Having An Abortion Was Right For Me and I Know I’m Not Alone | Draw the Line

I’m the only one out of my network, my family, my friends, that knows what I’m going through right now. For me having a child I wanted it to be with somebody I wanted to be with… Somebody that wants to be in the child’s life… and as it is I don’t have that situation, I don’t have that lifestyle so it’s not right for me to bring a living being into that. I sat in the car for a while and was like, ‘Is this really something I want to go through?’ ‘How am I going to feel once this is done?’ I just keep coming back to…I couldn’t give this child the life that I want to give them. There is a lot of pressure that you can get from family, from religion, from upbringing, from society, and despite all of that you should still be able to make that choice that’s best for you. Despite what everybody says, or does, or thinks. There’s a million hypocrites out there and there’s gonna be supporters as well.

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