22 Replies to “Harry breaks everything: Why can't Samantha keep quiet after Meghan ''miscarriage'' second baby?”

  1. Wait min. Sure she not copy of write dania history of boys with her baby make it look on her sorry m.m. bye

  2. They are hurt , people who are hurting do and say all kinds of things. I remember one guy who we knew ,before he died he worked as the Queens head gardener and had one of the Queens places in Hyde park. On occasion his 2 young nieces came to visit and Stuart used to take them round the gardens. On some visit the the Queen dropped by and was talking with them. When they went home the told everybody at school that they had spoken with the Queen. The head sent for mum and dad to teach their children the truth, after she had finished their dad asked the problem , he laughed and said but it’s true my brother is head gardener and the Queen popped. In to see him and they were there !! So you see it is only natural that they wanted every body to know, but what Megan wants Megan gets

  3. Maybe she is get sick she realizes not pay her attention or too much. Good for her need keep her mouth close

  4. Megain and Harry are just as disgraceful as each other for allowing Thomas Markle to find out about his grandson on the radio. How low can these two stoop. Harry still hasn’t even bothered to meet Mr Markle, his wife’s father!!!! It doesn’t get any more rude than that!!! As for Doria she’s a snake, she should be encouraging her daughter to make amends with her father, but obviously her character is as low as Megains. I hope Samantha writes a book and exposes Megain Harry and Doria for what they really are.

  5. I just wish MM would disappear. I am so tried of hearing her name and seeing her. I can’t stand her. She only wants what she wants. She didn’t care what Harry want. How is he going to take care of all his Royal duties in the United States. Please Lord make her go to Africa. The reason she don’t want to go there is because of her race. She don’t want to be around black People she is a total American low trash birtch

  6. The way I see it is: those who claim to know Harry doesn't do this but does do that… by posting here you just lost your job. Same with anyone who comments on private knowledge of Meghan. You just lost your job as well. The Royal Family is way too concerned about privacy to allow this… THEREFORE: you're just talking to talk about things you have no true knowledge of.

  7. I understand a lot more about mm now. She's not afraid of the queen or the royals,but she needs to be. She is playing with fire, and she will get burned. Hello.

  8. Sam really schould tell sll on mm. She's a little monster and is hiding behind the royals mm is a white coller crime working bitch. Today this has become so normal. Everybody knows someone in the big school. Well well. I'm I shocked at my age. No, not at all. Lights camera action.

  9. PH doesn't break up the house, he fights and will hit someone but breaking up the house is RMM's ACT.
    We all know about PH's tantrums on the Polo Field and off. In the military or out.
    That is NOT HIM to break furniture he has to pay for.

  10. You nothing miserable asshole as hell nothing to do but stir up trouble . Samantha don't follow this asshole up

  11. Meghan actually miscarried once? According to reports she mostly has abortions. And as far as Samantha goes..she speaks from experience with Meghan and Mom…This hate by ALL of them has been going on for years in this family.. they're all guilty and sickos. Sibling rivalry is common in most families… Theirs is just played out in the news…

  12. Such stupidity. They could have all come together since Meghan married a freakin prince! But no, she just makes things worse. That's why they are estranged for many years. Too bad.

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