40 Replies to “Harakiri For The Sky – Stillborn”

  1. One of the best music I have ever heard, but his voice just kill it, this band has a huge potential but his voice is bad

  2. Un comentario español que se perderá entre los demás pero con una opinión humilde y sincera, HTS es una banda fantástica que sabe realmente hacer canciones que lleguen a los sentimientos

  3. I am kinda happy how this new Album turns out to seem after the last one was a bit disappointing to me.

  4. You did it. This is my fave of 2018 so far. Those changes in the rhythm, the lyrics and everything was perfect fit.

  5. Absolutely amazing. One of the best songs from HFTS. the music you bring to us is truly art, I wish you all the best things to your life.

  6. Amazing, as expected from HFTS!!! There's something different in this song, but it's probably why it's this great!!!!

  7. Holy shit those emotions… I'am glad i was able to see them live, it was something incredible. This shit guys… This shit is masterpiece… Keep going HFTS love your work! 🙂 Greetings from Czech Republic.

  8. Yes, another track revealed! The artwork of the boxset (shown here) is way better than the original (digipak and vinyl) artwork.

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