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  1. Hi Nicole ! Wonderful video… thanx dear..

    I would like to ask what you told in the video, Are these benefits only for a American passport holder or EU passport holder ?

    or can a Non-EU or Non-American citizen living in Germany can also have these benefits.

    As I am from India, 30, married student studying since 2015 in TU Berlin university & will be bringing my wife from India on spouse visa inshallah this year hopefully. Inshallah, I plan to have my first child here in Germany

    So would my wife will also get those benefits , what you told ?

    Please reply…

    and always update us with such a wonderful video information.

    Thanks Nicole.. you are doing a good job.

  2. The word neger is negatively laden by American history.. In Germany, it's just a word to describe black people. The word"neger" is a German word and I guess, we all know German is a language that is older than English/American…

  3. You are going to be a great mum. You are an intelligent, very nice and warm person. All the best for you and your daughter.

  4. Hi I am a black American also living in Berlin. I am 4 months pregnant and just wondering what things you packed In your hospital bag.

  5. Hello Nicole. Me, my friends and I can tell most of the people here in Hessen, we don't even use the term "black", YOU have a name and that's all that matters. Skin color is not important, it's only about what is under your skin, your heart. From Hesse with the best wishes for you and your little child, Thomas

  6. wow wow wow! Makes me want to get pregnant(again) to finally enjoy it, WHILE getting paid. This is ammmaazzinng. Good luck to you and your beautiful family.

  7. About the pharmacists: They are only allowed to sell you "nicht verschreibungspflichtige" medicine. Like something against headache, flue and other "small" problems. The other stuff is only allowed to be sold, if you have a presciption from your doctor. They can give you something with another name on it, than the medicine written on the presciption, if they don´t have it in store, or if you are allergic to one of the ingredients but it has the same/similar agents, so the effect is the same. To be allowed to sell stuff in a pharmacy you have to have a qualification, so if you tell pharmacist, whats wrong with you, he can give you the right medicine or he will sent you to a doctor.

    And i think the thing with the doctors is a cultural one. If you want to know something, you have to ask for it. Its the same in the restaurant. If you want to pay, or have another drink, then you have to ask for it. They will come from time to time to ask, if everthing is fine, but if they are busy, they will only come like every 30min or even not come at all until you call them. The docotors are also busy, and has only like 10min for one patient, so if the patient doesn´t ask, what he wants to know, the docotor assumes that everything is fine.

  8. Great video. I live on the outskirts of Munich, 2 hrs away in another city. I am black man involved with white Bavarian German woman and we have a 5 year old son. I want to ask you a question; In Berlin, is the job market fair to blacks? Do educated blacks have the same opportunities to work in German companies like German natives? I ask that question because I have 4 degrees, 2 European degrees, the other two out of the Caribbean. I wrote a few applications to see what the response would be. Not one single company acknowledged my application with reply. Be that as it may, I have my business back home and rented appartments for income and security. I also teach a few people namely 4 English lessons. That is starting to pick up now and I had to declare myself for tax purposes. What do you think about this.

  9. I don't know, what do you mean? The Germany of the 80s ist an other Country then the Germany of the 2010s. It's no critisim, just the fact.

  10. I have too smile, while I am hearing the disscription how exotic black colored peobple are in Germany. I remember my school-time in the 80's (Catholic School), where were perhaps 5 colored by 900 (and 3 muslims). In the 80's Germany was different. Pls. excuse my mistakes, my school – time is log ago.

  11. BET IS TRASH & Black Magazine can brought at every Hauptbahnhof or get an subscription. There are also so many Africans. That is better than an African-American when you build self confidence on a better level. There are also several African Doctors here. Trust the Apotheka over the Doctors they don´t take money from Big Pharmaceutical Companies. Plus it is safer.

  12. I'm new to watching your videos and let me say I find them very interesting and informative. So thank you for sharing with us. My question is what made you move to Germany and is the father of your daughter German? 

  13. Thanks so much for making this great video! I was very curious about this and  I was wondering what it's like to have and raise a bi-racial baby in Germany. I'll watch all your other videos! Thanks 🙂

  14. the word "negger" is an old german word (coming from Latein I think) and means nothing else than "black". I do understand that you as american might value the word diffrent, but me as german can tell you that most (if not all) people in germany who uses the word "negger", dont use it as a racist word like the word "nigga".
    I never been in the USA, but from what Ive seen in videos etc. I think americans gives to much value into the word "nigga" like we germans do with the word "nazi". But thats my opinion. (sorry about my broken english).

  15. I wish you and you daughter all the best 🙂 But you do have a point about people of color on German TV. The only ones I could think of off the top of my head would be Yared Dibaba (he mostly does stuff in Low German, though, don't think I've seen anything in English from him) and Mo Asumang (I really admire her, her documentary Roots Germania is definitely worthwhile, but also only in German I think?). Sorry, that probably wasn't helpful, but alle the best anyway 🙂 

  16. well, there are people of color on German TV which are positive…STARTING with Shary Rewes and not ending with Nelson Müller or there is a new black Anchor in one of the big public newsshows. there is Ranga Yogeshwar (admittedly looking often VERY white) but compared to the USA, you are absolutely correct, there is not as much. I was simply happy to see that these things are changing too. I find the representation of women of color in German Entertainment TV MUCH more problematic, but those tend to be shows, I think, that she will not need to be exposed to for quite some time. I am hoping (with you I suppose) that things are starting to change and knowing my homecountry, once the ball is rolling, things may go slower, but they TEND to keep going in the direction that is started and then there tends to be a steady development. Who knows, by the time your daughter might watch Tatort, they might no longer confine the roles of black or asian women to trafficking victim with a sexual component. sigh

  17. Hey, I enjoyed your video and had to laugh at the "oh my god, my child is german" very much, but a prescription by a md wont be changed in an Apotheke. May be they offer you the same drug by a different company, but not another one.

    Also the word "Neger" is only used in old books, when it was common to use this word. Today most people in Germany wouldnt call someone this way. May be very old and/or very racist ones would do.

  18. haha i know what you mean when you said " OMG my child is so german" my parents didn't notice it at first but when my grandma came visiting she went outside the house with my mom and said the same Thing lol

    but the cool thing is that here aren't many 'germans' anymore because we are all mixed now and it's hilarious because every person has another traditions and all that 🙂

    i love seeing when americans are living in Germany and talking about it 🙂

  19. I think it's sooo great for a child to grow up bilingualy, what a huge advantage and the best of too cultures. You should emphasise the German part though, because our culture is rather superior to the American one. (although they have lovely national parks). Danish is cool too.

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