HEART BABY!!! (Logan’s Story)

(somber music) – [Dad] Hi, whatchu doin’? (laughs) – Hi, hi Logs. (lip smacking) We’re gonna go fix your heart now, okay? Make you all better. – [Mom] Is that what you want? (baby whining) – [Woman] Are you hanging out with mama? Are you just hanging out? – [Mom] This is Logan about
10 hours before surgery. – [Dad] Logan! Logan … hi! Whatchu doin’?
(Beeping) Whatchu doin’? (laughs) Yeah. (somber music) – [Mom] There’s Logan, after surgery. There’s Logan day three after surgery. And he’s got his tube removed from his chest down here. It used to be sticking out right there and it’s been removed. So he’s doing really well. – [Dad] Drainage tube. – [Mom] Yeah, there’s drainage here, and he’s getting his – [Dad] Hi, Logan … hi, Logan. – [Mom] ventilator, this thing right here, taken out today.
– Hi, Logan. – [Mom] And possibly the thing in his nose right there, so he’s doing good. Here’s one of Logan’s first feedings at the hospital where
he’s had his tube removed. Just some Pedialyte. But he’s doing so good. And we have to have dad give it to him because he won’t take it from Mommy. – [Dad] Hi, bud! – [Mom] Still day three after surgery, this is after he’s had his tubes removed out of his nose and (baby whines) and mouth, he looks great. – [Dad] Here’s day number
four after surgery, yesterday we took out his ventilator and we have enough tubes out today that Mommy can hold him. Trying to feed him one ounce at a time so he can hold his food down. He seems to be doing much better. – [Mom] It’s been about five or six days after surgery, and Logan’s doing really well, he only has the feeding tube in his head that we have to remove. He’s doing really well, but he does have the chest tube still in, but he’s doing really good, and he’s been smiling a lot today (Dad laughs) It’s more like himself,
he’s doing so well. (baby whines) He’s getting hungry and
letting Mommy feed him today. (somber music) – [Dad] Okay, well, we are finally home from the hospital. Logan’s home and doing wonderful. Still has his oxygen on for a month. He’s doing really good. – [Mom] Here’s Logan! Today is September 15th, and Logan is doing really well. Hi baby, is you doing so good? (baby whining) Yeah, he’s on his tongue, and he likes to suck on his tongue. And he’s doing good. And his scar, is really good. There it is, that’s his little scar. Today is September 24th, and Logan’s five and a half months old, and he’s just bouncing in his jumper. Trying to see if he likes it, at first he didn’t agree, but now he seems okay about it. (somber music) (child mumbling) (somber music) (child mumbling) (somber music) (child mumbling) (somber music) (child mumbling) (baby crying) – [Mom] Well, here we are, back at Primary Children’s Hospital. Today is September 28th, 2006. (baby crying) And Logan’s five and a half months. We came yesterday on the 27th to get an echocardiogram done, and found out that Logan has another problem with his heart. – [Dad] Today is, September 29th, 2006. And if it looks like we’re replaying this stuff over, we’re really not, he’s back in the hospital again after his first surgery. He’s run into a few more complications where his pulmonary veins in his heart are being blocked off due to scar tissue. They need to go in, they’re gonna go in on Monday, which I believe Monday is going to be – October 2nd. October 2nd, on Monday, he’s gotta go in for more surgery, we’re really concerned this time because the doctor did say that there was a 10% chance that it could be a problem with his veins. And if that’s the case, then there’s, they said there’s really not much they can do to help him. And so we’re praying and we’re hoping that he will recover from this one. Such a cute little boy, and I love him so much. (somber music) Today is October 2nd, day of surgery, – [Mom] Logan. – [Dad] 7:00 AM, going into surgery at 7:30. (sniffle) (somber music) – [Mom] Here we are,
after Logan’s surgery. (uplifting music) Logan’s doing so good, and
he’s just so happy to go home! He was really smiley right before this, of course when I took the
camera out he doesn’t smile, but he was so ready to go home, huh, baby? You’re just ready to go home
and see your big sister. He loves riding in the car. Huh, buddy, you just like
riding in the car, huh? Well hello, Logan! This is about four and a half
weeks out of surgery today, it’s Friday, November 4th, and it will be five weeks on Monday that Logan’s been out of surgery. He’s doing really well. He’s in a pink blanket right now, and he’s gonna hate me for that. His blue blanket’s getting washed, and so we don’t have his
blue blanket for him, so he’s in a pink one,
he’s in Cassie’s blanket, but it’s okay, they feel
the same, huh buddy? You don’t know the difference. – [Dad] Cassie came in
here because Logan woke up and now they’re laying together in bed watching the stars on the roof, You turn the stars on, Cass? – [Cassie] Cheese! – [Dad] Cheese! (clapping) Good morning! – [Cassie] Good morning! – [Dad] Good morning, Logan. – [Cassie] Good morning, Logan. – [Dad] Morning, Logan. (somber music)

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