone hell no😈 WTF

  2. It's called condoms idiots….country folk really love not using condoms lol this why country folks are dumb especially teen ones XD

  3. Everything about this is wrong she is 16 which means she's probly to year shies at Sy of when she 1st menstruated and she already has a child she knows nothing about being a child let alone being a mother and I understand certain people learn these things as they go but when you are a child you don't need to learn these things as you go about being a mother because there certain things when it comes to being a mother or being a parent in general that you just need to know prior to having a child when she said that her water broke because her and her boyfriend were still having sex past the doctor's time frame that they were given its a reason why the doctor says don't have sex past that point but yet they did it anyway because they're young and they're ignorant and their children and they think they can do whatever they want to do which is why they didn't need children or a child

  4. At 16 all i was worried about was school and having some fun most of these kids nowadays don't care about nothing but sex and other things when they should be worried about they future

  5. All shows like this do is enforce my “everyone goes on birth control in my house once they are a teenager.”

    I’ll do my best but this child having a child. Hell naw!

  6. I don't understand why teens want to waste their teenage life taking are of another life like why not wait till your in your late twenties

  7. Hold up. I'm 3 times this girl's age and married and I'm not doing jack with my mother next door. Make it make sense.

  8. wait, I'm just confused… like obviously this is fucked up but if they were having sex why did she have to pull down her pants??

  9. This is a lost generation absolutely lost. 16 years old pregnant and still having sex with a boy that can’t even take her anywhere in life because he’s still a child himself. Children having children a dangerous and destructive cycle. God bless that baby. Smh what these kids think is normal nowadays is just plain scary! That boy is going to end up leaving her just watch. That’s what these silly little girls just don’t seem to understand. Stop sleeping with these little boys! save yourselves for marriage. Get your education travel see the world! Become a parent when you are old enough to support your child and in a committed relationship. Think more highly of yourselves young ladies! Please!

  10. “Even though I’m 36 weeks pregnant me and Matthew are still having sex…” Someone needs to 991 Jesus right now or did I just hear the first 10 seconds of that video wrong

  11. God please help these kids, please father please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻having sex during pregnancy 🤰 is safe but after 35 weeks that’s when it’s no longer safe that’s when u start preparing for the baby 🍼

  12. But wait hold up………did he actually said 3 inches of water 💦 omg 😮 since when is water being measured inches🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️these kids really needs the lord in their lives

  13. If she really is 16 she has a baby face. 16 year-olds dont look that old but geez she looks like she is barely 12.

  14. Itching and burning Itching and Burning,Stanky Fishy Stanky Fishy,Fishy Stanky Fishy Stanky,I got STDs they make my coochie itch

  15. Why is that baby having a baby? Why is that boy still alive? There should be a hole where his forehead is. This teen just gave up her childhood over a boy that didn't even stay with her.

  16. i strongly strongly STRONGLY dislike matthew. he acts so immature and plays dumb and is never serious. he needs to grow up.

  17. Tf you gonna be 16 having a kid when you are still a kid yourself even in the eyes of the law. Their parents either failed then or they are inbred hicks maybe both.

  18. Let’s see how much you love that baby. Get a job and support her financially and emotionally. Do that and I’ll believe you.

  19. What the hell is wrong with kids nowadays?? I understand that they will have sex regardless but there are methods on how not to get pregnant!! Parents, do your damn part!!…😠😠

  20. I'm almost 21 and idk anything about how these sexual things can affect pregnancy cause I haven't done it yet but when I do, I wanna stay safe.

  21. Give baby up for adoption but it's a reality show they're getting paid for it. When your life is stable n u make money than a baby would be born. I can honestly say I'm in no means to have a baby. No matter what. I've had crazy guys tell me they wanted to have babies with me at age 16 and 17. I was thinking automatically hell no I need to block you.

  22. So, i would never allow that in my house either, cause that's condoning this shit, but fact is, if teenagers want to have sex, they're gonna find a way… you guys dont remember being teenagers ?

  23. I love these two.Matthew tears up talking about his new daughter.And Haley saying how now shes got her little family. I haven't watched this video yet.Im commenting on the episode im watching right now.Its the first day their baby Kensly came home.

  24. Omg this is so sad. That baby shoud go to care and be adopted so it has a chance at life being raised by capable and good parents.

  25. Omg, when i was 16 i still fight with my siblings about food, and crying over a school project thats not done yet.

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