Healing Meditation Rehabilitation after Childbirth

My dear girls your body his experience in great stress the pregnancy and childbirth physiologic terminal and emotional stress now with this healing meditation let's try to rehabilitate your body bring it back to normal balances state this way you will return back to normal usual life much quicker I try to do this heel irritation in the mornings and evenings to 21 things volunteer after pregnancy really little height after you will get back in shape and feel cheerful and will be able to give your baby the vital energy close your eyes I'm relaxed I've described three your thoughts and trust into my voice you should relax but you see with a little wave coming up three legs to the hips area just feel the warm wave not an area of your stomach then you chest well it's health with love the golden energy fills the thyroid gland going up into your head imagine a crystal ball in the center of the brain you're looking at this crystal ball just enjoy its shiny shiny cousin the being sky is done the beams of the crystal ball you're thinking only about the crystal ball in the center of the brain the world waits with the healing energy spreading around your body as you dissolve into these waves trivial as painful sensations really redness and worms appear in your body by restoring the difference keeps the position of spinal cord and ribs which was pretty fields the vibrations stone the Amazons project related by the correct position which will fill some movements inside a stone these are your uncle's taking the correct position the metabolism is renewed it is Tomica straight in small each collision in stomach normalizing with their functions pancreas and spleen are normalizing this earlier organism believed she was dressed and overloaded but now she's happy it's gonna share tomorrow she becomes calm and more confident what child has come to our wonderful world the world of love and hard work use the world of fun and flowers of smiles and prosperity the nearly constant item in your own future the future of your child was top of the drain of your thoughts and your just being on fears was a healing moving energy by breathing it was every pore of his skin breathe it in Reza lodges of your uterus those notices of him ovaries but Allah Jesus of her breasts she was thyroid gland with the back of the hand and of course the Crystal Palace there in the center of the brain my face is bright with a smile of happiness the happiness of returning to your Lord your body's gone back and she'll ask me either it's functions for harmonizing sure happy you're blessed by Shakti who creates life that this wonderful plant you should be proud of being a woman open our eyes slowly and try to keep this wonderful state avoidant mind till the Nexus is she was here thank you [Applause]

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