Hands On with Apple's Cycle App for iPhone & Apple Watch

here is everything you need to know about the new cycle app for Apple watch and iPhone hi everyone its amber with Apple Insider cycle is a new app coming to the Apple watch and iPhone as part of watch OS 6 and iOS 13 let's take a closer look at the health app on the iPhone Apple's implementation of cycle has a minimalist theme like the rest of Health's metrics it makes no assumptions about why someone would be tracking their cycle nor is it something that's terribly apparent if you need to glance at it in public it's also incredibly easy to understand cycle from the second you start using it it uses a straightforward plain language to avoid any confusion about what might be going on in fact there's currently an article within cycle called understanding your menstrual cycle which gives a brief rundown of any questions a user might have about their body perfect for younger users who might still be giving used to the routine and there's lots to track in cycle as well such as breast tenderness headaches and acne if you're someone who experiences a lot of symptoms during PMS your period or ovulation you can track them through cycle this is especially convenient for those who may experience pain or have period related complications from other health conditions and allows users to prepare in advance users can also opt in to cycles to push notifications the first reminder notification tells users to make sure that they keep their log updated the second is a reminder that happens the evening before a user's period is set to begin cycle can also help user to estimate when they're ovulating giving users a greater chance that successfully becoming pregnant if a user has previously used a period tracking app that road data to apples health such as cleric glow cycle will be able to pull that data into itself this means that cycle will already have enough information to accurately predict any reasonably regular user cycle overall we're very impressed with cycle and the thought that Apple is put into it and we anticipate that it will become many people's primary tracker we'll be looking at cycle more including Apple watch integration as the beta continues stay tuned to Apple Insider for more coverage of Apple's latest updates and let us know down below your thoughts on cycle tracking coming to iPhone and Apple watch hey everyone did you guys like that video be sure to click on that like button so we can create content that we know that you guys want to see and follow Apple Insider tour in all social media channels if you want the best prices on any Apple gear check out the Apple Insider price guide that is updated daily and until next time we'll see you later

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    And for bringing awareness to these features! I’m super excited to use this once iOS 13 drops.

  2. I was waiting for someone to talk about cycling, like… the physical activity with your body and a bike. I was pretty excited. Until like 50 seconds in.

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