hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be talking about my high-risk pregnancy with gestational diabetes at age 18 I'd went on Instagram and asked you guys if you'd be interested in that video and I got a 100% feedback saying yes so if you're interested just keep watching this video so today started doing the gestational checking around 26 weeks pregnant my doctor told me that she had no doubt that everything would be okay it was paper she gave me to go to the lab and they do the one-hour testing so what it was is this glucose drink I drank it and I had to let it sit in my system for an hour and then they drew blood and sent it off to see if I had any kind of reaction to all of the sugar and my doctor had no worries I'm not overweight I'm young but I do have family history of gestational diabetes and diabetes and now my family but we were 100% sure everything would come back fine some part of me thought that it would come back that I had it but everybody kept telling me there was no way I'm too young too healthy so I got my blood drawn and sent off and then I hadn't checked for maybe two weeks it was coming close to my doctor's appointment and someone had mentioned hey have you checked your results and I was like no worry about but I went ahead and they were I remember looking and it said that my test results were abnormal and I needed to schedule another appointment so I ended up going back to my doctor's office I thought that maybe those were not my results but they weren't and I had this reschedule for the three hour tolerance testing my blood was drawn three times and it was three different pokes they didn't leave the tube in it was actually a hundred milliliters I had a drink for the three hour testing and it was so hard because if you throw it up then you have to do it all over again another day so it was horrible you're sitting there after you drink it nauseated and a room full of patients trying not to look Oh crazy results came back from that one three hour testing and I filled my numbers were extremely high came back fasting was too high after the first blood roll it was too high the last one that was too high so once I saw my doctor they called it official I have gestational diabetes I was referred to Texas Children's fetal or maternal fetal medicine which is for high-risk pregnancy that's not only for diabetes for other things like preeclampsia etc so not only did I have to see my OB but I also had to have second appointments there it honestly I thought I did something wrong and it is an emotional thing because I had to be watched more often one good thing is I do get more ultrasound so I have got to see her a lot of times I got to see her at three d40 I've gotten a live video sent to my phone number so that is a good thing about it but they do make you send in charts every week with your blood sugar test four times a day and I am terrified of that I barely got over the needle thing but just it I don't think about it I did I think I've only tested like maybe a few times kind of gave up but I did stick to the diet that I had to go on but it also makes me feel like I Phil doesn't mom like I filled my daughters because I won't do these things and I know that being high risk with gestational diabetes that it puts her at risk for when she is born she could have problems maintaining her blood Sugar's will drop to low and it can cause seizures but the doctors did tell me that when she is born we will have a 1 to 3 hour waiting period for any visitors can see us to make sure that we both can maintain our blood sugars and get them to the right levels just to make sure that we're both okay because it can be really really serious and then six weeks after I deliver my daughter I will have to go take another glucose test to make sure that my gestational diabetes disappeared after pregnancy not really looking forward to it but I'm sure I know baby issues later on down the road my aunt and mom actually a gestational diabetes and now that they're older they have diabetes appearing again so I'm definitely aware that I'm at risk of that so another thing is having gestational diabetes I had you do on a diet low carb you have to watch everything you eat no sweets milks basically you can have pastas it's all kinds of things low carb diet and whenever you're pregnant and all you have is cravings it is so hard because you have to tell yourself no and you're in my pregnancy I've only gained 5 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight and beginning pregnancy weight I was around 125 and I am now 130 but I also want to blame the low carb diet because I couldn't eat everything I can now that I'm down to my last couple weeks I am kind of falling off the diet but it's so hard once you just want to eat everything in sight it's really it's an emotional thing even if you don't realize it because I feel like if I do something wrong and my daughter comes out with an issue then I'm gonna blame myself but we haven't seen from ultrasounds that she's doing amazing she has not an issue at 35 weeks she was already breathing on her own the ultrasound check was completely shocked saying that that's not even normal until around 38 weeks so I had not a doubt that if she was born premature that she'd be okay let's see another thing about it is I've been on watch to make sure I can do liver not true having gestational diabetes you do retain the sugars it doesn't cross this right you just don't make the insulins to process it right so it can weighing her to make sure that her weight is healthy and the healthy range and that I'd be able to deliver natural so far it's looking good I shouldn't have an issue with that she was lost about two weeks ago five pounds and seven ounces so right about now she's probably around six pounds maybe a little over so a healthy weight I'm very shocked nobody thought she was gonna make it this far but I'm 37 weeks and I'm so proud of her she made it but there's so much more I can talk to you guys about with the gestation through them emailing me calling me from Texas Children's warning my result four days four times a day testing charts that I have to sit in every single week and it just gets so annoying I know they're trying to help me but it feels like it's just you have to stop everything to you that even though I know that it's for good reasoning to keep my baby healthy and it's an it's really emotional whenever everyone's going to such an easy pregnancy and then you can't even really eat what you want like I've seen a bunch of girls posting like just what they're eating and it's like their cravings and I can't I have been watching and I'm sitting in a room with a bunch of older people taking dietary classes to maintain I know it can happen to anyone but it was a great shock that it was a great shock to my doctor and all the doctors at the Texas Children's maternal fetal medicine Hospital that my results were positive because of my age and my weight my weight they've been checking my weight my rate is perfect nowhere near under nowhere near over but my baby is getting like I said a pro from it is that I got to see her like so many times in the ultrasound and they send me every single picture they take and every video they take of her messages so I did get that extra bonus but it is it is a hard thing sitting with a bunch of older people and people that are overweight and I'm here and they're looking at me like what but I haven't been put on medication for it but we will be monitored after ok and I will be check six weeks later to make sure it's disappeared but that's just a brief overview of it it is it is it's kind of get to you when you just don't have to worry about what's going on there she okay but again those just a brief overview for you so thank you for watching if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe comment down any video ideas that you have for me I will try to do all the ones that you suggest to me thank you for watching this video


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