Healthy Living: Postpartum depression

healthy living is sponsored by Providence mental health [Music] good morning I’m back at Providence mental health and I’m meeting with another clinician here please meet autumn autumn thanks for the time again thanks for having me I want to talk about mothers for a little bit here and childbirth I had several children myself and my wife something I didn’t expect went through a pretty difficult period right after childbirth here we were so excited about having children and all of a sudden this excitement turned into what almost looked like depression what was going on to me that sounds like postpartum depression and symptoms of depression are actually very common following pregnancy and childbirth it’s close to one in five women will experience some of those symptoms so it is an increasingly common problem is this a hormonal issue or what happens it’s not exactly clear but yes hormones do play a role in it and that’s why it affects some and not others sure yes okay so postpartum that’s is it something that lasts for a long time and definitely seemed like there was a finite period of time and that she my wife pulled out of it but what what are some of the triggers and how do you get out well left untreated it can go on for years and that is one of the reasons that we’re so committed to helping mothers who are experiencing that because their symptoms of depression can affect the whole family system sure sure you mentioned a collaboration with one of the daycares in town what’s that about here at Providence we’re very committed to serving the families of the Gallatin Valley so we were very excited when we teamed up with Jessica and the owner of Dino drop-in daycare we’re developing a program to assist families in getting flexible affordable childcare so that they can the parents can go out and meet their needs in the community come to therapy the things that are oftentimes neglected what a wonderful program that’s terrific you guys are always finding ways to collaborate with other people in town I love that about your practice that’s a really important part of Providence we want to be part of the community here thank you so much thank you we’ll be right back

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