He Left me on our Anniversary

I feel so numb. How could he do this to me?
Why would he leave me like this? Today is our 7 year anniversary I can’t believe how fast time flies.
We met at a mutual friend’s wedding. I remember it like yesterday. When the bride threw her bouquet over her head, I jumped to catch it But I missed as everyone else was crowding around trying to grab it too! When I came down, I slipped on my heels losing my balance and falling straight back But, as fate may have it, he was right behind
and caught me just in time. Instantly, our eyes locked as he
held me in his arms. For the entire night, we spoke as if we had known each other our entire lives We spent hours together and as the night came to an end, he asked me for my phone number Just to see if fate really was playing a game with us, I told him that I would give him my number on one condition If I spun a bottle and it stopped on him, then I would agree to give him my phone number But you know, I guess there is no escaping fate The bottle pointed directly at him. And since then, we spoke to each other every single day We had gone to celebrate a friend’s love
but instead found love ourselves It’s been 7 years since that day.
I can’t say it’s been completely perfect. These last few months have been difficult for us and we haven’t really spoken as much as we used to Still, we’ve made it this far together.
Hmm, I wonder where he’s at? *Text Message* *Sigh* Well, if it was a surprise, it’s not anymore. I guess he just doesn’t want to
hear me complain about being late again Like every year, to be honest, surprises are something we always argue about I know we’ve been together for a long time, but I still try to surprise him during his birthdays and holidays And without telling him I know he’s not the “romantic” type, but I just want him to try like other boyfriends It’s been an hour now. If I knew he was going to be this late, I would’ve told him to forget the surprise and just be here. There shouldn’t be THAT much traffic at this time.
He’s been caring less and less about us I mean… Before I could think any further, my phone rang “Tom? Wha….what do you mean…?!” My entire body went numb and all I could hear was a ringing in my ear getting louder every second I never thought we would end like this We planned our entire lives together. Places we’d travel to, the home we’d build, the family he and I would create I know I was hard on him but I only wanted him to show me how much he cared about us I just want him back. I need him in my life I don’t know how I’m going to continue.
It hurts so bad. No! This can’t be true. We were just talking the other day He said he loved me.
That he had a surprise for our anniversary I know he wouldn’t leave me
after saying something like that He still has his post up! Tom hasn’t left me yet.
He still loves me. It’s all just a bad dream and everything will be back to normal tomorrow. I’ll call him, hear his voice, and everything will be fine. Look at everyone. They act like nothing ever happened!
Like everything is okay and normal! They don’t care about him! God! I can’t even think right now!
Everyone just pisses me off Like that girl at work. Obviously, I’m not in the mood to talk right now. Why can’t you just leave me alone and stop asking if I’m okay? And his mom and dad. They’ve never really accepted us being together, no matter how hard I’ve tried. This is your fault!
Look at the stress you’ve brought on to us! Are you happy? What if it wasn’t them? Maybe it was my fault? Those times we’d fight and I’d ignore his calls or how I constantly compared him to other boyfriends and how romantic they were If only I could take that all back.
If only I wasn’t so selfish. I never meant to do any of that to him. I vow to never be that cruel to him again!
I’ll treat him better. I’ll be more patient. Just please bring him back.
Please, God Please just bring him back to me.
I’ll do anything you ask. I don’t remember the last time I had a proper meal or spent a day without crying missing you. We all miss you It hurts me so much knowing
you’re no longer in our lives My chest hurts, my body aches, and the memory of your touch brings me to tears. It’s not the same without you in our lives I know what the surprise was
you promised me that night Your best friend told me how much you saved and planned what you were going to say. How you told your parents I was the one and that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me They found the ring in your pocket. It happened so fast You were on your way to meet me that night and tried to text me letting me know where you were. Before you could send your message the accident happened. It was a drunk driver that hit you They rushed you to the hospital as quickly as they could, but it was too late The doctors said you brain dead
and there was nothing more they could do. Together with your family,
we pulled you off of life support. I’m so sorry I rushed you I shouldn’t have said those things or told you to hurry. The whole time, you were only thinking of me. I know you love me. It was the last message on your phone. I love you very much. You’re no longer here and I’ll always miss you, but I know you’re watching over us
and everything will be okay I promise I’ll look after your family,
help them, and visit you often. It’s not easy letting you go,
and no one can ever replace you. But I know you’d want me to continue living,
explore, and create new memories. This isn’t goodbye because I know one day,
we will be with each other again Happy Anniversary, Tom

100 Replies to “He Left me on our Anniversary”

  1. I thought he'd just broken up with you , I wish that was what had happened because what had actually happened hit me like a ton of bricks 😔 R.I.P Tom 😔

  2. Let's be honest, we all thought that he dumped her
    But seriously this broke my heart knowing that it could happen to anyone. Sometimes later will be come too late

  3. At first I thought he broke up with her…
    I don't know what to say than just that I'm so sorry for your loss 😢

  4. idk why people thought they broken up, i mean shes holding his pict,wearing black and cry so much since the beginning

  5. I started tearing up because my boyfriend being taken from me like that would literally break my heart. It's my biggest fear, him getting hurt and passing away. I always tell him to be careful when out with friends and constantly worry about if he's okay… I just know he's the one and to just have him disappear one day forever… It'd just….. Completely ruin me..
    I'm so sorry for loss, truly I don't even want to begin to imagine what you went through…

  6. I honestly thought he was just a jerk that broke up with her. Now I wish that was the case. That poor girl. Hang in there…

  7. I have been through a break up recently and at the beginning I thought that I was just like her when I knew that he died I cried so much😭

  8. me reads comments

  9. I seriously thought what a fool breaking up with ur girl on d anniversary but later after seeing he actually died I was like whyyyyy.😭u could have just broken up with me

  10. That thumbnail reminds me of me when My ex broke up with me same as the time when my world is falling down. It was so much heartache.

  11. Γιατί είναι ο τίτλος στα ελληνικά και το βίντεο όχι τι φάση?!

  12. It's been 7 years now… since i've lost my boyfriend the same way… except: nobody called me. His parents where at vacation, we both left for work… he didn't answer my calls, his best friends didn't knew where he was. The next day – in the newspaper – a accident… and sentence for sentence, one fact after another… a part of me tried to ignore it… but the article described him.
    Some calls later… it was true… it was him…
    He died.. about 10min after we hugged and kissed each other, just to say goodbye for a few hours….
    If I only knew it would be a goodbye forever…

    The time past… and I learned to live again, laugh again… and love again… but it was a really tough road to walk…
    Stay strong <3 He's with you, always.

    And I know he still watches over us, and the love we felt never fades or changes….

  13. Thought he broke up with her, but no, i have lost my bf too due to other cause, it really hurts, i know the feeling for this story.

  14. I cant imagine me given up on the person i love and care about i dont care if he's brain is dead i know it needs a miracle to revive it but i believe in miracles so im not given up im sorry for u

  15. This is just like my friend's story. Her bf died bc of an accident. They're planning to get married too. He even proposed her already.

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