Healthcare fails pregnant women in Bihar – Reena reports from Katihar

– What do you get from you anganwadi? – I don’t get anything – What facilities do you receive from your anganwadi? – Nothing. – Did you get vaccinated? – No. – You must be getting medicines? – No. – What all does the anganwadi provide to you? – Nothing – Are you saying that the Anganwadi provides nothing to you? – Nothing. I haven’t received anything. – Do you receive regular health check-ups? – No. – Nutrition? – No. – Do you get your lentils, rice, iron tablets or anything similar? – No. Nothing. This is the issue prevalent in Bihar’s Sikkat panchayat, Ward number 3. Sikkat is under the Barari- Katihar panchayat, which is under the Katihar zilla panchayat This ward center has no facilities available for pregnant women. The provisions include dry and wet nutrition, iron tablets and vaccinations, which is why pregnant women from the village have a lot of difficulties to face. I appeal to all my viewers to help my cause. Please help our pregnant women of Sikkat Panchayat get benefits from their anganwadi center. I am Reena from Bihar, reporting for IndiaUnheard.

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