hey what's up YouTube it's Ritchie from Boston and today is the favorite day of all the wackos weirdos witches warlocks and of course the elites it is All Hallows Eve so here it goes now I didn't even realize it was Halloween until I started hitting the button this morning but this is a story that I have to cover again we've covered this before but apparently a lot of people got fooled because there was a lot a lot of pushback or debunking on this you see this company right here sano mix well this this company is responsible for putting all the flavor in so many different foods it's unbelievable now why do we care about that because to save salt on to save money on things like salt and other actual real spices this companies decided to use cells from aborted babies drink that in now for most of you this is an old story people already understand that it's not a big deal it should be an enormous deal but since Snopes covered it and debunked it once Snopes debunk said you know something's up I told people that I did time I told everyone I was a drug addict I told everybody I wasn't a very nice guy but these people got straight-up caught well I've got something now you can fact check Snopes yes the founder of the liberal fact-checking sites Snopes is in court $98,000 allegedly stolen four hookers and himself according to the ex-wife so I've always said that okay what just happened here stand by my screen just went totally blank did you see that hit anymore I've always said that as soon as Snopes picks up a story you know that we're onto something because these people are nothing but Koen tell their job is to go against anything that is damaging to the system to the elites to the quote-unquote government that's their job Erin Elizabeth covered this quite a while ago but forbes gets smoked and they're embezzling money buying hookers so forth and so on so there they are there's their integrity so now let me get back to what I was talking about but as soon as snow picks it up you know it's legit so there's that that's your little decoder ring okay I'll leave links for all this in the description obviously at any rate okay so check this out I was gonna show you Illuminati card number 508 which is called frankenfood so I clicked on it and then this is what I get this is what I get YouTube owned by Google does not let you watch videos anonymously remember that YouTube owned by Google does not let you watch videos anonymously as such watching videos here will be tracked by YouTube Google well then there you go there you go at any rate one of the cards in the Illuminati card get deck that's an entirely different video and I've done one is frankenfood let me show you the list of companies that are using aborted fetal tissue to flavor the food that most people are eating right now and goodness it's a long list basically Pepsi all soft drinks Sierra Mist Mountain Dew mug root beer blah blah blah blah blah blah blah it just goes on and on and on and then you get Kraft chewing gum Chiclets dentine freshen up Trident Trident Cadbury I mean this just keeps going on and on and on and then of course you have all the vaccine companies that are shooting aborted fetal tissue into other people this is horrific absolutely horrific but this is old news well I thought for Halloween I'd bring it back for people to understand and this is the reason I'm gonna put this in here real quick sorry if you don't like it don't know what to tell you but this is the reason I use this no kidding no fooling I really and truly use this in this video I showed you the reasoning was chem trailing and fluoride and poisonous water so forth and so on and it didn't even really dawn on me that this was still a thing links will be in the description aborted fetal tissue in basically everything if not if not they simply use other chemicals but I mean this is a long list this stuff is all tied together and here's a video I did about seven months ago and it was Richard Dawkins pushing cannibalism because this is their new thing they want you to drink the blood exactly as God commanded you not to so if they can't get you to do it voluntarily they'll get you to do it involuntarily they'll never be a black and white choice it'll always be sleight of hand you dispute exactly what what's meant by nothing but whatever it is it's very very simple I mean why is that funny well I think it's a bit funny to be trying to define nothing it's good old Richard Dawkins and he's in the news again his job is much like her job and their job in their job in hers and him in hers and yes that's jay-z and them in her in her and that they're all doing the same job their job is to prove to you that you can do whatever it is that you want that this is how we were supposed to look apparently and that this woman right here is simply an artist that all the elitist and the wealthy people in the music and the movie stars they all flock to and this is her own image and you know she put that there in her head no big deal and this is her idea of art these people are fascinated with the demonic the satanic and cannibalism and other things in that realm it's a very strange thing my screen keeps going black for whatever reason and I'm not sure why it's never occurred before but apparently the little reminder that Google and YouTube do not allow you to watch videos anonymously you are being tracked perhaps that has something to do with it I don't know at any rate this is a story that Forbes put up about a year ago and they were pushing bugs do you realize that 80% of the world eats bugs but Westerners don't bugs and other gross things should be part of your diet so you've got Richard Dawkins the father of evolution the Big Bang Theory that nothing exploded and turned into everything think about that statement pushing this you've got spirit cooking you've got cannibalism and then let's not forget that if you don't go for any of that stuff it doesn't matter because it's all being put in your food anyways if it comes from a box or a package do not eat it do not drink it I'm dead serious I eat yogurt and granola and I drink purified water every day that's pretty much it food does not bring me any comfort I eat to live I do not live to eat they've turned that paradigm completely and totally on its head over the past couple of decades you don't see overweight people in other countries you don't see it like you do in the United States because most other countries make this crap illegal it's our government that's pushing this because our government are usually ex CEOs of these companies do you see what I'm saying if you can't beat them join them and that's exactly what they did just FYI that's the owner of the New England Patriots that's allowing this to be put in your food just for all you sports fans out there do you see what I'm saying at any rate links will be in the description Richie from Boston this is a real thing this is absolutely 100% completely and totally real do not drink blood well then they'll trick you into it and that's what they've done rich even Boston I'm out


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  2. It's even I. Water hek93 synomex..and they dont even have to list t in the ingredients .. Kraft Pepsi campbells Cadbury Adam's Nestle all coffee creamers probably everything ! The us isnt a country it's a corporation owned by the queen .

  3. Bla bla bla and it goes on and on and on😄😄😄 You're my best Richie. I'm with you bro 😄✌

  4. Strange things occur while trying to post on Twi er. Con vative news comes up "error", unable to bring up page" (or something like that, here's another trick they play) you've already posted that video, news article or whatever, but I never did . So, I say okay I retweet it and add a chracter and that puts it through. Often I retweet usually 3times B4 I can get it out other times it is impossible, so being clever I open up the web with the title I'm trying to share and many times I find the article that I am unable to twe t and share it from there. I fear they will find new ways to mess me up, but I will find new ways to get around them. My kids are grown ups , hallelujah I'm free. No xmas pressures, no easter or passover pressures, and NO Halloween pressures. I am truly a free American. Thanks

  5. There is one producer of vaccines that does not use human fetuses. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, knows where to order them. You can use those and refuse the commercial ones. HEK 293 is a cell strain taken from a baby aborted in 1970 in the Netherlands. They work wonderful in scientific medical, pharmaceutical and yes, the food industry research. It's not like they are grinding up babies and putting it in the food, but they use the HEK(idney) 293 cell strain.

  6. I've been seen a trend where they put bugs in candy sold at ur local gas station I think is to desensitize people to eat human flesh

  7. Interesting that you can see that anyhing Snopes tries to debunk you can see is BS. But can't see the full out attack on our POTUS by this same organization??? So with your own logic. POTUS should be legit in your eyes. If you don't want to be called a psyop. Reboot. Exchange out your floppy disk "truther" thoughts with new and improved ones. Your entire platform, if indeed your not paid opposition, would be gone if it weren't for POTUS.

  8. If ww3 ..alien invasion or any survival situation hits America or earth..bet your ass I'll eat a human when food and wildlife run out.dont come to the nc.mountains…start the war already..ive been prepping for this since I was a teenager .im 49 now..hurry up already.

  9. Then what if that yogurt you eat had baby parts in it? What if the water even purified water had it, going to stop drinking that too? FYI you can’t live without water we might be able to go a few days and you’re a dead man that goes for anybody

  10. I became aware of this from STOPTHECRIME.net on the SGTreport. I was at work listening and happened to be drinking a Mountain Dew, which is been addicted to since childhood . I immediately spit it out , dropped to my knees and began to pray. I now tell people about it and offer resources for info and they just say …”wow that’s crazy” or “that’s so disgusting” or insist I’m crazy …..tHen continue to consume the products. Even if it’s true that they only use aborted cells in lab tests it’s still despicable. What’s worse is the people selling dead babies, which I thought was illegal to profit off from aborted humans . Makes you wonder who really owns places like planned parenthood.

  11. Hey Richie! May I ask what type of yogurt you eat? Watching this video makes me want to change what I eat. I truly believe that this world lies in wickedness and I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for showing me that.

  12. Long time subscriber Richie & great video! My bad to spam however here is a new video I made about Halloween https://youtu.be/Xjx7dAyFTUo

  13. Some of those foods listed purport to be vegan too. So we don't eat animals, but we are secretly eating humans. Makes me sick.

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