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halo has recently joined our family and we are getting up to speed with our husbandry behaviors and getting used to an ultrasound probe prior to her arrival here at Georgia she was mixed with mature males and she is a mature female so I'm sure you probably have an idea why we're all true sounding to determine if she is in fact pregnant but we can track her pregnancy and make sure that we're providing her all the necessary medical care that she needs so this is a no longer in use ultrasound probe that our veterinary services has given to us to use for D sense so that when we actually go for an ultrasound they're used to the pro of what it looks like what it feels like so what I'm doing is I'm just going to get her used to letting her see the probe and Katrina's just reinforcing her for staying calm and focus on her right Katrina I'm with you yeah are you gonna bring her out of here yeah have 'never you're here so this is halo and all her glory she's one of our harbor seals okay harbor seals are a member of the pinniped family which they share with sea lions and they can be found anywhere from Mexico all the way up to Alaska along the coast the target here oh you're so mobile what's unique to me about harbor seals is how they move and then let's walk around miss tini they kind of use a caterpillar motion or almost like a slug or as their cousins sea lions they can actually walk upright on all fours ready yeah okay I'm gonna take it off big girl hole is great halo continues to progress day to day you have an appointment you need to go to she has her days just like we all do we're participation may not be as high as we want it to I didn't say at your best choice for meeting I cancel she's back ready yep good that's perfect I'm gonna get this in no time I know it right we're gonna be doing an ultrasound on our mercele halo to see if we see anything inside because there is a high probability that she is pregnant we will be having our vets having the machine on and we're actively looking for an image okay let's do this finally we're just gonna hang out you're good yeah so she's gonna come out right here and she's gonna roll to the right on the standing kneeling to start kneeling is great we want to try to build that behavior up with the husbandry staff we just kind of talk how is the animal doing are they holding well enough where can we put the probe and it's just gonna depend on how halo feels like just beneath deck all right we're gonna tell dr. Chelsea I have a baby in there look at how your friends are here yeah yeah what are you doing Chicago Kayla was not as comfortable around the best staff as she is us because the vets aren't around her nine hours every day her littluns we're just gonna hang out here you got this sister she's leavin and say we probably were gonna get an image today yeah so let's turn this into decent sessions let's just bring her out next to Chelsea if you'd send her back I'll leave it there for today every animal works at a different pace and then I find we're gonna work at whatever pace that animal wants so wonderful yeah halo doesn't necessarily feel the most comfortable getting her ultrasound which is fine for us as trainers it just lets us know how we need to do some more decent maybe I got you Cassie you need to do a little more work with halos to get her comfortable tomorrow's another day all right we're gonna attempt to do a voluntary ultrasound on halo over the past weeks and months we've been doing a lot of decent ultrasounds with halo and that so she gets used to me or the other vets we're gonna see what we can get and see if we can't see inside today Megan where do you want me to stage stuff right up here right outside of Dean she may be pregnant she may not be we'll see good girl you just touch her yeah okay there you go Chelsea all right there are no large distended organs with fluid for objects so no baby just have a baby no no baby no baby not this year the good news is she still was able to roll over enough for us to get the ultrasound probe on there and she's comfortable with it and relaxed good job we're just not gonna have a puff this year with Halo so maybe next year you never know you

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  1. she is a cute seal i love her so much and she is a sweet girl 😀😁😃☺🙂😍💘❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💛💜💝💞💟🍍🍓🍒🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯

  2. Seals and sea lions in the same pool, it's the first time I see that in my whole life ! In the wild they never meet cause seals live in the north and sea lions more in the south. I would be infinitely interested by a video exposing how they get on well together and how they can interact.

  3. If you Have To have an animal in captivity, THIS is how they Shoukd be treated…..
    On THEIR Terms, Not Yours!!!

  4. lol i read the description and thought it said * mixed with whales * and was trying to understand how a whale got a seal pregnant

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