9 Replies to “Hallie Jackson Announces She’s Pregnant With First Child | Sunday TODAY”

  1. Morning Televised News Explained
    The news and facts are boring, first the news, one and one are two, second the facts, one and one are two, now the hired young attractive hair dyed news teams to make news delivery a presentation, now that’s the composition of the televised newscast, be sure to tune in next week when a kick-line of scantly attired dancing girls will also be featured.

  2. I wonder if it’s Matt Lauer’s baby, there are a lot of people talking at the today show how savanna Guthrie is trying to hide the fact that her baby might be Matt lowers everyone on the today show set knows this and they are trying desperately to keep this under wraps

  3. I don't understand why it is being reported that she is pregnant with her first child. I thought she got married to Doug Hitchens (sp?) In 2011 or thereabouts, and they have two daughters together.

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