hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Tina and today I have a video letting you guys know how I grew my hair inches give you guys tips on how I grew my hair and my experience with hair loss so let's get on with the video I will insert a picture here of how much hair I used to use every single day I used to brush my hair out and it was a lot and when you do lose your hair it can be quite upsetting it's not sitting right right yeah upsetting and it could bring you down it can make you feel like crap so yeah I just wanted to share my tips to these guys of how I grew my hair and how I resolve my issues of hair loss and this probably isn't going to work for everybody but this is just tips and little things that I did to grow back my hair so good with hair loss after I had my second baby and it was a lot of on the fun area so when I used to tie my hair back here it would be these areas here and it's grown back actually quite a lot and I would I put my hair back to do my makeup and the brothers hair bands and you could just eat up Pat's patches and that was something that made me feel really really insecure about my hair and because I was thinking wait a minute I've always had hair in those areas so why is there no more hair there and the main reason to hair loss after you give us is because of hormones and it can be to do with stress as well so postpartum hair loss thoughts around three months Ellis can look more prominent if during pregnancy your hair grew I loved and I was pregnant my hair was really thick and it was really cool really add so much volume and I was so happy with my hair when I was pregnant and then as soon as I had the baby it just all thinned out so I was falling out and I was just run my fingers through my hair like this and I'll have chunks of hair in my hand and now I don't even have that problem anymore you would buy my hair everywhere it was discussed the girls will go back to normal stick to twelve months – giving burnt hands cannot be the case I'm not saying he should seek medical advice so the first thing that I did was I went to my doctor and I asked my doctor if there was anything that I could do in regards to my hair loss he did give me iron tablets I have always suffered from a lack of iron so I've always needed I ain't havin it it made my hair grow back here bit by bit it took about I would say around a month before I saw results that my hair was actually growing back but there was other things I did to help maintain that growth around this area and with the iron tablet and I used to owls and I'm still using them till this day and my hair just keeps on growing I'm I'm pretty sure like my hair has grown even longer now um again my hair comes just below my belly button so yes it's quite quite no I love this product so much and this video is not sponsored in any way this is just what I like to use and it's worked for me and I have actually advised some of my girlfriend's to try this as well and they have so that it's worked for them so I think that this is a really good product to use and it's the Jamaican castor oil so it's quite thick in consistency and I know that goes first to warm this up first and then rub it into your hands and then massage it into your scalp I don't really warm up the product first what I do is just apply some into my hand rub it in between my fingers I massage it into my scalp especially and run the front area and leave it overnight and then the next morning I'll wash it out this is very good for a nappy sure I have alopecia but I have ever that's what this is but file apish are very very good for hair growth and yeah I really love this um it's very thick in consistency like I said but you just like it for your fingers and wound up a little bit with the warmth of your hands and just rub it in and it does the job it's amazing so why I do is I focus on my scalp area the most and then with the residue that I have left on my fingers I'll just run it doing my hair like this and Bob's your uncle and yeah they've got the next morning and I wash it out and the second product that I love using is the vodka coconut enriched hair well and it's got hair on it and looks like this this smells divine it smells so so beautiful it's for bugging you and sickness so with this I normally use this when I come out of the shower my hair's wet I use a tiniest bit you need the tiniest bit on the palm of your hand rub it in bottom of the scalp I like to focus on the back on my scalp more oh and then I run it through the ends of my hair I don't like to focus this onto my top of my scalp because I just feel like it makes my hair greasy and my hair is very thin and silky in texture so yeah I rather don't just be no point of me washing my hair if it's gonna go greasy just after I washed it oops we dry scalps so if you have dandruff or anything like that it helps reduce your dam drivers or hops strengthen and repair your hair which is a plus so I'm really loving this product at the moment and yeah those are the ways that I have been looking after my hair and another thing that I wanted to mention was sometimes you might forget to brush your hair and I did a lot I'm I live up I highly abusive brushed my hair and that made my hair a lot worse in regards to it boiling it's very important that you brush your hair every single day here because the longer you leave it I'm not here it gets the harder it is to brush up those knots and the more your hair thoughts I know everyone's got insecurities and it's really really hard when you are going through something especially with hair loss as well you know that insecurity is coming up on my like they kind of should bring your me down a Mickey for like complete utter crap but just think yourself that these things are temporary and this is that you can do to help yourself make yourself feel better and all these things actually use today they can work for you they might not and this one about trial and error so you know experiment do things you see what works for you and yeah keep being happy and keep being kind and I hope you guys enjoyed this video yeah those are my tips on how I grew my hair really really long because thank you thank you so so much for watching my videos I really appreciate it and if you haven't already please subscribe hit that like button and I will see you in a minute

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