Healthy Pregnancy After Miscarriage – 1 – 10 Weeks Pregnant – Weekly Pregnancy Vlog

hello my beautiful jewels and gems I have so much to say because it's been like forever since I've been here with you guys and I miss you so much and I have so much I want to share but I don't want to just ramble so especially if you use her in this video on because you saw the amazing announcement that I put below and yes I am pregnant again yes very fertile I know I got pregnant two months after we lost our last baby and a lot of you shared with me your stories and I cannot tell you how much that means to me like really really really it was so hard for me to share that and I wondered if I would be able to or I knew I would do videos you know when I got pregnant again but I wasn't sure like how long it would take me to do it or if I would be comfortable doing it or I didn't know how we would be like how me and they would react and all that so I do want to share all of those stories and I am gonna try to do these on Fridays if you do watch me and you've joined this beautiful for my vice videos with my fashion videos or whatever videos you love and that she watched from me I'm still gonna be doing those so don't think that's gonna be about the pregnancy but I do want to do these because I love doing them and you guys seem like you really gain something from it and I'm just really excited to do it first of all I want to say that we are so excited I mean I feel like I probably all over the place right now but you have to really understand the amount of fatigue that comes along with this and the amount of excitement and who they might have hormones and emotions and everything it's just like it happens and I'm just bursting full of it and I'm also really happy to finally be doing this video because I've been wanting to I so exhausted like I can't even explain to you how incredibly tired I've been and I am so grateful for you know my normal health and strength that God has provided me with you know anyway that's the tangent I could go on about that but I am so excited that we were able to have a new baby growing so soon at first I was a I was really afraid because of what happened before and I was before I got pregnant and it is a little bit scary you know because you don't know how these things are gonna turn out it doesn't matter how many months you are it doesn't matter if the baby you know up to to labor you know I mean there are so many things that can go wrong so it's really a blessing to even be in this space and I just I'm just so grateful to God for Wednesday in our lives and if you ever experienced a miscarriage or if you even know someone who has you know that you know that that kind of hole that's there or that kind of love that's there for that child that was lost is not just erased we can they have a new child and I said this before when I had just lost that child and I didn't have this one but I believe it even more now because I actually am living it and I love this baby that's inside of my stomach like I love this baby so much as much as much nausea and fatigue as his baby is gonna be like today how much you know just love this thing the love that I have for the other is still there and I always love you know we call yeah really but I know that you know okay and so anyway I don't want to I don't want to dwell on the bad I want to focus on been good but I definitely had some comment on that I mean I got pregnant three months after I had a miscarriage and this happened so much you know so much and and the more share with people even people that I came into contact with that word or just wherever anything's they also tell me like that they've gone through it and they know something that goes through it and it somehow creates a bond and an understanding sometimes this woman is sometimes just men and you know we all deal with pain and so anyway I'm really grateful for God for how he's been with me throughout this process and but we didn't if you were wondering I think it hurts me David really you know once we wanted a baby and at first I think it was impossible to imagine you know having another one again like just a pain that's associated with that after you lose the first one but we we and I would say that I think you he would he was said in his own way you know about how we really were excited for a new a new one another another opportunity to have a baby and I'm sorry if you hear like traffic going by right now I have the door open because it's hot ha ha ha and being pregnant I'm high and nauseous is not a good combination oh not to mention out of breath and thirsty and all but I'll get to my senses later but anyway like we are is really happy and we didn't let it quite happen until we were you know at least healed to the extent that you become healed after you suffer a loss in your life you know we wanted to make sure that we were all though and I was a little afraid just of the whole physical part because it was very traumatic for me physically and I know I made like this really long video about the physical part but I really did that for people that experienced it and are curious about you know whether we'll go through because I was looking for that so I didn't make that video and so if you were interested in sorry you should definitely watch that video I'll link it down below anyway totally went on and on I want to today talked about my symptoms and just what's been going on to this point and if it doesn't get too lengthy I will also talk about you know the story part of it but I don't want to make it so long and like I said I'm gonna try to get these up every Friday so another thing if I'm like living off into space because I'm thinking and that's just kind of how I think and so anyway I have this book here that I really really like my mom bought it for me it says let your dreams take flight and has butterflies and I love it and I use this for my dreams and I've always been a dreamer so I guess when she saw this that she thought of me and I and I love that I that really made me feel good like wow you know like that she recognized that to be such an essential and important part of me is is that but anyway I use just now for my YouTube planning and I have so many plans and ideas and I know to tell you guys that for like for a while but I really do and I hope to one day be making videos like five days a week and hopefully you know that day will come ha ha ha but in the meantime we'll do you know what we can and hopefully that's at least one week so pregnancy symptoms at once a four weeks I kind of broke this down so that you guys would know like if you're pregnant or carrots like what he was going on when he could really one for four weeks I had slight nausea very slight thirstiness I was emotional and I was Moody we were suspicious of me being pregnant that FERC of that first week or two actually which was cray okay like for you too you know that is crazy but I was really moody and like moody to the point where I was like I want to wear black today because how many of you watched my videos you see like I do wear black occasionally I mean blackest black at school it looks good but I usually like to be very colorful like if you when I show you my little very very small bump up in this video you will see that I love color like you can see kind of soft my dress now but I really really love color so anyway I was just like not in a good mood and so my hair is like really cool so I put on this black dress and I mean black it was it's it's just happy I love it because it's very slim but see if it was like we'll take that off because he knew that I just probably was just kind of in an emo mood and I was like really so then he said my underwear in color and he's like actor and I thought that was weird but I was kind of emotional kind of comes booty I started to feel a little nauseous and I was like this is weird and so I did take a test kind of on my own and you know because of everything that's happened I really didn't bring more attention to it than necessary so I definitely wouldn't that took otezla dollar title actually yeah ask dollar types I did first and then that day that I've been I believe Luke dress David's like go take a test because I think you're pregnant and I was like look just because you know I'm like just because you know you want me to be pregnant because I'm emotional so I was almost insulted because I was emotional or whatever so tickets husband and it's a negative one for obviously also said negative and so I was like maybe a lot of touch cuz I'm with this whole pregnant thing I got fairly things that I feel like maybe I was couple things last time I knew like right then but really we knew like was I would say 1 to 2 probably like on the Proud we knew but this has to come back negative too soon which I think it's terrible do you if you think of that and then let's just say for somebody you didn't want pregnant and then a patina test that says that you're not and then you really end up finding out later that you are but anyway I did take a test for weeks at four weeks I knew that I was pregnant because by this time I had knew I just knew in my heart I just knew like it was crazy so I took the test and it was it was a little cheapo test that I took but you can see the two lines and that means pregnant and the interesting thing about this test is that um there is a control line if you look very closely enough you're gonna be able to see that there's a control line and then there is the testing and the control line is for everybody pretty much just say that this test is working okay so it's always going to come up the control line the test line is on that tells you whether or not you're pregnant and what was crazy to me is that my test line showed up before my control line and it was within 30 seconds and so I was like wow so then I actually waited for David this time he was here and I just him in the restroom and I did the whole thing and then I just I just yell out to him I'm pregnant yeah actually I said I'm Franco but yeah definitely pregnant and I think he was so excited that he didn't want to like show his excitement so he like try to contain it which was hilarious and I was too but I was so tired at the same time that I was just like and this time I was totally fine with the school Jibo because I believe that I already knew so I didn't need to go by like the Marx when success I do and then I later that week I had I had doctor's appointment I was a doctor and you know how blood tests all that so I've already gone to see doctor and everything so that's good I made sure to got a little sooner it's time it was funny though because that whole night even though he tried to pretend like he wasn't over was he kept me up like he kept waking me up because he was excited so he kept like nudging me and so I want to give you guys my symptoms that I wrote in my book so I told you about my 1 to 4 weeks and then at 4 weeks when I take the test and then I 5 6 weeks I was already starting to feel extreme not sure I mean extreme like a war alone and I still have it like right now my guys I speak shortness of breath yeah how's that go to the restroom like every five minutes especially if I'm standing if I stand up like okay yeah you pretty much otherwise you gonna keep it all guy on that gravity headaches oh those have been horrible like this probably reason well I try to stay a bit as much as can without feeling like a bum dizziness very dizzy and the headaches together they sex because if your blood volume increasing and I also have pain in my hip sometimes I haven't I haven't had it like but because I guess my hips I'm spreading emotions borders to think about that and I vomited for the first time this week I had it this whole time just been notches so that was horrible cuz it wasn't like 3 o'clock in the morning because my Nansha pretty much lasts all day and yeah who's like terrible terrible terrible terrible and I am now ten weeks two weeks so I still have a few more weeks of this hopefully it goes away in the first trimester like they say and hopefully everything you know goes well with this pregnancy you never know you know what's gonna happen but I believe that you know God is able and willing you know so I will give you more information on just like how I've been feeling and everything that goes on with me and all of that more details as time goes on I just want to make a really really really really so it's really exciting I was able to call all my friends except for one and her close friends that's just saying just kidding it five o'clock doesn't mean I don't love you and I have been able to my family which is amazing and now we just tell the world so thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope that if you're pregnant that your pregnancy is going well and at this point the baby is the size of a comic womp what I read I don't even know I've never had a problem but it also read it's the size of a prune which like I definitely haven't even those before and I love those prune and it is it has feet and hands and even though it's so small and it's definitely made my belly burger which is crap right in fact I gotta go buy some more clothes because even then stretch it's like I'm gonna show you guys right now it's crazy okay you can't see anything distressed because of the way it flares out but if I do that you can't see very slightly but I've got a little bit of a bunch of there so thank you so much for watching this video I hope that you had fun I can't stand like this for too much longer because my balance is off but I'm really excited about this and I'm excited to share it and I'm gonna try to get new videos every Friday thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and don't forget to follow me on Twitter

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