Hearing On Abortion Bills Draws Hundreds At Massachusetts Statehouse

30 lawmakers are considering expanding abortion rights here in Massachusetts so today supporters and critics of the bill packed a hearing to make sure their voices were heard wbz's Louisa Moller is live for us tonight at the Statehouse Louisa well Paulie and the lawmakers behind the ROE Act admit it's part of a sweeping trend by some states to solidify abortion rights into state law and the event Supreme Court becomes conservative and people on both sides of this issue continue to pack an auditorium here for a hearing that could go late into the night red and pink t-shirts marked two different sides of a passionate debate at the Statehouse Monday and heated testimony lasted hours so there is no such thing as a late term abortion in medical language in the same for pregnancy for labor and delivery services they would also be able to consent for an abortion it was the public's first time to weigh in on the ROE Act proposed legislation to expand abortion access in Massachusetts the ROE Act would continue to allow abortion beyond 24 weeks of pregnancy if the abortion is necessary to protect the patient's life or physical or mental health or in cases of lethal fetal anomalies but also get rid of parental consent for anyone under the age of 18 seeking an abortion supporters of the bill say it solidifies the constitutional protections of Roe vs. Wade we must enshrine Roe into statute a courts guarantee is not a guarantee in these times for pro-life advocates gathered in the hundreds outside the State House say the Act goes too far it's trying to remove the common-sense limits that the majority of Americans believe in such as a girl underage needs to talk to her parents or a judge and governor Baker says he also has some issues with it that I do have concerns about eliminating the parental notification requirement now the real act would also get rid of a requirement that would say that abortions after twenty four weeks must take place in a hospital and removes language saying that physicians must provide measures to save potentially viable fetuses supporters say in that very rare situation no doctor would deny care to a mother or a child live outside the Statehouse Louisa Moller WBZ news Lisa thank you

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