Hearing Our Baby Girl's HEARTBEAT!

good morning hello we are at our doctor's appointment today and I'm excited cuz I have a lot of questions I want to ask him based on my results so we got here actually we're right on him all right okay farther down all right cool it does not hurt be there we go doesn't have any fur it's hard to choose that girl yeah I'm gonna take us a while okay you should pick a great name yeah 156 154 153 good yeah awesome people hey hi appointment good the doctor said that if the tech or the San Diego place that we got that if they didn't see anything don't worry about then we don't have anything to worry about like the poppity so I'm just gonna try and erase it from my mind as hard as I can you know wait the host office oh I can just not think about it anymore if the doctor isn't worried about it the Doppler and he said it all looked good so that's good and we have an appointment in like another four weeks at 17 weeks What did he say we're doing about Oh bleep for weeks my blood yeah Oh we'll go over more blood work because I have to get my what's it called second trimester screening done within the next month or so to make sure there's no risk of neural tube defects again like there was with britain so hopefully everything is good with that and we'll do more blood work and probably didn't ultrasound at that appointment but there's no for sure we'll see it depends on how everything else oh yeah was a good appointment doesn't gotta meet the doctor for the first time so I was pretty good did you like him yes he's very different than our last doctor I think she was very like she's really nice yeah who's really she was really nice she was just a lot more like straightforward and he's very like calming and gentle and very sweet so one good now we're gonna go the post office and then our good doughnuts apparently bless you again and then were you know the post office and run some errands okay so we're home from the grocery store imma show you guys everything I got but first Justin is gonna help though cuz his bark box deep in the mail and he's never seen him get to open one before you got the Hawaiian theme it looks like so we got Hawaii oh god that's gonna that's gonna get annoying girls like some treats and looks that didn't give him this a doggy biscotti sorry cannot Batman oh he wants it new uh-huh he'll be all right okay we'll play with your new toys then you got a see show and a creepy squirrel all right I'm gonna show you guys everything we got from all P okay so you guys know I normally go to Trader Joe's but we're into Aldi today so we're just over there on that side of town Justin's never been so we got a lot so I'm going to show you everything that we picked up so you got no grape juice because fun fact if you didn't know preschool teachers I learned that drinking grape juice helps prevent stuff like corn some avocados peach slices Justin wanted some salami this was my one sweet treat pre-shredded zucchini noodles chicken egg roll Justin one of these they're like fake talkies taquitos this is mango pico de gallo a big bag of Tuscan trail mix some fresh peaches some bananas if I already ate one of some yogurts I got some vanilla some blueberry and some strawberry yogurt some tomatoes and lettuce this is for Justin's dessert chocolate breakfast sandwich is easy to get before you go back to work how cozies anything we're gonna have tacos for you bit lunch today or put dinner another day so long travellingross brown sugar oh wheel some Chia blackberries fruit spread so Jam ketchup chicken noodle soup Street taco flour tortillas and carrots ivanova sourdough bread bun this is some ranch dip or my carrot and some DM cooked shrimp it's got some in like chefs that I do that's all we got so it feels like it's a lot when it's all out but we just haven't run grocery shopping together in a long time so it wasn't just me shopping for myself I had to get stuff for Justin to which was nice but I would put everything away oh we also picked up some water bottles for him when he goes to work I'm gonna put everything away clean out the fridge a little bit maybe make out clean the fridge and then put everything away all right now we have got pajamas on my belly is getting bigger and bigger every single Justin's actually supposed to get his jammies on – he's so funny I came downstairs wearing these and he's like those are the best things I have ever seen should I go getting some awesome pajamas – and I said yes so that's what he's doing but yeah it's been a nice we're just been chillin and tomorrow is Justin's first day back at work so that's kind of a bummer but it's not too bad of a schedule he will be like off a day and then on a day off a day kind of like schedule so that'll be really nice so he'll still be home a lot more than normal but in April and in March both months he will be gone verbal ink so that sucks it's not like deployment it's called like an under way it's when they go away basically like it's like a work trip for a few weeks at a time but those are his last two of the year so that's really exciting oh yeah I'm not feeling so hot right now my stomach is a little bit bothered everyone's been saying like over show you must be feeling so better and I really have been feeling a lot better which is awesome because with Brent I never did and I've been feeling a lot better but still my moments I'm not throwing up like all the time anymore it's like every 10 days or so which is really not that bad so the nauseous stuff comes here and there but anyways I'm gonna go see what Justin's wearing for his pajamas let's see nah I choose my boy you could take your boy I wear those or your christmas Pikachu ones all the time while you were gone oh that's not good okay good bye all right how is your dessert yeah what kind I scream is it again yeah we got some sort of chocolate so it's like chocolate was fun yeah only like ice cream that has like things in it and coffee oh yeah he put a tiny bit of the liqueur that I got him in the ice cream someone said that it was gonna be good now we're watching Brooklyn nine-nine and I wish we had a fire again kind of cold but we will survive also we should let go back inside how come you ruin every toy you get this was actually a seashell from his barkbox today and he has torn out the squeaker ball and this is beaker can you say good night Bobo can you say good night gimme it this thing is gonna be the death of me it really is alright we're gonna go to for the night so we will talk to you guys take it maybe tomorrow maybe the next day like Saturday probably but your name yeah Justin goes back to work tomorrow so we'll talk to you probably Saturday can we see the name smell

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  1. Can tell you’re soooooo nervous! I had a miscarriage and when I got pregnancy again I was a nervous wreck for months waiting for something to go wrong but it didn’t and my baby boy is now 10. I’ve had four babies and it’s easy to say to u not to worry but no one will make it stop! You deserve all the happiness in the world. I have never came across anyone more worthy of a baby than you! It will be fine! 😉

  2. Watching your video with my almost 3 yr old daughter. As you were going through your shopping haul. When you got to the sponges. She laughed hysterically. It was too cute❤

  3. From one mother to another that has buried a child I will tell you this. THAT BABY WILL SPOILED ROTTEN! 💞❣️❣️ YES you'll be overprotective YES you will worry and it's totally normal. Everything will be great & every day filled with absolute Joy & love! My children now are in their 20s and 30s but I remember the fear like it was yesterday. Don't blink… they grow up so fast. Congratulations to both of you!!

  4. I’m so happy for you guys , I can’t wait till you hit the last trimester and we get to see your cute little baby 💜🙏🏼

  5. In one of ur Vlogs u said something with head but me being me I’m very deaf 😂 and I heard Hayley or however u spell that name but after that I was like wow that’s such a cute name I can totally see it but either or if u don’t like it it’s ok but I js thought it was so perfect 💗💗☺️

  6. I’m so excited for the lil baba to be born. You guys are gonna be the best parents i want you guys to adopt me! Ily both xxxx

  7. Waiting for the heartbeat was always incredibly nerve wracking for me and I'm not a loss mom… I can only imagine the nerves you felt and will feel every time 💜 prayers are with you

  8. Your aldi has way better stuff than the one I go to in RI…the produce from ours never lasts and they just don’t sell as many goodies. I’m jealous lol

  9. I know that it was very difficult for you both to wait to listen for your baby girl’s heartbeat. I want you to know that the SwanFam is here for you all through all the steps along the way of your beautiful pregnancy journey! #weloveyou #Brynnforever

  10. I could definitely see the worry in your face while watching & it reminded me of when I would go in with our rainbow baby my husband says I had the same expressions and honestly I totally understand I would also hold my breath until I heard her heartbeat it's so hard not to worry after a loss and I totally understand I can't wait until you hold her in your arms on her due date💓

  11. My Pom puppy Malibu came running when she heard Beau squeaking his ball & she kept turning her head to the side. Lol.

  12. Is justin getting deployed again ? How much longer is he going to serve ? So happy for you guys that hes home to be with you and experience this pregnancy !

  13. When you guys decided too have another baby in the future, will you guys do IVF again or will you guys do it naturally?

  14. I used to buy my dog such expensive toys and he always seemed to ruin them for the little squeaker lol so I just stopped and went to my local dollar tree and now all he gets is squeaky balls like that one. But those are his favorite!!! Lol

  15. Im sorry to ask cause im sure youve said , But What exactly happended that Bryn passed ? Also how far along were you ? P.S Love you and your vlogs and i pray for you and your family daily !!!

  16. That fear is so palpable. When I saw you smile, I cried. Im so glad you have a great team behind you♡ baby girl has an amazing army behind her♡

  17. Does he not have a four day for Presidents’ Day? My husband is in the army and they don’t have work except for those with duty

  18. How much was your ivf? If that's okay to ask. I'm assuming you have tricare, and im about to have tricare again(husband was in military got out now going back)

  19. I could see the look on your face… waiting for her heartbeat. Love you girl.. stay strong. Prayers and good vibes to you and your family. 💓💓

  20. Thinking of you both and your baby. Please try to relax and see the beauty in this baby. Praying for the here of you.


  22. Agh, that feeling of holding your breath waiting to find the heartbeat. Praying for eased nerves in the days to come!

  23. You can see the fear in your eyes before the dr found the heartbeat, I’m praying for you guys and can’t wait till rainbow baby is here! My sister was a still born as well and my mom never got an answer for it either so I know how you feel not in a mother perspective but as a sister

  24. Your little girl made me cry!! LOL!!! A babies heartbeat is such a miracle to hear!! I feel silly for crying but the relief and joy it brought you definitely came through the video! (((hugs)))

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